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Sunday 28th February 2016 8:34 pm

It's been a pain, reading my Livejournal feeds by the LJ friends page. I started off going to the LJ home page to login, but it takes so long to load it drove me mad. And then I found that my LJ layout is not quite right for my friends page. And my LJ. The comment pages are fine - usually those are the only ones I see.

But I don't have to read via LJ any more because I put all my public-only (ie communities) feeds through I moved the people who crosspost everything to DW over to DW. And the rest I set up emails when they post. So now LJ feeds are working again. I can't quite be bothered to reverse all of that just yet.

Missy is still crazy and entertaining. This week she decided she wanted my dressing gown belt and tried to carry it off, but didn't get very far because it just did the knot up tighter. On Friday she decided she wanted the end of my shirt that was sticking out under my jumper. Except it was too big for her pouch and she didn't get very far in trying to chew it off. She also ended up on the floor (for the third time...) although it was partially my fault. She kept pretty much just falling off the end of my lap into my hand and I tried to move her back up my lap and she took exception to being picked up and jumped.

I have a photo from this morning when I'd made a noise and she'd woken up and looked up to see what I was doing - and had some cardboard from her bed on her head. Read more...

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Livejournal protected feeds
Monday 3rd March 2014 8:42 pm

Yesterday was mostly spent trying to find out how to see protected posts on Livejournal in a feed reader. Or more accurately, narrowing down what doesn't work. Between me and Dad we tried three different feed readers on five different computers. Eventually (eventually being the operative word) we discovered that atom feeds only show you public posts, rss feeds don't show you any posts until they update, then it shows you all of them, including the protected posts. Which goes a long way towards explaining why my test accounts are working better than any I actually want to follow (I now have four test accounts).

On the plus side, I can now see friends only posts. Or I will be able to, to be more accurate.

Strangely, I can't currently post to Livejournal from WordPress, which I haven't investigated very thoroughly. Mainly because I can post this to Dreamwidth, which will then crosspost it to Livejournal. Which won't look any different at all, since I told Dreamwidth not to add anything to the post in either location.

So that was my weekend. Plus going to see Ghost the Musical, which had very good special effects. Shame about the plot - the cheesy bits are meant to be mocked. There were some people crying, though, no idea why.

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RSS Feeds explained
Tuesday 4th December 2007 11:42 pm

In the past few days three people have asked me what I'm on about when I talk about RSS Feeds. Wikipedia has a whole load on it, but frankly I couldn't be bothered to read it, it was very long and detailed. So I will do my best to explain it in reference to Livejournal in particular.

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Thursday 8th February 2007 10:08 pm

Ugh, it snowed today. Well, overnight, although it was still snowing when I left for work this morning. So the office was empty because quite a few people decided to work from home anyway. I don't really like the snow, and what makes it worse was dad emailing me to tell me all they'd had was a bit of rain. I so much want to live back where the civilised weather is, except that it's so far from anywhere.

It's been bugging me for a bit that some of my RSS feeds don't seem to have updated, even though I can see that the feed has when I put the link to it in Firefox. I just realised that the link between them is that they're all Blogger. Apparently it's something that Blogger has changed and RSS Bandit can't cope with. I updated RSS Bandit and then found I needed to delete and re-add the feeds in question. Except I accidentally deleted a folder instead. And it refused to get it back from the OPML export I cunningly did before I started. *headdesk* Fortunately, I bookmark the site for every feed I have.

And some good, squeeing news that I've been putting off squeeing about. I'm going to America four weeks yesterday! I can't believe it's so soon. I have my flights and train booked and everything. All I need to do now is pack and get some more monopoly money (can't remember how much I have squirreled away from last time). I'm going to Washington DC to meet Melli, as she's a whole lot closer to me at the moment than on the other side of the world where she usually lives. Then I'm going to New York to see more of New York than I did in the previous five hours I spent there, and to see hhertzof and her bunny. No prizes for what bit I'm most excited about. Yep that would be the bunny.

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Blogger, livejournal and RSS feeds
Saturday 3rd September 2005 9:34 pm

I spent Friday night playing with my blog. I've not finished, so all that you will see that is different is the new post comment link (previously you had to click on the comments, then post comment) and the new address, which is The site feed has similarly had a blog/ inserted into it. The original address has a redirect and I've inserted a bit into the feed giving the new address of that, so you shouldn't notice much difference.

I did discover, in the course of doing that, that if you edit a post, the feed updates. Which explains why sometimes Abilon tells me old posts are unread. I also managed to fill up two pages of my site stats with me (it's handy, having a weird resolution). In theory my stats ignore me but in practice they don't. I think I can live with it somehow.

I've just been finding out this weekend about a whole load of paranoia going on a while back about people suddenly discovering that shock, horror, people might be able to read their posts on LJ! Well, ok, it's more complicated than that, but I know that anything you post on the web could be read by anyone, anytime. So I don't generally post anything sensitive. That's what e-mail/mailing lists/forums/phone/talking to people in person is for.

But, all this has meant that recently people have been changing the setting of their LJ feeds to titles only. Which is, ok, a pain in the arse because now reading posts requires two clicks instead of one, but I can hardly complain because that's too selfish.

But for anyone that's doing it and reading this can I request that:

a) you give all your posts a title, otherwise I get nothing - including nothing to click on
b) make the title something that tells me about the post - so I can decide whether to make the effort to click on it

And for information, I don't know what other blogging tools do, but Blogger allows you to decide between RSS, Atom or no feeds at all. I've also discovered it does the equivalent of LJ-cut, I'm just having a few issues getting it to work.

I did investigate changing my blog provider. I looked at b2 and WordPress (technically the same thing) which does it all with php and you set loads of stuff yourself so it's very customisable. I was tempted, except it would require loads of work and doesn't actually do as much as Blogger. I'm of the opinion, if it ain't broke don't fix it, so I'm not going to change blog providers.

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