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Monday 19th June 2006 9:37 pm

When I saw the remake of A for Andromeda on BBC4 earlier this year I heard that they'd done a remake of Quatermass the previous year, before I had BBC4 and was quite disappointed to have missed it. So I was pleased to find it had been released on DVD, and it made a nice change from Doctor Who on my rental list.

I did have to get up in the middle to work out who the journalist was (Brian from Teachers, which was a bit surreal) but I really enjoyed it. I've not seen the original to compare it against, mind you. It was quite creepy towards the end but I was a bit disappointed by the way they wrapped it all up neatly. Mind you, I was waiting for the world to end and didn't expect them to save it at all.

I've also read a whole load of books, so will put them behind a cut-tag thingy.

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