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This week
Sunday 7th August 2011 8:40 pm

This week I have been acting as if I'm not ill. So now I am regretting it. There went my weekend of actually getting things done.

But on Tuesday I went to see Harry Potter. It was good and I was very glad I hadn't read the book since it came out because I remembered quite a bit of it. Although it was quite surreal watching it, having played Lego Harry Potter. I kept recognising bits of Hogwarts.

Today I posted my Sci-Fi Big Bang story: The Atlantis Sacrifice, which turned into a massive pain in the arse. First I discovered that the plugin I have that automatically posts links between all parts of your fic broke a few WP versions ago. There are alternatives, but they just create new taxonomies, and I can do that myself.

Then uploading multiple chapters to A03 was really hard. I didn't look at the help because I expected it to be obvious. I ended up with chapters in the wrong order and some of them repeated. And I thought it was all draft, but it wasn't.

And then LJ decided not to let me read the comm. It still isn't, but I can still open individual posts and the RSS feed is definitely updating, so I don't know what its problem is.

The word count on this Big Bang was 25,000, but I only managed 24,100. It took enough effort to add in the last 3000, I wasn't going to manage another 900. And annoyingly, it's still not the longest thing I've ever written. The last Big Bang I did had a word count of 20,000 and I wrote 26,000.

But now it's all finished and posted and I really have no excuse to not start of my fic.

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Thursday 9th June 2011 9:58 pm

Blogging hasn't been top of my list of things to recently due to lack of time and energy.

A couple of weeks ago we moved offices, so it now takes longer to get there and back. But I have been exploring different routes and discovered they all take the same amount of time. Although there's one I don't really want to do in the winter because it's narrow and has no streetlights - the main road doesn't have streetlights either, but at least it's the main road.

So then I overdid it with work and extra driving and randomly waking up at 5.30am for no reason. I was so tired a couple of weeks ago I slept during the day. And then slept for twelve hours, which would have been better if I hadn't then woken up dizzy.

So then I spent a week being dizzy. Which was just what I wanted when I was already feeling behind.

I went to see a ballet choreographed by my former teacher. Which I actually enjoyed (the only other time I went to the ballet I found watching the orchestra far more interesting than watching the dancing). It was interesting to see them perform movements we've learnt, but I got to see how they're supposed to look.

I did manage to see a house that I liked and now I am moving into it! I had a list of all the things to look at (so I know, for example, that the bathroom mirror is too high for me to see in, but at least isn't over the sink, so won't involve me standing on one foot and leaning over the sink to see in it), but I mostly just liked it. I am moving mid-August. I need to sort out some men with a van to pay to move my furniture, but any help anyone can offer would be appreciated as it's not likely to do my dizziness any help for a start... If anyone is curious I can message/email them the estate agent's listing.

I also signed up for [info]femgenficathon, which is due around the time I'm moving. And 100 drabbles of summer, which is due a couple of weeks later. Neither of them have any penalties for defaulting, so we'll see. The main trouble I'm having with [info]femgenficathon is which female character to write, there are so many to choose from...

I am on the last edit of my Big Bang. I will be done before Wimbledon.

Tennis! As great as it was to see some of the French Open I could have done without the camera work. Any time the players weren't playing a point the shot would change to the spectators and then move along and zoom in on a player and wave about and zoom in and out. I swapped to the radio commentary at one point because it was making me dizzy. I did hear the commentator remark that Federer looked calm after losing the first point in the tie-break. Which of course is nothing like how he usually is... I've seen a bit of Queens so far and I'm much preferring the camera work. And looking forward to going to the final on Sunday. Fingers crossed for nice weather (or at least no rain).

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Big Bang, ballet and Rotaract
Wednesday 11th May 2011 9:20 pm

I have finished the second draft of my Big Bang fic! I read it through and only have one plot hole now, and that should be easily fixed by adding a few lines. I have to get the word count up by 4500 words, but since it felt rushed and there are still a lot of words and sentences that need changing, that shouldn't be a problem. I just have five and a half weeks to get it done and into beta before Wimbledon. Which ought to be do-able, I'm just going to take a break to get it out of my head a bit and while I write something for [info]inmemoryofsjs.

Ballet was cancelled for the second time this term (and it's only week 3). The arts centre just give the impression of people who don't know what they're doing. I get the impression that they moved it from Thursday to Wednesday just because, which then meant the last two terms' teacher could no longer make it, rather than the other way round. I just want to go over there and organise them. Or tell them what I think about that, but I won't manage to do it politely, so I won't. But I was really enjoying ballet and it was helping, so I'm hating not going.

Although tonight I got some Rotaract stuff done. It's just starting to feel like a long drawn out death at the moment. I used to come away from Rotaract meetings feeling all excited about Rotaract and now I come away feeling depressed. It makes it really hard to do the jobs I need to do for it because I don't want to. Partly because they're the usual things to keep it running that seem pointless when it's closing, but aren't because they still need to happen for the next month and a half. Or they're things to close the club and I don't want to.

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Remix and Big Bang
Sunday 17th April 2011 8:23 pm

Today I posted my Remix fic. Which took ages - I can never get the A03 form right. But at least the archive was fast for once. But I did do it this morning, which probably helps. All I have to do now is wait for it to go live and the archive to go slow.

I am working on the rewrite/first edit of my Big Bang story. The rewrite and first edit are usually separate things, but I'm doing them in one go. The week before last I resented it a bit because I was trying to do a scene a night and it was taking up all of my evening that wasn't spent lying down (I can type while lying down, but it makes my back hurt). This week's been a bit better, partly because I've been staying up later to see if that'll make me sleep later, but also because I spent half the week to tired to do any writing.

But I have 24 scenes in this version and I have done 14 of them. So I am over halfway through. It's looking like it's going to be 20,000 words, if each scene that I'm keeping comes out a third as long as the first draft. So then I'll just need to find 5000 more words in the next couple of edits. I have two months until Wimbledon, when it'll need to be done, so at the moment it's looking doable, fingers crossed.

And since I posted a snippet at the Sci-Fi Big Bang comm, I will post it here too. Read more...

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I aten’t dead
Monday 21st March 2011 5:50 pm

I've just been ill. All last week I kept waking up really early and being busy, so I just got worse and worse. To the point where I went to the Rotary District Conference on Friday and slept better than I had all week, despite the room being hot, the window being open and my roommate snoring on and off. Of course after that I didn't sleep so well and Rotary likes to start early, so I'm back to being dizzy again, although not as bad as last week yet, but then I haven't been back to work yet.

On the plus side, I finished the first draft of my Big Bang fic. It comes to 17,600 words, which is quite a lot considering the first draft is more of a plot outline with dialogue. I have to go back and change bits of plot now. Well, I say now, I mean after I've done Remix. But I have already decided what I'm going to do, I just need to find the energy to do it.

I also got my Ebook Reader (but not the cover, but that's a long story). It's great having so many books on it and I'm loving that you can change the direction you swipe your finger to turn the page - I always went the wrong way on Dad's. So far I've filled it with a couple of books from Gutenberg and a load of fics from last year's AU Big Bang which I've been meaning to read for months.

Speaking of, while I was looking for the 2010 masterlist for AU Big Bang, I looked at people signing up and what they're intending to write. And I thought there should be a Lynda Day at the Chalet School...

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Quiet weekend
Sunday 13th February 2011 8:32 pm

This weekend I have:

Written some more Big Bang scenes, so I am now just over a third of way through, in terms of scenes.

Played some more Lego Harry Potter so I am now just over a third of the way through in terms of percentage. In terms of levels I have 3 (out of 24) to go.

Caught up on Being Human.

So it was a restfully productive weekend.

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Being constructive
Monday 7th February 2011 8:40 pm

I have achieved many things today.

I have written two (out of the thirty) scenes of my Big Bang fic. They're only 600 words each, but they are mostly dialogue, so they'll expand when I go back and add the description.

I have registered at the doctors. Only two years and a month and a bit after I moved...

And on Saturday I established that the hairdressers up the road is much cheaper than the one at work. They don't do appointments (which is good for someone like me who gets their hair cut when it gets annoying, however long that takes), so I will take a book up there next week and get it cut.

And I've done everything I intended to do this evening with an hour and twenty minutes to spare.

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A lot of words
Sunday 6th February 2011 4:29 pm

After a week of doing not a lot except for a bit of work and watching a lot of Stargate and Quantum Leap (and not a lot of TV - I have now have three episodes of Taggart, two of Midsomer Murders and two of Being Human to watch), I am finally pretty much better. Better being a relative term.

Although I am really annoyed that as of Tuesday, the channel that showed Chuck and Leverage to those of us without Sky or cable, is now only for people who have Sky or cable. And I suspect the chances of either of those two programmes being on Freeview are small. So annoying. The stupid thing is it would be cheaper to buy them on DVD (never mind rent) than to get Sky just to watch 40 episodes. Or in my case, not quite get round to watching for ages.

On the positive side, this week I have been working on my Big Bang fic. I have 3000 words - of plot notes. But I found last time that if I write down exactly what's in each scene it makes it easier to write the scenes. And it's easier to move them around at the plotting stage than at the writing stage. Now that's done I have 30 scenes. I ought to start writing on Monday really. It's just that the first 13 are from Jack O'Neill's point of view and I've not written from his point of view before. Although I have now watched so much Stargate that every voice is starting to sound like him.

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Big Bang
Sunday 30th January 2011 7:53 pm

I was going to do all sorts of things this weekend, but I felt crap the whole time, so apart from watching the tennis, I've mostly watched bits of Stargate and Atlantis. This is all because I decided I might try the [info]scifibigbang.

It was good to watch them again - I remember now just how good those two series were and how much I liked them. But they were useful too - one piece of my plot comes from one line that Weir says in Ghost in the Machine.

I now have a plot worked out that I reckon could come to 25,000 words. Whether I can finish it in the time (and whether it will come to 25,000 words) is something else, but I won't know until I try.

And, because I have seem to have something about Big Bangs and romance, it is going to be Jack/Elizabeth. Which is a much rarer pairing than Sarah/Harry (Doctor Who). I re-read all the fic I could find and discovered that, counting drabbles, I've written nearly half of them...

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