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The Avengers
Thursday 29th March 2007 8:13 pm

Since its The Avengers night, yet they've got to the ones I've seen, I put on one off my DVDs. And now I've seen every colour Emma Peel episode, woohoo! It was one with an invisible man in and I spent the episode wondering how it was done. Some episodes are very clever like that - they look like science fiction but turn out to be reality. Escape in Time is another one that springs to mind. Mind you, there was also the boots that meant the wearer could walk on the ceiling...

I haven't posted an extract from Sex Tips for Girls for months, so here's another:

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Brain dead
Wednesday 22nd November 2006 10:30 pm

I'm totally brain dead. Work was busy today, including the sudden discovery that we're going to be really stupidly busy in December again, as clients desperately need data just before Christmas, so they can sit on it till New Year. Then I had a driving lesson round the roundabouts of Reading. I am starting to get it, which is good, and my driving instructor thinks I should be fine, so no more driving lessons for me unless I decide I need some. Yay!

I must remember to set the video since I'm off to the ballet (for the first time ever) tomorrow night, out to a work dinner (at which I'm not going to eat) Friday night, and off to my best friend's for a weekend of Ewan McGregor. I'm going to listen to ISIHAC from bed now, I think, but first another Sex Tips for Girls extract:

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Children in Need
Friday 17th November 2006 10:39 pm

It's Children in Need today, which QI tells me started in 1980, which explains why I think it's been going on forever. I didn't do the usual running about in the road collecting from cars, but got to stand in a slightly warmer, dry bit with a bucket. Because no-one ordered in the weather today. Tin collecting for an hour isn't too bad - certainly after you've sat around for six hours sending people out, collecting them in and counting money. You get to do people watching, which is always interesting.

Tomorrow I'm off to meet crazy people (I didn't say it first) in London and then to the ZZ9 AGM. Although I realised the reason why my asthma's been playing up is because my brown inhaler has run out (I wish there was a better way of being able to tell) which isn't a good time because London always sets my asthma off. I will be driving to the train station, for the first time, so I don't have to stress about the trains being late and not meeting the buses.

And I haven't forgotten, here's another Sex Tips for Girls extract:

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Tuesday 26th September 2006 10:10 pm

The drabble tag at who_otp is a terrible thing, if fun for getting two random characters together. So far I seem to have written Sarah Jane/Josh, Five/Sarah, Harry/Sarah Jane/Rose and Benton/Harry. And all actual proper 100 word drabbles too. Although having not yet seen Doctors 1 & 2 I think I might be getting entirely the wrong idea about Jamie.

My dad's quite funny. He came on msn to tell me 'Just happened to change to Channel 5 before 10 tonight and I thought I heard a familiar voice. It was a much younger Daniel Jackson in CSI Miami'. When I pointed out it was quite recent he told me he looked younger. So, Michael Shanks episode was on Channel 5 tonight, which seems quick.

It seems time for another extract from Sex Tips For Girls:

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Bunny rabbits!
Monday 11th September 2006 7:14 pm

Flickr's RSS feed thing is great. I discovered, while working my way through my feeds that my dad had updated theirs. They went to Monkey World today and took photos of bunnies, specially for me. Which makes me happy. (Doesn't take much, I know)

And now for something completely different, more from Sex Tips for Girls:

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The weekend
Sunday 10th September 2006 6:20 pm

This weekend's been a bit mad. After not making it to a Rotaract dinner on Friday night because of work I was still going to have a Rotaract meeting on Saturday morning. Except that it was cancelled because the other person had to work!

This morning I was happy because I managed to sleep in till 9am. Which doesn't sound like much but I did keep waking up at 8am and it was getting to 7am and earlier, even if I didn't have to get up. I was still in bed when my driving instructor phoned to bring my lesson forward - so it was just as well I stayed late at work Friday instead of going in Sunday morning before my lesson.

Last night I changed my LJ to Plus on the basis that I can't see any adverts. It took me a while originally to work out that it was because the Adblock extension was getting rid of them. So I looked at the new Expression layouts and they're very nice. Apart from the breaking in IE part. And having to change everything with CSS rather than selecting options. Plus I decided when it comes to reading my friends list when I'm away then I like the one I have now just fine. And the tags list doesn't work properly because I have parent and children categories and the only way to find anything by tags is to go to my WP blog and look that way. Not least because there are more posts and they're all categorised.

I managed to spend £13 in a second hand bookshop where most of the books are 80p. It's one of my driving challenges to drive to Hay-on-Wye and shop till I drop (the books). The boot of my car is TARDIS-like so I'll be able to fit plenty in.

One of the books I bought was Sex Tips for Girls - written in 1983 and American. It's written very much tongue-in-cheek but mostly I bought it because it fell open on the section on manners:

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