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Wednesday 24th April 2013 9:50 pm

At work I have a whole load of browsers on my computer because we have to test things in a variety of browsers. At home I use Firefox and get out Chrome/Chromium if something doesn't work in Firefox or if I want to log into two Gmail accounts at once, for example.

At work I use Internet Explorer because the software we use used to only work with IE. Now it works with most browsers, but I've got used to think of IE as a work program. If I had to upgrade to IE9 then I might reconsider. There aren't many keyboard shortcuts in the software, but Ctrl+s to save is one. However, in IE9 that does nothing. Which is quite annoying, but not nearly as annoying as Chrome which refreshes the page to put it back to where it was when you last saved. Annoying is putting it mildly.

Back when Chrome was new I disliked it for its minimalism. I once spent a while on it trying to work out how to bookmark a page (without using the keyboard shortcut). I gave up when I realised I also didn't know how to see my bookmarks. I could have looked it up, but if something so basic isn't obvious then it's not a piece of software I am going to use.

So I really dislike that IE, Firefox and Opera all think that looking like Chrome is a good thing. It's not. If I wanted a browser that looked like Chrome, I'd use Chrome. Since I don't want a browser that looks like Chrome, I use Firefox. So making Firefox like Chrome is not a help. The only way I can cope is that at least IE and Firefox give you an option to put the menu back. In fact there's something weird going on with my Firefox on my laptop because I still have all the buttons I had on 3.6. So I don't touch any of that in case they go away.

I'd go on to talk about Firefox's release schedule and Chrome updating when you check your version (which is really unhelpful when trying to check things in old versions of Chrome), but that feels like enough of a rant for one post.

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University Challenge
Monday 20th November 2006 9:14 pm

Yay, for Warwick just won on University Challenge! And I knew a few answers too.

It's just taken me ten minutes to get real player to agree to play the Doctor Who Children in Need concert. It does like to complain. It's always fine with ISIHAC though - which I entirely forgot to listen to last week. I must remember to listen to this weeks sometime this week.

Edit: SJA is going to be on BBC1 over the Christmas holidays - so that's three Doctor Who things over Christmas! (not incuding Torchwood, since not sure what they're doing with the end of that)

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Bunny island
Tuesday 10th October 2006 6:20 pm

I only came up with my adventure weekend post after I saw a short program on Friday night about an island of bunnies: Skomer Island, off South West Wales. It's open from April to October but given that we are talking about Wales here (although it apparently has less rain than the mainland) it's going to be better in summer. Plus there should be more baby bunnies about. So that's something I'm going to do one weekend next summer. Expect lots of bunny photos. (Incidentally, the one in my icon my dad took when they went to Monkey World - they have a few bunnies there, so dad took some photos of them specially for me).

On the theme of bunnies, this reminded me that the Donkey Sanctuary not far from here has bunnies. You can only really get to it by car, and as it's nearly on the way to Tescos I ought to be able to drive there myself. So at some point, in the light, I'm going to up there to prove I can, then see about being able to help out with the bunnies.

On an entirely different note, last night's Spooks, noooooooooooooo! I'd say more but anything I tried to say non-spoilery and therefore cryptic would give the game away to Melli. I had started on the second draft of my SJ ficathon fic just before it, intending to continue later but I forgot Spooks tends to make you not able to think afterwards. I think I need it on DVD.

On the plus side, my ZoneAlarm is now fixed. Phew!

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Crappy computer stuff
Sunday 8th October 2006 10:32 pm

Dear ZoneAlarm,

Why do you bother having updates if they work worse than the previous version? I didn't not plan to spend my Sunday night staying up late trying to fix you.

I want a refund,

Dear computer,

What do you mean, can't detect AC adaptor? I can see it fine and you should be able to see it too, given that it's plugged in. Beeping loudly at me everytime I turn you on or restart you due to ZoneAlarm driving me mad is not helping.

Please sort yourself out,

In sort: this weekend's been quite crap, really.

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I feel quite shit
Monday 12th June 2006 7:29 pm

I've gone off this driving thing - my left leg hurts. And by hurts I mean the muscle is really painful even when I'm not using it. And what doesn't help is that because it was hot last night when I went to bed I decided to leave the window open a bit. Which turned out to be a really bad idea because not only could I not sleep because the bed didn't get cold enough but I also couldn't sleep because my eyes felt all funny and my nose was horrid. Tonight I have put the bunny in the freezer, so I can freeze my feet off instead. I really need it to rain quite a bit and do something about all this pollen.

Three people have posted their stories for the Doctor Who Fic Fest already, including Always which is for my Sarah & Harry audio request. I vaguely know how mine starts but still don't have any sort of plot yet.

The long one I'm writing (working title: Sarah Jane drinks lots of tea*), I'm still partway through version 2 of. Except that last night I added a new bit of the plot in, as when I read it through I realised I'd laid down loads of clues but not explained anything. Mostly because I still hadn't decided exactly whodunnit. But now it has added Tenth Doctor and Rose in it.

And now the sun's going down it's getting cooler - my computer's fan has even gone off! - so I might actually be able to stay in the vicinity of my computer to actually do some work on it.

I have also discovered the usefulness of Word. And by Word, I mean word processing packages that are more word processy than WordPad and are not Word. If you type teh it changes it to the! If you don't quite hit the shift key at the beginning of a sentence it capitalises it for you! And you can see how many pages you've done, which is very cool. My only trouble now is deciding whether I want to use Word Pro or Open Office. Oh, decisions, decisions.

* I counted and in the first draft she explicitly drinks six cups, in 11,000 words.

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Thursday 12th August 2004 10:23 pm

How can it be Friday tomorrow? Where did the week go? I was planning to get loads done this week and have not done too well so far. My to read folder e-mail folder is down to 12, although I also have some bookmarked and just mentally bookmarked in my head. I really need an early night though. The past two nights I got tired about 10.30 and eventually made it to bed at midnight. Whoops!

In other exciting news I cooked swede today and yesterday. That may not sound exciting but my dad doesn't like it, so the first time I tasted it was at Burns Supper in January. I love it. I only cooked it for the first time last night. It's a bugger to peel, but very nice. Which brings my selection of dinner vegetable options to three. And doesn't increase the amount of washing up if I'm having boiled potatoes as well, which is always a good thing.

Thursday does mean an update to The Shoebox Project. Although I don't know how I'm going to last till next Thursday to read the next chapter!

I am liking The Daily Snitch because it comes up with some interesting stuff. Like a Harry Potter Conference next July. I want to go because it's at Reading Uni, not sure about the conference part though. It will depend on the program I think. I can't quite decide whether I like the idea of academic discussion on Harry Potter (Sirius and Remus fancy the pants off each other - what more can you possibly need to know? :)).

I was going to make some CDs tonight but discovered my program that makes videos smaller now makes them bigger. I made the mistake of fiddling with the settings and thought I'd put them back. Obviously not. But because I back everything up, I replaced the ini files and it's all ok now. Apart from it screwing my computer up I could totally marry Drive Image.

I am also completely in love with Abilon. It ignores locked posts, cut tags and you can mark posts as unread. Which is particularly good because I always forget to come back and re-read things. It doesn't tell you how many comments people have made on the entry though, but then I never usually looked at any of them anyway.

I will now go on a printing session and see if I can make it to bed before 11pm. Although making it to bed in half an hour would be something of a record (it usually takes an hour). There really aren't enough hours in the day, and who needs sleep anyway?

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Monday 19th July 2004 10:22 pm

I meant to congratulate all the finalists in the Mithril Awards. It was cool to see so many names I knew and fics I read on the list of finalists. But it was also a bad thing. See, I use awards as a set of recs. I'll read winners in categories I might not otherwise read, and all the nominees in categories I do. But what am I supposed to do if I've already read them? 🙂
I have issues with Mozilla, Firefox and Opera. Also Netscape, although that one's different since it doesn't really want to run on my computer. Much as they might be better than Internet Explorer, they're worse in two tiny, yet important aspects.
First, when I open a new browser window it goes to my homepage. I often surf with a few windows open (novelty aspect at being able to have more than two open withou my computer crashing) and it's so useful to be able to just press back on the new one.
Other one, on my livejournal layout the text is much less than half of the window size. Now, granted I have a widescreen laptop, so I do have my browser window at quite a strange shape. But it doesn't explain why internet explorer can manage boxes on the page with more than a couple of words per line. If I can't read my friends page in anything other than IE there's not really much point in using anything else. Which is a pity because I love Opera.
Note: Blogger have just changed the way you write posts to make it easier to change things (so it's a lot more like a WYSIWYG editor). This has had the effect of making it much more difficult to put web addresses in. Unless you know html. It took me longer to discover this while putting in the Mithril Awards link than it did to type the rest of this post.

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Thursday 29th January 2004 9:43 pm

Discworld: Which Ankh-Morpork City Watch Character are YOU?

brought to you by Quizilla

I'm feeling all excited about viruses. Looking at Norton I can see I've had the new one - Novarg - nine times (including three times tonight), Mimail twice (hadn't heard of that one) and Klez.H I had Klez.E a lot but I'm quite excited about H!

Of course the reason I'm excited is that:
a. Norton catches these
b. I don't open them so I don't get viruses

The reason I'm so well protected is I got a virus once off a web site - luckily it was one that only e-mailed your username and password out from what you type. As what I typed at the time was 'p' and IE filled in the rest, and ZoneAlarm stopped it from going out, it wasn't a problem.

I can't say how much I love Norton though because it does everything for you. With my old virus program I had to specifically tell it to check things and update its definitions. Norton does everything, which is good, because I'd forget. Which reminds me, I need to do some backups.

I didn't go to Swindon today. I was quite lazy this morning (apart from finishing off yesterday's work, which involved getting out my old computer to get onto the network) but then this afternoon I did two and half hours of spring cleaning - and filled half a bin bag. The rest I'll save for the weekend, although I still have to write up the Rotaract minutes, speak to the Ladygrove magazine editor about getting a piece about Rotaract in there, and do some betaing which I said I'd do last weekend. Mind you, I also need to make some CDs, tidy my hard drive and watch all the millions of videos I've downloaded (and the rest of the TT DVD). It'd be handy if I didn't have to fit going to work in all that.

I did rediscover an funny site though: Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing - lists of forum posts from various websites from people wanting to name their kids really bizarre names. They have to be read to be believed.

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Can’t live without…
Friday 9th January 2004 12:31 am

I'd just like to say how much I hate computers and love the new control panel for my site. I wondered if XP had a BSOD, and guess what, it does! Needless to say my computer crashed twice tonight. I'm trying to work out whether it's more or less than my old one and then I remember that this one restarts in less than half the time. Plus I can't type on the old one anymore.

I've discovered that I can do all the things I have bravenet doing on my site with the control panel. How cool is that? I will have to have a play about with it at some point. Plus my new tracker tells me what people have google searched for. There was one hit from someone who searched for "beach swim trunks hi res". To be fair it is entirely possible I have used all of those words in the space of seven posts (or however many are on the main page, I forget) but I really don't think that was what they were looking for. 'elrond angst' on the other hand... 🙂

Other cool things I don't know how I lived without until now:

Roboform - no more typing in usernames and passwords! And it keeps a list of them. If anyone nicked my computer I'd be stuffed but since I have problems remembering my username, never mind my password (and in the case of one site, the answer to my security question) it's so helpful.

SpamNet - okay, so it does miss quite a few but I don't spend all my time adding my spam to the blacklist

Outlook Express with OE Quote Fix - smilies look like smilies! How cool is that? Plus colour to tell me who said what, sorting mail, marking as unread, actually replying below (although that doesn't work when people reply above - I suddenly find I can't find my sig). I still haven't got the hang of the keys yet though and I hate not being able to see e-mail addresses

The new version of WordPad - remembers I want to write in arial size 10!

TV on the computer

System Restore

Rubber duck! and fish!

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