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Sunday 21st April 2013 2:05 pm

Today was the London Marathon, which I watched while doing other things. I enjoy watching it, but it's not quite enough to hold my whole attention. It amazes me that people can run that far in the first place, never mind how many of them do it and how fast the elite athletes do it.

It got me thinking about running and reminded me of all these 5km races that go on over the summer. One day, when I am well enough, I will do one. Just one though - I don't like running, I just find it boring. Someone said once that they liked running because they got to see interesting scenery as they went, but you can do that walking. I much prefer swimming - at least you can do different strokes.

I could do a 5km race walking quite happily now - I'd probably feel crap the next day, but I could do it. Which is why I want to run, because a 5km walk isn't a challenge. If I'm going to ask people to sponsor me to do something, it ought to be something that's a challenge.

But at the moment, the only way I could train for it is if I didn't have to do anything else for at least the day I trained and the day after. Which would basically mean doing nothing for a few months. Which isn't really practical. So it will have to wait until I'm less dizzy and have more energy. Four years ago I thought it would be a year away, so I don't make predictions any more. So we'll see and one day I'll do it.

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