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The week
Saturday 26th December 2009 2:38 pm

I thought this last week would be quite quiet, I'd get lots of things done... I don't know why I thought that. It didn't help that I kept waking up at 6am - except on Friday when I woke up at 5am. Monday it snowed during the day, and I was sick of waiting in the freezing cold for a freezing cold bus and getting home half an hour later than I would have if I'd driven, so I drove to work on Monday. I contemplated leaving my car at work, but decided to drive home. It was the scariest thing I'd ever done - not helped by two police cars and two ambulances going past me in the opposite direction with their blue lights flashing. They couldn't go above 20mph the same as the rest of us, though, so the blue flashing lights didn't exactly do them much good.

But now I know what it's like, I won't be driving in the snow again. But I'd only ever seen it snow and settle during the day once before, so I assumed it was a freak event and it would just go back to snowing in the night again. But I also live further North than I grew up, and there it snows every year, which I find utterly ridiculous weather, but moving back South would mean I was living far from anywhere, so I supposed I'm stuck with it. If the Gulf Stream ever goes away, we're seriously buggered.

On the plus side, I have a week off work and it is now Boxing Day, which is miles better than Christmas Day. Except that for some strange reason all the good TV is on on New Years Day.

And I have a Yuletide fic! The site's really slow, so it's best visited in the mornings before the Americans get up, but it's a Quantum Leap fic: Returning Home and Meeting Memories for the First Time. Reading through the rest of the archive is taking time, not just because of the slowness, but also because I find the contrast between the text and the background gives me a headache. But fortunately, the other week I came across a site called Readability, where you can decide what you want the page to look like, then create a bookmarklet. So all I have to do, once the fic is loaded, is press on the bookmark, then hey, presto, I can read it! And to think that when I found it I never thought it would be useful...

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Last weekend (or why I haven’t posted recently)
Wednesday 9th April 2008 9:12 pm

Last weekend I went home for the District Rotary Conference, which quite a few Rotaractors were going to. Since it was in the town next to where my parents live, it makes it nice and cheap for me. I took Friday afternoon off work to drive down, although I stopped off on the way (although it's in the wrong direction) at the hospital to have my back x-rayed. Slow was not the word for them, as I spent the best part of an hour there and there were only three people in front of me. By the time I got home it was four hours after I left, and it's only a two hour drive (without a stop). Read more...

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Happy Chanukah
Sunday 24th December 2006 12:53 pm

I know there were 8 days for me to say that and I entirely missed them. But it didn't really feel like Chanukah till Friday night when I was home, so we had candles, song and presents. I now have an Avengers calendar, some knickers, some bowls to make flapjacks in, kitchen scales, Hogfather poster, puzzle book, some oil to make the microwavable rabbit hot water bottle smell nice again. Thank you to everyone who put something in my Christmas stocking, they were all very cool things.

I did completely fail to pack any jeans, though, so I'm wearing an old pair of mum's I'm slightly amazed I can fit into them because I thought I was fatter than her. Although she's taken the legs up, so they're just short enough to look silly.

Coming down was a bit of a trauma because after a while my car decided to get slower and slower. I almost made it to the services, but not quite. The RAC man who came out was great and very helpful. Turns out there's a switch in the engine which was still on summer and mean the carburettor was full of ice. Apparently they changed this to be automatic in the 80s but as my car was born in 1989 it's obviously a bit of a throwback. But I got home in the end. It was quite strange to get no fog once I reached the M3. And I'm now doing much better at roundabouts.

Thursday ended up being a bit of a traumatic day since a bulb went and I discovered what I thought were trip switches were actually fuses. But now I have lots of fuse wire and know how to change them.

It's nice to be home now, catching up on my sleep, trying to get more bed space and quilt than the cat, watching all the stuff dad's got on his hard disk recorder, and generally lazing about. And gradually catching up on my RSS feeds.

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Saturday 9th December 2006 12:36 pm

This morning I've filled up four crates of stuff. And taken all the small things off my walls so sitting at my desk I'm looking at suicide yellow walls, with brown patches where the blu-tac has taken the wallpaper off (there's something about this wallpaper because it has nothing to do with the amount of time the blu-tac's been on there). This is the depressing bit now, where I live in a room where I can't get to anything round the crates and can't find anything because I've packed it.

Tonight is the Rotaract District Christmas party, which should be fun. And at some I have to brave the crowds to buy more crates and some food. What I'd really like is to sleep in. This morning I gave up at 10 to 8. Although as the heating doesn't come on till 8.30 I finished my book, my magazine and my DVD from amazon before I was so hungry I had to get up.

Very excitingly, though, I got a virtual gift yesterday. Definitely from an American given the message, but an otherwise anonymous mystery benefactor. Thank you, whoever you are.

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Tonight’s Doctor Who
Saturday 17th June 2006 8:03 pm

I liked it, it was fun. And it had more guest stars I've heard of than you can shake a stick at: that guy from Hustle (who's also apparently going to be in Life on Mars, yay!), the girl who was Moaning Myrtle and one of Bridget Jones's friends, and Moya Brady (Robbie Cryer - it seems like forever since she left). And Peter Kay, who I've heard of but not seen in anything. I keep thinking I hate him but then remember I'm getting him mixed up with Johnny Vegas, whose scene in Blakes Junction 7 is fabulous but makes me cringe because it's Johnny Vegas.

So, on balance I haven't had enough sleep.

In today's driving lesson I only stalled the car twice, which is an improvement on last week. I also failed to find fifth gear on all but one occasion (the first one, bizarrely). And I still can't do junctions. So, as long as I don't have to drive anywhere that involves changing roads, I'll be fine.

There was also tennis today, yay! Two good matches, hopefully tomorrow's final will be good too. Only a week till Wimbledon, and three weeks till I go there.

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And there’s still another day of weekend left
Sunday 28th May 2006 8:23 pm

I was going to write about one thing but then a whole load of other things crept in too...

Yesterday I went to Dangercon. Well, technically I did, since I gave them money and wore a sticker with my name on it. What I actually did was sit around in the bar, drink, talk, tried not to fall asleep (due to waking up at 3am the night before and not being able to get back to sleep for ages coupled with waking up again at 7am and really not being able to get back to sleep), and tried not to watch Doctor Who (as there was no sound for the first 15mins and it competed with the music for the last 30). But it was good fun.

Also, all the tubes I wanted to get were actually running, I bought up the sausages and soup cubes in Sainsburys in Whitechapel, and I made a new record in finding the pub that was 5 mins walk away in only 15. And I spent half of that trying to get out of London Bridge tube station.

This morning I rather annoyingly woke up at 6.15 and didn't think I got back to sleep again, but since I haven't fallen asleep yet I must have done. I also pegged my washing out and didn't make it rain!

I listened to the second half of not-the-latest-anymore Seventh Doctor Big Finish audio, Night Thoughts. There was some interesting stuff between the Doctor & Ace & Hex. I'm still really confused about why she's now back to being called Ace again. But there was a bit near the end where the Doctor had to kill a girl to save time, or something like that (which is simplifying the situation a lot, otherwise I'd have to explain the whole plot). And I was absolutely convinced he was going to do it.

Last night's Doctor Who was quite fun. Except that I sat down to watch it and five minutes in, just after the beginning credits, my dad messages me to ask me if I've watched Confidential because he thought it looked like they were writing scripts on typewriters. Which I didn't notice when I did watch it but either way I'm not convinced he's on this planet, half the time.

I've also watched a load of second series Drop the Dead Donkey this week. Even though it was broadcast in 1991, if you just change the names the politics really hasn't changed that much and is just as funny. And one episode had the guy who played the DCI in Life on Mars. And one of the writers discussed that he demonstrated it's possible to do a joke where Alex staples a piece of paper to Dave's chest, by stapling a piece of paper to his thigh. Neil Pearson got to wear padding for the real thing, which hurt less, apparently.

Ewan McGregor was on Top Gear. He was quite funny. And I noticed when he swore, while driving this car round their track, they not only edited the sound but the picture as well! I laughed so hard I was crying when the two guys drove the car Jeremy Clarkson had interior designed it was so funny. It's repeated at 7pm Tuesday if anyone missed it.

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Mostly Doctor Who
Sunday 2nd April 2006 5:50 pm

I can't believe it's the evening already. Although possibly that's because I only just had lunch. I slept for 11.5 hours last night. I'm nearly recovered from the flu but still a bit tired!

Dad told me about The Guardian's April Fool which was about Coldplay's Chris Martin supporting David Cameron. It's really impressive - they redid the song 'Talk' and everything.

The BBC have put the new Doctor Who series trailer up. I'm guessing from the ending of it it's on TV too, but that assumes I watch any 🙂 I would be all excited about it, if it wasn't that I have to wait until I get back from the Lake District to see it - and they'll have shown two episodes by then.

I watched a Peter Davison story yesterday. It could be due to seeing Christopher Timothy in Doctors this week, but I had to keep reminding myself that he was the Doctor. Although at the end, for some reason, I couldn't get over how young he looked.

I also listened to a Big Finish CD. When I was in Bournemouth I was ambushed by Sophie Aldred being on a free CD with Doctor Who magazine. I'm glad I bought it though, because it was a good story. The Doctor wasn't in it at all, it was just Five's companions, Peri and Erimem, and Seven's Ace and Hex. I really liked Ace and Hex in it, they were funny. Peri I've heard in one other and not seen at all, and Erimem I'd never heard of before, but I really liked them too.

Some people also have Tom Baker 'singing' Common People. Having listened to it I can't help agree with Sel that he would be a bit much for a SatNav. But as cool as it is having John Cleese direct you (which my sister does), it would be very cool to have the Doctor do it.

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Wednesday 2nd February 2005 9:58 pm

Happy Birthday for yesterday, Nessime.

I'm tired. It's entirely my own fault though, because last night I felt tired about 11pm, got ready for bed and then decided to stay up for The Dead Zone, which started at 11.55. And I hadn't seen it, contrary to what the TV guide said. And then I watched a program on sleep, which I yawned through. It did feature quizzes that said I was normal though!

Apparently, my sleep is very well-optimised, 89% according to the website although to improve it, it just said things I already knew, like go to bed and get up at the same time every day (nice, but unlikely, I feel), have a comfortable bed (same thing), calm down before you go to bed. Mind you, it also tells me I could increase my alertness with caffeine, and since I really don't like tea or coffee, it's basically telling me to eat chocolate. Sounds good to me.

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Memes and stuff
Monday 20th September 2004 8:34 pm

Behold the LJ cuts! Partly because Blogger keeps complaining about the html (it's probably right but they're horrible to search through). Out of all the memes I've seen going round recently, these had the funniest answers.

Your Political Career

What Kind of God Are You

The Ultimate Farscape AU

The end of last week was bad, mainly due to work. Thursday afternoon we had the company day out (well, afternoon) where we did West African drumming, which was really good fun. There were people who found moving their feet and clapping difficult and they were all impressed that I knew the answer to the question: what does c stand for in the equation e=mc2. Oh dear. I work with arts students. This is not good.

In the evening I had my first Rotaract president's meeting, which was good fun. We established that as a club we all get our weekends booked up quickly. I could have done without it though, because I didn't get home till 10.30 and then was so tired I just fell into bed. And couldn't sleep.

I did get eleven and a half hours Saturday night though. I didn't hear my parents go to bed or get up. And the cat didn't come in till I got up, so he didn't even get to sleep with me (which was probably just as well because I was hot enough on my own as it was). It's almost worrying that the best bit of my weekend was the amount of sleep I got and the warm house I got to have it in...

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I love my TV card
Thursday 27th May 2004 10:31 pm

I wasn't quite ready for The Bill at 8 o'clock tonight, so I set the video on my computer to record it. SO I started watching at quarter past 8, fast forwarded through the adverts and finished at just past 9. It's great - I must do it more in the future!

The floor still slopes. They fixed my glasses a bit but any more beyond that and they might break, which will be very, very bad. So I have shelled out a quite horrendous amount of money for two new pairs which are bendy. I also got a free pair of pescription sunglasses although those won't have special lenses to make them thinner. It's been a long time since I had ordinary lenses, so I dread to think how thick they'll be.

I didn't go to bed till 1.15 last night, which was fine because I wasn't tired. I am now though, I might have to have an early night.

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What I’m worth
Sunday 23rd March 2003 10:39 pm

According to I'm worth $1,362,000. Not sure anyone's going to buy me though. I've sort of sorted out my life this weekend, which was the plan. I have a job-related plan at least. I got myself all excited about the idea of getting a car as a solution to my fencing-related crisis but I realised yesterday that I would actually much rather spend the money on other things - holidays for instance. Getting excited about booking for Las Vegas this week though.

I meant to work on some fic today, which I did a bit of this evening. Had an idea for some serious Elrond-angst so had to write that up this morning. I think its a reaction to all this happy stuff, my head can't cope with it. Fan fic is all about making the characters unhappy, that's the whole point!

Going to have a busy week next week, which is good, as everything is back on. Work is going to be boring, I can already predict that, but then it always is. But only four weeks till Easter. Sod it, haven't had enough sleep this weekend. Going to do the puzzle instead.

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Pooh Sticks
Sunday 16th March 2003 8:52 pm

What I want to know is: who were the blokes with the suitcase of money in Auf Weidersehen, Pet in Comic Relief on Friday? I can't help feeling I should know, but I think they probably used to be big. Plus I never know what any musician (if that's the right word) looks like anyway. I now have a hole in my inflatable chair that I can't fix. I think I'll have to buy a new one next week. Just as well I picked up a new Argos catalogue last time I was in Oxford.

Slept till noon yesterday, which was good. Went to bed at 1am though cos my feet were cold. And I was bored. Still haven't watched the Angel episode I finished downloading on Friday. Might do that after Cold Feet if its finished virus checking. But probably not as I have loads of mp3s filling up my hard drive. I'm trying to get enough to fill a CD, so far I have just under 400megs worth, which lasts about 6 hours. I've got a few more ideas of songs to download yet though. Should keep me going at work and at home when the radio's really annoying me (so always then).

Very nearly have the final version of Dropping Eaves done (go me!) and managed to write another 1000 words of Isildur/Haldir. The latest bit is angsty though, which is my forte. Love writing angst, its so fun to do nasty things to the characters.

Spent most of today helping out at the world pooh sticks championships. I got to sort the sticks out again as I did it last year. But the marshalling of people went much better this year with more people. And I got time to have a go myself. I did spend the day facing the sun though, so it seemed really dark when I got in. Plus my face feels hot and looks a bit red, so think I have got myself sunburned already! And technically its still winter - although explain that to the daffodils.

Went out for milk and a pizza yesterday and came back with three books as well. Damn those charity shops! Although I don't have to worry about not having anything to read now, specially as I don't think I'll be going home before Easter to get my books and doubtless borrow one of mum's. Very annoying - they're resurfacing the hall at the lesiure centre so no Tae Kwon Do on a Monday for a bit. Now that Farscape's finished. I won't know what to do with myself - although I should really finish the LOTR DVD. And then start working through another one.

I actually remembered to watch Red Dwarf on Thursday. I thought it wouldn't be that exciting as I've seen it so many times before and it was only series 1. But it was great - I haven't seen any Red Dwarf for so long I'd forgotten how go it was (prior to series 7 of course). Must watch some more soon, I think. Blogger template still a pain in the arse, surprise, surprise.

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The Kiss
Monday 26th August 2002 12:02 am

I tried creating one of those cool trading cards at livejournal, so of course it doesn't work with my look and I'm too tired to mess about with the HTML. Plus I'm sure livejournal is doing something strange to it. Having used blogger and livejournal I think I prefer blogger. I think livejournal is good for communty-type things, but I don't have time for those anyway. I have enough community stuff of my own going on anyway.

I can't believe the discussions on the forum going on at the moment about the kiss. I didn't like it, but that was more because of the circumstances surrounding it, and because I knew Hywel didn't like doing it. I don't know exactly why, he must have known that playing a gay character would mean having to kiss a bloke at some stage. I've also just realised answered all the questions I had about Sean (ie they've been going out for 2 years and he's a computer programmer). Although I wouldn't call 2 years the "all these years" Sean claimed they'd been together, but still.

Tired because keep waking up early (like 8am) which is really annoying when I don't have to. Maybe I should stay up later tonight in the hope that I'll sleep later, although it probably won't work and I'll end up getting even less sleep.

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