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Monday 7th September 2015 8:30 pm

Yesterday I sung at the local folk festival, along with the rest of the choir I go to. We hadn't rehearsed any of the songs since June, although I'd practised over the summer, but we had a couple of rehearsals the last two Thursdays. The first one reminded me why singing in the choir is so much fun. There was something I read a while back about how singing increases endorphins, or something along those lines that means "makes you happy". Singing in a group particularly makes you happy - perhaps because it needs everyone singing to make it sound good, or something like that.

On my way home I thought about how much I want to go to the Whedon Sing-a-long at Nine Worlds next year. I ended up buying a ticket - even if I end up having to sell it, I will at least try and go for the day, on the day the Whedon Sing-a-long is on. I have bought the Dr Horrible book, which includes all the music (I already have the Once More With Feeling one). I haven't allowed myself to look at it because I needed to try and get the songs for Sunday in my head.

As much fun as the concert was yesterday, it was horrible when it was (so quickly) over. I'd been looking forward to it and practising for it and now it's over. I almost don't know what to do with myself. Choir clashes with fencing, so in order to go back to it, I'd have to give up choir. And as much as I love swords and hurting people, I can't bring myself to give it up.

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Singing makes the world go round
Friday 2nd March 2012 8:48 pm

Despite not really feeling well enough I went out to singing last night. I did feel much better for getting out of the house, talking to people, and most all singing. It's hard to feel anything but happy when you're spending the best part of an hour and a half singing happy songs. I even managed not to fall over when everyone swayed during "Sweet Chariot".

For Back to Middle-earth Month I am taking part in the bingo game. The idea is that you only have to make a significant start on a square, but you have to do it within two days. I claimed five cards which meant I got two squares with yesterday's number and three with today's. My plan was to write drabbles and I claimed cards based on being able to write Elrond stories with them. Feeling crap doesn't really lend itself to writing (or thinking about writing) but tonight I did manage to write a first draft for yesterday's squares. It came out to 102 words, but making them better words will be a job for a day when I have a brain.

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