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SGA Secret Santa
Sunday 20th December 2015 11:49 am

I finally got my [info]sga-secretsanta fic done!

Siren Song (2851 words)
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Ronon Dex, Teyla Emmagan
Summary: The team investigate an underwater village with some familiarities.

I had since September, but I spent a couple of months coming up with ideas, then watching episodes and realising those ideas were half-remembered episodes. And then November was pretty much a write-off, due to work. Yet somehow I managed to write nearly 3000 words. So I am pleased that I have finished it and it's long for me. Beyond that I almost don't care whether anyone likes it. Both this year and last year my recipients wanted either Shep/McKay slash or gen. Last year I set out to write gen and ended up writing slash. This year I set out to write slash and ended up writing gen.

More excitingly, I got an amazing Elizabeth-centric fic!

The Alliance Project (5666 words) by musesmistress
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Elizabeth Weir, Ronon Dex, John Sheppard, Original Female Character(s), Original Male Character(s)
Summary: Elizabeth has a plan, but the Ancients had one too and a tendancy to leave things... active!

Despite this, I am not allowed to sign up next year. It's just too stressful.

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Mostly fic things
Saturday 31st October 2015 7:57 pm

[info]dw_remix is all over for this year. There were only three stories in the end, but the three people that finished seemed to have enjoying writing them, which is what matters. Next year I might just not bother with sign ups for people wanting to write remixes and people can write or not write. Less work all round.

I took a happy Twelfth Doctor and Missy fic by IrishVampire13: Cheek to Cheek and made it into a darker Twelfth Doctor and Missy fic: The Doctor Dances (Lucky Streak Remix). Having Missy in the first two episodes of this series helped rather a lot (and was why I chose that story to remix).

I managed to finish the first draft of my [info]sga-secretsanta fic! I'm quite impressed that it's 1600 words, but will get longer considering that I need to add the description and expand bits that say things like 'they went investigating and found x'. Not very exciting as it currently is. But at least the plot is there, making it less terrible should (in theory) be less hard.

I have my Yuletide assignment to do as well. And it would be nice to write some treats. And finish off some of the fic I have sitting around half-finished or half-started. But we'll see. Not least one of the things we'll see is how busy work gets.

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Ficathon season
Friday 11th September 2015 8:22 pm

It must be autumn... Sign ups for people wanting to write a remix are open in [info]dw_remix, [info]sga-secretsanta has sign ups open and Yuletide has started discussing nominations. I haven't written anything since Remix, so being forced to do it will get me back into the habit.

The trouble I have at the moment is that watching things leads to me watching other things. I have seen Dark Matter, which I think I have finally decided I like (except for the first two cliched episodes and a few boring ones). It had Torri Higginson in a couple of episodes, which made me miss Elizabeth (from Stargate Atlantis). Just as I was thinking about it, [info]sga-secretsanta popped up. With a two a half month writing period, which I'll probably need, if last year is any indication.

I watched some Star Trek: Enterprise, which made me want to watch Quantum Leap. And now Quantum Leap is on my potential nominations list for Yuletide.

Since I was thinking about The Librarian/The Librarians for Yuletide, and getting excited about season 2 starting in November, I watched a few bits. Which made me want to watch Ugly Betty. Which was why I ended up rewatching it earlier this year (I am not rewatching it again).

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SGA Santa and Yuletide reveals
Thursday 1st January 2015 3:32 pm

I can finally talk about the stuff I wrote in November!

For SGA Santa I wrote Don't Worry I'm Happy which is a Shep/McKay fic where Rodney is happy. It turned out to be harder to write than it should have been. I originally wanted it to be slightly silly where everyone is annoyed at Rodney's happiness. But somewhere along the way it ended up gaining plot. And then I realised that it needed to be a long fic, like Big Bang long.

Maybe I'll write that one day, but I wasn't going to get that done in time. So I wrote a few more first drafts, made them less crap so they wouldn't be too awful to read and ended up needing [info]selenay to tell me which to go with.

I did set out to write gen and it was only the version I went with that ended up shippy. It seemed to need it and as I was writing from Shep's POV, it felt like the only reason he had for putting up with Rodney.

For Yuletide I was hoping to write Sixth Doctor and Evelyn and I got assigned them! I discovered, when I went to upload it this morning, that I hadn't written Evelyn before. It turned out to be a good excuse to break out the Sixie and Evelyn CDs and re-listen to them. I ended up writing Death by Chocolate Cake, which meant I spent some time looking at chocolate cake recipes (some of them are really overly complicated).

And I hadn't intended to write any treats, due to lack of time and energy, but while I was in bed with labyrinthitis I read [info]selenay Yuletide letter which talked about a tennis Cornetto commercial called 40 Love (and not 40-Love as the Yuletide fandoms lists it). It turned out to be from a series of short films sponsored by Cornetto with the theme of Cupid (called Cornetto Cupidity). I watched quite a few, as short things are much better when you can't concentrate for long. Kismet Diner was my favourite.

But all this time lying around in bed being dizzy gave me time to think and I knew exactly what I was going to write. I just didn't allow myself to write it until I'd done my SGA Santa and Yuletide assignment, as those were most important. But I could claim that watching the ATP Tour Final was research 🙂

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Gift fics
Friday 26th December 2014 3:13 pm

I think the December Talking Meme posts will finish in January because having the time and energy (and peace and quiet) all at once doesn't happen for long enough. But I'll talk about my gift fics instead.

For SGA Santa I got A Day in the Life of Elizabeth Weir, which is one of the few Elizabeth-centric gen stories posted. It shows all the different, interesting things she gets up to in the course of a day.

There are about 70 SGA stories posted, about half Shep/McKay, I think, but all sorts of things in there.

For Yuletide I got two stories! Both the only ones in that fandom. For The House of Eliott I got Backstitch in Gold, which is a lovely Bea & Evie story which shows just how they are as sisters: how they argue and how much they love each other.

In Press Gang I got Improbably Angels, which is a story of the relationship between Lynda and Mr Sullivan, who is perhaps her guardian angel.

And this post took longer to write than I thought because I got distracted reading it all again...

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Thursday 16th October 2014 6:19 pm

I have really needed this holiday, as I thought I would. I have discovered that it is actually possible to sleep past 6.30am. Even in a hotel room in an uncomfortable bed (it dipped massively in the middle and getting up to one edge was like mountaineering, only on your side).

I have also seen a lot of Bath in the rain. Although that's mostly because it's done a lot of raining.

I haven't actually done any writing, but I did get my SGA Santa assignment. I'm more used to Yuletide-style prompts, so this is vague in comparison, but exactly the sort of thing I write. So it'll be perfect, just as soon as I can work out what to write.

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