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How cool?
Sunday 20th June 2004 10:00 pm

I put the MTV movie awards on five minutes after it was supposed to start and discovered Ben Affleck and some other bloke making a film pitch to Peter Jackson for Sam & Frodo. Totally slashy! How cool is that?

Apart from that it was all a bit American and OTT. But Johnny Depp made a cool acceptance speech and confirmed there's going to be a Pirates of the Caribbean 2, woohoo! I got excited for Emma when Tobey was on as well. Although they put some woman in the Spiderman suit. Everyone in the audience knew who she was and they didn't feel the need to tell us, so frankly, they could have dragged her off the street for all I know.

I watched Queer Eye for the Straight Guy from Friday. It was so funny. I can see why it wouldn't work in this country though. I can't believe how much money these people must have to get a makeover.

The most exciting thing was the discovery that there is someone at work who watches The OC. There also was someone who watches Stargate (although only because her boyfriend does) and I think there's someone who watches Smallville. So they're not all a complete dead end. I also impressed them by walking up to someone's computer, at which point it started working again 🙂 and being able to fix the printer (it's a really shite printer, I've just lived with it longer than they have).

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Wife Swap
Tuesday 7th January 2003 10:16 pm

Further Farscape thought - if it is 2003 in last week's ep and Christmas in this, is it set now(ish) or a year in the future?

Watched Wife Swap - the idea is that the wife in two families live in the other's house with their husband and kids. They live by the household rules for the first week and set their own for the second. It was so funny. I still find it quite odd when the bloke does stuff like cooking and cleaning cos Dad's completely useless. How he survived till he met mum I don't know. But having seen it I can quite easily say that if I ever decided to live with a bloke he would so be doing half the work. I thought I was into cleanliness but one of those sets of people were really OTT about it. Although I'm don't do nearly as much as my mum, I wouldn't clean every week for a start. Although my room does seem to last a few weeks of me looking at it and thinking about cleaning it. In my defence I'm not in much and I really can't clean any time except first thing.

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Tuesday 17th December 2002 10:44 pm

I'm gradually adding more blogs to my collection of ones I read. I will update this page at some point to put them along the top. Annoyingly there's one I can't seem to get to here (I tried twice yesterday and it crashed ie twice), but there was a recommendation for a Farscape music video there which was Right Here, Right Now. If you've never seen the video to the song then its kind of a history of the species. The Farscape version is kind of a history of Farscape and its really cool.

I watched Celebrity Wheelchair Challenge on Channel 4 this evening, which was really interesting. The idea was that three celebrities would spend a couple of days in a wheelchair. They had specific places to get to and they all had such problems. It really showed what life was like for disabled people, wheelchair users in particular. It also makes me really grateful that however crap I think life is, at least I'm not disabled.

I did three CDs at work today. For some strange reason it will write on the 32x CD-Rs at 40x, but only 32x on the 40x CDs. In what world does that make sense? The faster ones are at least bigger and its not actually that much slower. I took the time to write down some plot for my planned Farscape epic and a few things about it sprung to mind. So I now pretty much have the backstory down, I just have to think about whats going to happen and where the story will start and finish. At the moment I can see three possible endings:

  1. They win and everyone lives happily ever after
  2. They lose and everyone dies
  3. They win one battle but are left at the end to carry on fighting the war

I can see the picture of Trip in the bottom half of this window as I write this and my eyes keep straying!

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