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Saturday 25th May 2013 8:24 pm

For my [info]intoabar fic I am writing a Stargate and House of Anubis crossover, thus guaranteeing that no one will read it. But for research I watched an episode of Stargate on Pick TV* last night. And it reminded me just how much I liked it. It was a good episode, I checked before I watched it (Fragile Balance, aka the one with the young Jack O'Neill in). I liked the original team and the small episodes and the times when someone's eyes flash suddenly and you realise they're a Goa'uld. And watching it reminds me of the fun I had at Stargate conventions with a group of people I mostly lost touch with.

*I have no idea what Pick TV is all about, except that it shows Stargate every night

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Stargate Universe
Tuesday 15th December 2009 7:39 pm

Now that we've had ten (ish, since two of them were stuck together) episodes of Stargate Universe, I thought I'd demonstrate just how crap I am at working out people's names in TV programmes. Although, it has to be said the Confidential-type programme after the first (two) episode(s) helped a lot.

There might be spoilers below for the episodes that have been shown. Read more...

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Thursday 11th January 2007 11:30 pm

Lovefilm are really annoying me now. I got sent a thing for a 3 month free trial, so I'm working my way through Press Gang with them. At least, that's the theory. You have to have at least 10 titles on your list and you can rate them at high, medium or low priority. So I bunged all the Press Gang on at high priority and some other stuff at low. The first two discs they sent were series 1 disk 1 and series 4. So I watch the first seven episodes and sent it back. So they sent series 3. So I sent them both back and am about to get series 2 disk 1 and Doctor Who: The Invasion disk 1. Which I'd quite like to see but the question is, would they ever send me disk 2? So I'll keep sending them discs back, until eventually, I get the next one. Could take the whole three months at this rate.

Amazon are much better though. I just got Dark Season through them and it's interesting, yet weird so far. And currently no sign of Jacqueline Pearce, who I noticed was in it. I completely failed to notice that Kate Winslett was higher up the cast list...

I had a TV watching night tonight. There was The Avengers, which I haven't seen for a while. I'd forgotten how good it is. There was a fair bit of Emma Peel running round a house, trying to work out what's going, with nothing to tell you how she feels about it except for Diana Rigg's acting. Which was fabulous. And Steed rides to her rescue, only to discover she's done it on her own ๐Ÿ™‚

There was also Stargate, suitably loud. It's a tradition. And there was Colin & Justin, which wasn't as funny as usual, but they obviously still have no idea what the word 'budget' means. I failed to notice Mock the Week was back, but since it's repeated on Saturday, I'll tape the repeat instead.

Then I saw the first episode of Murder in Suburbia. Which was quite weird because I didn't start watching until series 2 (are they ever going to do any more?) when it was well established that Ash fancied their boss (who I'm sure has a name), it was just a question of whether he fancied her back. And whether she'd ever stop embarrassing herself over him. The murder stuff was interesting as well. I do like my cop shows.

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Stargate: Arena
Monday 25th December 2006 11:48 am

It's quite handy having my dad as my web host. He had an email this morning (as did I, but I thought it was spam) to say I've used 80% of my bandwidth. I have no idea how much I've used at any time, but it's academic because I never knew what the limit was anyway. But now it's twice what it was ๐Ÿ™‚

I dreamt last night that I'd woken up and although it felt like the next day it was actually one year later. The latest version of listening to music was called torrenting and involved a standard pair of headphones, but they were connected to the biggest power pack ever. Stargate was still going for another season, although it had General Hammond back in it. And Stargate: Atlantis had been renamed to Stargate: Arena.

I've had a play with Windows Vista on dad's computer (he has it as a virtual machine) and it's not too bad - it's not such a big jump from XP to Vista as it was from 98 to XP. So I'm not hating the idea of having a computer with it on so much. I'm still reserving judgement on Office 2007 and the whole ribbon idea. But as I use Open Office at home and work are still on 2000, I don't think it'll be an issue.

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Tuesday 22nd August 2006 9:25 pm

I told dad about Stargate being cancelled and he said, and I quote:

You mean Stargate is ending after onoly 10 series?

Sometimes, he can actually be quite cool.

All I thought when I saw it is, 'yay, Atlantis is continuing' and 'that'll be one less thing to watch'. I see from next week's TV guide that next week is going to be the third week in a row that I watch nothing at all on TV because none of it is worth watching.

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Saturday 19th August 2006 7:01 pm

I went swimming with my sister today. Now I hurt and am completely knackered. The trouble was we were actually there to get fit and I soon discovered that backstroke does that quite nicely - my muscles are obviously more used to breaststroke. In theory this would be a regular thing, if I didn't have quite so busy weekends.

But when I got back I did get to watch the 200th episode of Stargate. (spoilers) Read more...

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Weather and TV
Thursday 3rd August 2006 10:07 pm

When I got up this morning it wasn't that light due to it being rainy outside. So instead of wearing sandals to work I thought I ought to keep my feet dry and wear shoes. Which meant wearing socks, which was just such a weird feeling, it's been weeks since I wore any socks. Mind you, it did at least help with being warm at work. The person whose desk I'm at this week is right in the path of the air conditioning and I'm sat in a cold draft all day. The office is helpfully laid out so the other end of it is still quite warm, even though I'm shivering. It's also the boys office, so they do tend to like it colder than us girls.

There was a new Armando Iannucci program on tonight - The Time Tunnel. It's set in 2031 and they're looking back at the early 2000s. So a satirical look at today by cunningly setting it in the near future. It was interesting in places, funny in others and just weird in others still. Plus they did go over the top a bit in my opinion, in pieces like Charlotte Church vomiting herself inside out. It sounds funny as a one-line thing but just gets disgusting and too unlikely once you go into it in detail. There is a real point in there but satire is best when subtle, and that's so not.

It was an entertaining way to spend half an hour, though, so I'll probably watch it next week.

I also read some Atlantis fanfic this evening and I can feel myself starting to be pulled more towards that again. I'm remembering why I like Sheppard/Weir - I must get back to the Langford U fic I do have a first draft of. And read some McShep, I'm starting to miss the banter.

I finished The Hand of Fear while my dinner was cooking, and wrote up some of the highlights at Sarah Jane Fic. I'm so feeling tempted to get her episodes on DVD, which is bad. I did the whole Ace thing last summer, I'm determined not to do the Sarah Jane thing this summer. Plus I think I prefer Jo Grant (to Sarah, not to Ace, obviously).

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It’s all about Stargate
Wednesday 25th January 2006 10:03 pm

The most recent episode of Stargate - Ripple Effect. When [censored] walked into the room full of [censoreds] all I could think was that he was probably thinking "I'm in heaven and it's full of Samantha's". But much squee over the credits. It's quite handy to know the actor's names.

The last episode of Atlantis I saw - Inferno - was it just me or did they miss a whole load from the end? I mean the team didn't die (duh) but how did they get home? I did like Sheppard and Weir's conversation near the beginning, that was quite funny.

I followed a link from the SGA newsletter to discover that the Documentation challenge on SGA Flashfiction has got some really excellent entries for it.

So much so that I ended up inspired to write one of my own - it's sort of a story anyway: Mission Form Checklist

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The things I do for the sake of fic…
Monday 9th January 2006 11:11 pm

I now know more than I ever felt I needed to about American football. Admittedly I skim-read them but I still don't understand the rules. Apparently a team can have 53 players on it, which is just insane! The exciting part is when I looked in the British League, found Warwick Wolves and recognised a name! Someone in my tutor group was president in our final year.

I'm very glad I watched Stargate on Sunday because it had Claudia Black in it (hence the reason I watched it) as well as Hammond and Erik Brekker! Not only that, but it was the one where he nearly has to give Hammond the kiss of life. "Excellent waking up, sir!" And it had the hiccuping woman in it. So now I know who she is. At this rate I'll know who all the guests at Peg 1 are.

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Thursday 8th December 2005 12:10 am

I'm enjoying Atlantis more than Stargate this season, not just because I have three ships on Atlantis and none on Stargate, since they both revolved around Jack ๐Ÿ™‚ But also because Stargate makes me want to watch Farscape. I get to the end of an episode of Atlantis and think 'That was great, I can't wait for the next one' (except for Trinity, but the I can't wait for the next one bit was still there). Whereas I get to the end of Stargate and think 'Ben Browder was great, I really want to watch Farscape now'. Which is not really the idea. Now if they'd just cancel Stargate and bring back new Farscape I'd be just as more happy (assuming big denial at the end of PK Wars, of course - it's not just a river in Egypt, it's a way of life).

I also realised the thing I really miss about Stargate, as scary as the Ori and the Wraith are (naming them Steve and Bob notwithstanding), is the part where suddenly someone flashes their eyes and you get that sudden moment of fear as you go 'OMG, he's a Goa'uld'. I can't help feeling that the more we find out about the Wraith the less scary they get. The Ori get scarier, at least so far (I'm so not getting into the religion discussion about them, though, that has the potential to go to bad places).

This post brought to you by why am I more awake at 11pm than I have been all day? Usually by now I'm asleep on my feet (or asleep in bed, to be precise). This post also brought to you by I've just watched Atlantis and it was good.

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Tuesday 8th November 2005 6:40 pm

I actually really enjoyed SG10, which surprised me. I was more worrying about food, and thinking how much I didn't enjoy SG8 that much (at least the actual con part). David Nykl (Zelenka) turned out to be a great guy, Eric Brekker (don't ask) was very good at telling funny stories, Tobias Mehler (really, no idea) looked nice, Dan Shea (stunt coordinator and Siler) was really interesting talking about stunts, Cliff Simon (Ba'al) was mad, Neil Dennis (Ry'ac) was mad in a different way, Alex Zahara (just about everything) was also great.

The annoying part of the weekend was just being really tired really early. I also managed to eat an entire bar of Plamil chocolate in a day. Whoops!

I an unimpressed at the shops round here and their grapefruit. They have recently decided that instead of actually getting some pink grapefruit (which I think is the nicest) they would just split the red grapefruit into two and call one lot red and the other lot pink. So now I'm on porridge for breakfast instead.

My watch battery died on Monday (it's been dying for a week). The last time I got a new battery I remember it being expensive, so instead I bought a new watch. It's great, and has a metal strap, which I've never had before. Only problem is I can get it on without undoing it. The instructions for making it smaller tell you for lots of different watches, so I don't know which one applies to mine. And none of the options seem to work. So I now have a watch I can wear that doesn't tell me the time and a watch that tells me the time that I can't wear. How helpful.

This post brought to you by I'm too tired to be coherent.

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Nothing terribly exciting
Friday 26th August 2005 4:48 pm

Blogger has just introduced those annoying text verification thingys on comments. I've not had any comment spam (yet) but I've turned it on anyway.

I got my SG10 ticket through yesterday and it was 274. Which I thought was quite annoying because it meant I'd just missed out on the cocktail party. And then I read the bit of paper that came with it and it turns out the cocktail party is for the first 300! Which is quite exciting. Although apart from Michael Shanks, the other guests could be anyone, I really have no idea who they are.

I also spent some time catching up on my LOTR fic reading and ended up actually doing some writing. Shock, horror! Needless to say I didn't actually work on anything I should be, but then that's because I suddenly realised this week how to solve a problem I'd been grappling with in my Arathorn/Gilraen long plotty thing (although looking through it I've created more, but still).

On the one hand I'm looking forward to this bank holiday weekend (and since I took this afternoon off to use up my overtime before I lost it, mine's even longer) I'm probably going to end up bored. I have a whole load of things to do (like I can't see my room for dust and I need to do some Rotaract stuff) but if I put my mind to it it's only a day's worth. I should use the rest to do some writing and play some games but we'll see.

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Sunday 31st July 2005 8:21 pm

I am absolutely exhausted from this weekend - it being the celebrations of the 850th anniversary of the town I live in.

Friday was the raft race, which actually turned out to be good fun. The Thames wasn't quite as freezing as I was expecting but I've never got into cold water quite as fast before - I had to go up to my knees just to get on our raft. We didn't fall in, out raft didn't capsize, fall apart or sink (as some others did) and I only got wet below the waist. The rowing part was really hard though. It was quite a long way downstream, turn around then row back upstream, pick up a balloon and back to the start. After we turned round we were rowing but not moving at all.

So I was aching Saturday morning when I depressed myself by going food shopping. The only bright spot was finding a Monster Cracking stand, so now I have some chocolate orange stuff (Monster Cracking is Ice Magic, essentially). Then in the afternoon I was helping with the bouncy castle and jousting game. Which sounded simple until I found out that the jousting game involved kids going down a long ramp on a horse, spearing hoops. I wasn't strong/tall enough to get the horse all the way back the ramp. First Aid training Monday and Tuesday set off the RSI in my knee, so I'd been bending over instead of bending down this week, so my back's not happy either. So picking up the hoops wasn't fun.

Saturday it also rained. Three times, quite heavily. And all between the hours of 2 and 4.30pm I mention this because I was on from 2 till 4 (but stayed later) so got soaking wet. And, of course, it didn't rain at any other point in the day. Each time the rain stopped I had pretty much dried out before it started again. I was aching by the time we gave up at 4.30 (we were stopping at 5pm anyway), so I got to go home and recover for a couple of hours before stewarding a pop concert in the evening.

This was essentially a competition for local amateur bands. I was so tired I was constantly yawning by 10pm and had to sit down several times because my legs ached so much. The event was aimed at about 14 year olds, judging from the age of the audience, so all sounded a bit terrible. Specially after three hours of it.

This morning, of course, I ached even more. I had to stop halfway into town for a rest (it's a 15min walk) and took a pill because my muscles just hurt so much. Some of them hurt when I touch the relevant bit of me, never mind when using them. I spent most of 11am till 3pm on the jousting game. It was a bit less busy, so we did get breaks, which was so useful. And I got to have a go - I got 3 out of the 8 hoops the second time (although I did that so we could have a photo for the album).

This evening I at least got to watch Stargate - in which there was very definitely Jack/Daniel slash in there - I've obviously been subverted (if that's a word, I'm having enough trouble typing at the moment).

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Writing, Stargate, The Bill
Friday 25th February 2005 8:11 am

I've discovered the perfect way to catch up on my lj reading - mark everything as unread.

I just wanted to say yay, for I got Estel's Ears through HASA review. With a 7/2 ratio as well. My two declines had nice long reasons why, which was great. They also pretty much agreed with what one of my betas has been saying recently, which is a good thing. And being as I've questioned other people, I should ask this:
Ask me one question - any one - about my writing, then post this in your LJ so I can satisfy my curiosity about yours... (although in my case, it's more if I've asked you, or are going to but haven't quite got round to it yet, then ask me).

I had a plan for Stargate which involved watching part 1 on Wednesday, in bed, and then part 2 on Thursday. Except that I was enjoying part 1 so much I went straight onto part 2. Here be spoilers.... I loved Amanda Tapping in it. And Jack and Daniel so fancy each other, don't they? Although so do Sam and Jack, still. I think my head is a strange place. But it was good fun, and great to see General Hammond, McKay (although since his name was in the beginning credits, that wasn't exactly a surprise - I hate it when they do that) and Kowalski.

The Bill
I hated Wednesday's episode, and Thursday's ordinary episode. We've been here before, and it was crap the first time. The half hour one, I liked though. I think perhaps it's the perfect length for The Bill - ie as much as you can take in one go. It does now feel like the end of an era. But left me with an urge to see Old Bill back again. I'm only really still watching for Gina, Smithy, Reg, Tony, Lance, and I'm quite liking Roger as well, he feels like one of the old crowd. But I really don't care who is sleeping with who, just give us a crime and solve it in an hour, not fifteen minutes if you take the sex out.

And on another note, I know through two people that slasher decided it was a good idea to watch when the PoG and Puke storyline was going on. Which, I'd like to point out, it was not. That storyline involved two personality transplants, and turned The Bill first gay copper from the sergeant who happened to be gay, but mainly was very straight, played by the rules and wasn't Bob Cryer, into the gay sergeant.

On a more positive note, I'm off to Redemption in a few hours, and Australia in a month.

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Thursday 17th February 2005 12:01 am

I'm still alive. I think. Despite having had flu already this year, and a flu jab, I've had flu. Which is now lingering. I'm only up this late because whenever I got to bed I can't get to sleep. And it's entirely my mum's fault I dreamt about being covered in stick insects last night. I'm still trying to catch up on my life. I'm nearly there. Which is good because I'm away in Manchester this weekend, with Nic. Next week I could be out every night if I wanted, except that I think I might need some sleep at some point. Then the weekend after is Redemption!

But what I really wanted to talk about is Stargate. The other week I saved the episode of Atlantis because it was a two parter. Then, when I came to watch them both, part 1 was just a continuation of what had gone on before and part 2 was really part 1. Which annoyed me. Stargate had a two-parter at the same, so I saved that one as well. And that, I enjoyed. It was BIG. And had all the things that are good in Stargate. I'm suddenly quite liking Ba'al as well.

So I was really looking forward to the following Stargate, which as it was 90mins long I assumed was the equivalent of a two-parter (being as a two-parter is 90mins). Except that this fails to take adverts into account - it just never occurred to me that it's possible to fit 30mins of adverts into a 1 hour program. It might have been okay - let's face it you can't go from the universe's imminent destruction to flowers - except for when they got rid of [censored]. I was trying to work out if there's anyone left to get rid of an I can only think of one. Please can we not have a season 9, so he can stay alive?

This week's Stargate I'm saving for next, as it's yet another two-parter.

Sunday's Stargate I was particularly keen to see because it explains a lot of things about Atlantis I'd forgotten. I noticed they had a little bit of the Atlantis theme tune at the end of the episode! But, yes, that was a good episode. Another BIG one. I was completely shocked by Dr Weir. I knew she'd been played by someone different but I'd not really noticed. Which is quite bad really considering the original was blonde, the new isn't. Never mind.

Anyway, I had exactly the same reaction to her the second time round - didn't like her at first (she was replacing, the irreplaceable, General Hammond) but liked her by the end of it. I was trying to see her as the new Weird through the episode, but they were really different people. Which I can't complain about, given the Stargate film/TV series differences.

I've managed to be talked into going to Prime in September (Buffy con in Blackpool). Although not staying in the Norbreck because they'd have to pay me to do that. Um, yeah. Money. Grows on trees, doesn't it?

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Wednesday 17th November 2004 7:30 pm

I don't need to write a con report for SG8 because Sel has already done one ๐Ÿ™‚ I will add that Paul McGillion is a guinness, although completely off his rocker. He is also, as he felt the need to tell us many time, single. Oh, and he told me I was a 'saucy thing'. Which took me aback a bit, although I have to admit I was a bit flattered.

Of course, the best bit about any con is talking to friends. And friends of friends, who by the next con are friends. It's a bit like university was in that respect. I now really want to write a Sam/Jack slash fic. Yes, you did read that right - we're talking quantum mirror here to make Sam male.

Although it's not going to be serious (assuming I can think of a plot, that is) it did make me think. If we assume that the only difference in this universe is that Sam has a Y chromosome instead of an X, then she probably wouldn't be called Sam (or Samuel). It is entirely possible that her parents were going to call her some variation of Sam either way, but it would be more likely, assuming she's the eldest, that she would be called Mark. My parents certainly never had any intention of calling me Nick (or Nicholas - although at the time I don't think the shortening of my name occurred to them). If I was a boy I'd have no name because they couldn't agree on one.

Although if I gave mirror Sam a different name, that would no doubt confuse everyone. And talking about Mark/Jack slash, doesn't have quite the same ring to it as Sam/Jack slash ๐Ÿ™‚

I also thought I'd post my dream. It is weird, but bearing in mind I can actually write down what happened, it's not nearly as weird as most of my other dreams, which I just can't describe.

It involved me and Sel sneaking about a car park trying to get breakfast (in a building, I should point out, probably a hotel of some sort). I ate rather a lot of crisps and had to give out, even though I'd only eaten half a bowl (a big bowl). The reason for this was something to do with Avon's book, which was called The Serbian Montenegro.

Sel was enthusing about it, I think. I discovered that it was actually a series of books (lots of books!) and they were a sort of Lord of the Rings thing. By that I mean there was a family with twin boys and a younger girl, and a brother. The twins were obviously Elladan and Elrohir, and yet the father was Elrohir, and the brother Elladan. I can't make sense of it now, but it seemed perfectly fine at the time.

I also remember that the picture of the father had short light hair. He looked like someone I recognised (ie had seen on TV) but I couldn't work out who. Sadly, my alarm clock went off 25mins early because there had been a power cut in the night and it gets fast on battery power, so I never worked out exactly what was going on.

Yes, I can see the men in white coats coming to take me away - but as long as they include Stargate's no 1 doctor, I don't mind!

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Jack/Daniel and glasses
Tuesday 7th September 2004 8:48 pm

I was reading the Jack/Daniel essay on Ship Manifesto this evening. I actually knew all of the slashy moments the poster mentioned. I can't decide if I should be worried about this or not. But one moment they mentioned I know I've seen before (it's from The Serpent's Venom for those who know episode titles better than me):

Jack gives him an affectionate Look, and then pushes up Daniel's glasses.

Now if someone did that to me I'd clock them one. Really. That is one of the most annoying things you can do to someone wearing glasses because it would leave a big finger smudge on the lens - in this case Jack has a finger on each lens - and then you can't see and need to wipe them. Okay, so sometimes people deliberately annoy those they fancy, but if someone I fancied did that to me, it really wouldn't endear them to me at all.

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LOTR Drabble
Wednesday 28th January 2004 8:02 pm

I wrote a drabble for LOTR100 - Learning from the Best. I finally managed an Elrond & Estel thing and got some fencing in there. I'm happy now.

It has snowed. Typically, just before I was supposed to be going to Swindon to see Michael Shanks and Chris Judge. Now I'm thinking it will be far more effort than it's worth. I might stay in and do something constructive instead, and finish off the work I was doing before I left work early.

I also need to watch Stargate and do some ironing.

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Wednesday 7th January 2004 10:42 pm

I just saw the latest episode of Stargate tonight. Which was handy because I really don't have a brain tonight. I am planning to actually go to bed early and read ROTK. I'm nearly at the Frodo & Sam stuff, which is good. Anyway, I liked it. I know the slashers are complaining, although I'm not reading it and I can imagine the shippers are too. There are times when I really hate the fandom, hence the reason I'm not going near it just now. I am still a shipper at heart but I liked it. Besides, it had Sam's dad in, which is always a good thing ๐Ÿ™‚

Why can't it be Friday already?

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Tuesday 16th December 2003 8:33 pm

I've got out of work on time twice in two days now. I almost don't know what to do with my long evenings. The best thing about ADSL - downloading the new episode of Stargate in about 10 minutes. And it kept on going really slow. The episode seemed to go really slow although I remembered why I love Teal'c - he does come up with the best lines.

Return of the King come out tomorrow. Just as I wrote this the trailer for it came on the radio! I'm not going to see it until Boxing Day, which is probably just as well because I still can't decide whether I'm excited about it or not. I will be once I get in there, I'm just really worried about what they're going to do to Elrond.

Ewan McGregor seems to be doing a whole load of films lately - on Saturday I saw a trailer for one coming out in January. It didn't look that exciting though so maybe I'll wait and see what the reviews say about it first. I still haven't seen the last two he did.

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