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Friday 28th December 2007 11:08 pm

I really hate shoe shopping. Usually what happens is I try on loads of pairs of shoes and end up with one that fits, so I buy a couple of pairs. Today was no exception.

I went to the cheap shoe shop. The ladies section had no shoes - it was all silly sandals and boots. The trainer section, where I got my current school shoes only had trainers. The men's section only go down to size 6, which were too big. But at least had ordinary shoes.

The kids section was better. There were actual shoes that were non-pointy and had no heels and actually had something on the top so you don't walk out of them. Annoyingly, none of the sale ones fitted so I ended up buying two pairs for £60. They were the same but weren't £30 each. Don't ask, I don't know why.

So now I have two pairs of spare shoes for when my current work shoes fall apart (they already let the rain in) and far less money.

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