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What I’ve done this weekend
Sunday 21st October 2007 9:48 pm

Last night was our Retro Birthday Party. We played Musical Chairs, Pass the Parcel, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Wink Murder and What's the Time Mr Wolf? As well as having a paper aeroplane competition and a colouring competition. And proper party food including jelly and ice cream. I even made some blue jelly - it was entirely academic what flavour it was because it tasted of blue (as proved by my A Level Human Biology group - jelly tastes of the colour, not the flavour).

It was slightly nerve wracking, as always, with whether we had enough people and whether they'd take part and enjoy themselves or whether there was the right amount of food. But everyone said they enjoyed it, which is good.

I actually got round to putting some insoles into my roller skates this morning. They're old, so the insoles in there are looking a bit tatty. I used to skate quite a bit when I was little, so I was expecting it to be easy. No. I did get the hang of it again by the time I'd been to Waitrose to the bottle bank and back. But some of the surfaces are really hard to skate on - lots of leaves and holes lead to nearly falling over. So I think that next time I'll walk to the tennis courts and skate round them instead.

This evening I finally got round to sorting out my LJ friends list. Since I added a whole load of people recently, and I keep adding communities too, the people have been in three folders in RSS Bandit, as I don't like them going off the bottom. So I took off anyone I wasn't reading (and some by accident that I decided was fate and I couldn't be bothered to put back), thereby reducing the number of people on the list from 105 to 72. I still need to play about a bit, I think, but that's a distinct improvement.

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Saturday 19th August 2006 7:01 pm

I went swimming with my sister today. Now I hurt and am completely knackered. The trouble was we were actually there to get fit and I soon discovered that backstroke does that quite nicely - my muscles are obviously more used to breaststroke. In theory this would be a regular thing, if I didn't have quite so busy weekends.

But when I got back I did get to watch the 200th episode of Stargate. (spoilers) Read more...

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