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Sport and writing
Friday 28th July 2017 8:12 pm

It took me a little while to get used to the change from athletics from swimming, but now I'm loving the swimming. I still record it, partly because it starts before I finish work, but also because I'm not that interested in all the chat. Mostly I just like the swimming. And they repeat bits that they showed earlier/the previous day and I don't need to see it that many times. It's just a shame there's only two days of it left. Then I have to get used to athletics again, at the end of next week.

I had forgotten the Winter Olympics and the Commonwealth Games are both next year. Annoyingly, both on the other side of the world, although it does at least give me the evenings to catch up on the curling and other sports. The Winter Olympics is in February, Paralympics in March and Commonwealth Games in April. And then in May the tennis on TV season starts and before I know it it'll be summer and I won't have had time to watch any non-sports on TV for months.

It did occur to me that this year I haven't been to any live sports whatsoever. I haven't even been to the theatre or to see comedians. I thought about going to the last Saturday of Wimbledon, but the weather was crap. So that was probably a good decision, although there were spaces on court 3, where the wheelchair men's doubles was played. I thought about going to the Para-athletics last Saturday, but the weather forecast was for rain and I've done sitting watching sport in the rain and cold before and it's not fun. And as it happened I had to clean the house anyway. But London is bidding to have the World Para-athletics championships back in two years, so I can go then. And the Commonwealth Games is bound to come back to this country sooner or later.

I did manage to squeeze some fic writing in. After a Twitter conversation about ships with the Thirteenth Doctor, I wrote a Thirteen/Missy (very short) fic:
The Love of an Enemy (334 words) by paranoidangel
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Thirteenth Doctor/Missy
Summary: Missy needs a friend. Spoilers for The Doctor Falls.

And last week's Last Leg made me want to write more Josh/Jonnie, so I did:
Bromance, Showmance (594 words) by paranoidangel
Fandom: The Last Leg RPF
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Josh Widdicombe/Jonnie Peacock
Summary: Jonnie confronts Josh about his bromances.

This is going to be one of my Yuletide fandoms this year (again). But when I posted this the Josh/Jonnie relationship tag didn't come up. So I found one of my Yuletide fics and discovered that's because there were only three fics with that relationship and I wrote all of them for Yuletide last year.

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Saturday 27th September 2008 4:32 pm

I've been trying to be good recently and go swimming once a week. It fell down a bit when I had a cold and it won't happen while I'm in Canada (but all the walking I'll be doing'll make up for it). Along with that I've been trying to do more lengths each time and more lengths in a row and more lengths in a row of a particular stroke.

Today I got really excited because I suddenly managed to be able to do breaststroke putting my head under the water! Up till now I've managed to do three strokes before it all went wrong, but for some reason it just started working. After a length and a half I get tired and it starts to go wrong. And I don't get up as high as the Olympic swimmers, but I'm still very excited that I managed to do it at all.

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Swimming and writing
Saturday 1st September 2007 10:17 pm

I went swimming today with my prescription goggles for the first time. It's very weird being able to see. On the plus side, I can now swim back crawl in a straight line as there are lines on the ceiling I can follow. On the minus side, I can no longer swim front crawl in a straight line as the floor is not in the right place - it's far too close! The end wall is also far too close from underwater, so I keep stopping before the end.

I watched two episodes of The Dead Zone season 4. I had to watch the Previously as I haven't seen any for a couple of years (or whenever it was Channel 5 stopped showing them). I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it. I saw something about there being a sixth season, but as 4 has only just come out on DVD, it'll be a while till I get round to those, I think.

I finished the epic and sent it to beta! So now I have plenty of time for video watching. And thinking about what to write next. The things I have planned are:

  • A Doctor Who/Chalet School Austrian era crossover, where Sarah, an ex-Chalet School pupil is teaching at the Annexe for a year, and Harry, an old friend of Jem's has just started at the San. That, potentially, is going to be long.
  • Three & Jo and Seven & Ace in French Revolution France, with no sci-fi elements at all, because I love the DW historicals and wish they still did them. I need to read my French Revolution book before I start, though, because everything I know about the time I know from The Scarlet Pimpernel.
  • An AU Steven and Dodo thing where he leaves the Doctor at the end of The Massacre, but encounters Dodo anyway. I started thinking it would be short but the more I thought about it the more I thought I'd need to put in, so I don't know any more.
  • Something short at last - I thought that maybe Harry was once married, long ago before he joined UNIT, and the fic would explain how that came about and how come he's never mentioned it.
  • I still want to get back to some LOTR things I was working on before I got distracted by other fandoms. Ditto Atlantis.

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Saturday 13th January 2007 11:52 pm

I discovered today that cleaning is not a good way to follow swimming. The people in the flat above were having a disco again from 9 this morning, so I gave up on hoping my book actually starts soon (I'm only page 70) and decided to get up and go swimming. Once I was ready it all went quiet, of course. I haven't been swimming since November, so ow. It was the first time I've been to the swimming pool in Abingdon and I wasn't impressed. Mostly because the changing rooms were in the same area with no barrier, so they were boiling. I got out and was quite warm. By the time I was dry I felt ill because I was so hot. And I couldn't get my watch on.

But then I went to the big Tescos, which is laid out exactly the same as Reading and Tower Park, although I still went round the whole shop twice before finding the Free From section. I'm very glad I did though, because it was the best Free From section I've ever seen. I found things in there I'd given up ever seeing again. So I'm definitely going back.

Driving to Abingdon wasn't too bad, so once I actually have a free Thursday (and make sure I keep them free) I'll be going back to fencing, which I'm looking forward to.

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Superman swimming
Sunday 3rd September 2006 4:07 pm

I may have posted some Sarah/Harry sort-of crack!fic this weekend, namely:
Aliens Made Us Do It (So We Made The Doctor Talk Them Out Of It) and The Path of Irresistible Temptation Does Not Lead to Enlightenment

I went swimming with my sister again yesterday and don't ache too much today - we did stand in the showers in the changing room, stretching, which probably helped 🙂 I did do some playing about under the water, which I used to love but now seem to be crap at. For some reason all the water goes up my nose and hurts, but I think I am getting better at blowing bubbles through my nose without having to think about it, which is good. And also, the leisure centre is next to an Asda where the petrol is 4p cheaper than here!

Today I did some tin collecting at the Bunkfest, which is a local folk festival. I watched some Morris Dancers, of which there seemed to be many. They got a bt samey after a while. I also watched some dances that seemed to involve putting some long, bendy knives together to make a star. I have no idea what the point of that is at all.

I watched Superman II last night, in preparation for seeing Superman Returns on Thursday. I only got to see Superman last year (I'm a bit behind on this) and was assured that Superman II was better. And it was. Apart from a few things they just didn't seem to think of. Like how Clark was supposed to get back from the North Pole, in the middle of nowhere, when he's lost his powers. Or how come he gets them back - I kept expecting that to be explained but it never seemed to be.

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