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Manic Monday
Tuesday 12th October 2004 9:50 pm

I had a bad day yesterday. I was the first one up and discovered one of my landlady's cat had crapped on the kitchen floor. Despite there being two litter trays in there, and they had access to outside. I'm quite glad I still don't have my sense of smell back.

Then at Tae Kwon Do (I ache after that in parts of my legs I didn't know existed) I got kicked in the throat. Which is really unpleasant. It still feels funny when I swallow sometimes. That became the least of my problems when I got home, though, because I banged my head really hard on the underside of the stairs. My head still hurts, and I'm really hoping concussion won't kick in tomorrow.

And then I got to my room to find my video wasn't recording Spooks (so pressed record, but I had missed the first fifteen minutes). I had a play with it later and found it had recorded over Rosemary and Thyme (taped in case it was the episode they filmed here). Well, actually, the first ten minutes were there. Which I can't make sense of at all.

I had to tell people not to talk about Spooks today at work until I could see it. I did get round to watching the latest Enterprise. Which wasn't as bad as I feared. Still crap, of course, but it could have been worse. Possibly.

I'm also really tired because I keep waking up much earlier than I need to. It doesn't seem to make much difference what time I go to bed, I still wake up after seven hours - and usually at least once in the night as well. I can survive on seven hours sleep but not indefinitely. It's driving me mad.

And my cold's still lingering, which isn't helping my throat because it doesn't like being dry at the moment, but the not being able to smell is quite nice. Or would be if it wasn't for the fact that the only thing I can smell is cigarette smoke. Pleasant.

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Tuesday 18th May 2004 10:16 pm

I've been reading some of the stories at We Invented the Remix... Redux. It's interesting reading the remixed story and the original. Some of them are really similar and all that's changed is the POV. Some of the then are really different though - one has a long story off one scene and one I don't know how they got their remix from the original, they're so different.

This morning I woke up at quarter past six when my computer fan came on. At which point I realised I was hot too and opened the window. When I woke up again the fan had gone off. Last Wednesday I was trying to get to sleep when I could hear a loud humming. I remembered hearing it Tuesday evening but quieter. At which point I realised I'd plugged my printer in Tuesday to do some printing then forgot to unplug it. Which only goes to show how loud the transformer is.

I've also injured myself at Tae Kwon Do - I can't remember what happened but there was kicking involved and I bent back the three middle toes on my left foot. Which wasn't too bad at the time but they now hurt whenever I move them. I still managed to play tennis tonight, so I doubt they're broken. They did at least bend the way they were supposed to.

The most annoying thing at the moment is that I have nothing to do at work and loads to do at home. I've actually been quite dynamic tonight and have nearly cleared out my inbox (I have lots of folders, so they only e-mails in my inbox are ones I have to deal with).

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Flying penguin
Saturday 24th January 2004 10:10 am

Flying Penguin - My best is just over 300m. Someone in our office managed 320m though (you can see lots of work was done Friday afternoon).

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I managed to kill the bottom of my big toes at TKD last night. Tonight I'm off to Burns Supper, which is black tie. I can't walk properly wearing thick slipper socks and flat slippers. So quite how I'm going to manage heals I'm not sure. If I eat enough vodka jelly beforehand I'll probably be fine 🙂

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First and last lines
Tuesday 18th February 2003 10:59 pm

I really have nothing to write, my life is that boring. I now have a white thing (not going to even attempt to spell the Korean name) for Tae Kwon Do (where thing is trousers and jacket and belt). And I've washed it so its slightly less smelly. I've still not managed to post about The Bill on the forum. I've reached the point where I really have nothing to say. I've also reached the point I never thought I'd get to - I don't really mind if I miss it. When I tape it and don't get round to watching it things will be much worse. I did write a few bits about various people's fics at Henneth Annun though. Not terrifically constructive mind you. Wrote another fic that came to me in the night. Not good.

I've realised since seeing The Two Towers again that Aragorn's a really interesting character. And can I find fic about him as Estel? Well, a bit. Not much though. I saw a meme a while ago about first and last lines written in fic, so I did the 7 vaguely finished ones I could dredge up:

A Rainbow in the Dark (Star Wars TPM)
First - Obi-Wan Kenobi stood by the ship, waiting.
Last - Then, when he heard her voice in his head saying "Luke Skywalker", he knew what he must do and headed towards Tatooine.

A Child of the Jedi (Star Wars TPM)
First - Obi-Wan Kenobi didn't really feel like reading any of his lessons.
Last - I won't fail you, Master was the unspoken comment that passed between them.

Life, Love and Consequences (Star Wars TPM)
First - I'm not sure what I should be feeling any more.
Last - I just don't know whether I will succeed.

Confessions (Star Wars TPM)
First - "Anakin Skywalker progressing well, he is?"
Last - "Thank you, Master."

Trainspotting (the original) (Quantum Leap)
First - As Sam Beckett's senses returned after his leap in, the first thing that hit him was the smell.
Last - And he leaped.

Untitled (Stargate)
Frst - O'Neill screamed.
Last - I have never been able to decide.

Dropping Eaves (LOTR)
First - Samwise Gamgee slowly made his way around Bag End.
Last - Sam turned around to show his father, but of Gandalf there was no sign.

From that I can conclude that the first two are shite (I keep them around to remind me how much I've improved). There are different styles for different fandoms though, which is a good thing. I've written more based on TPM than anything else. Perhaps when I've finished the FOTR DVD I ought to go through the TPM one to get me back into it. AOTC never managed it, but then pretty much the only thing I'm interested in is Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. Two of them are first-person. I can tell Life is angsty from those two sentences! Only Confessions starts with a person talking and also ends that way to. That fic is pretty much purely a conversation though. When Farscape's finished I should watch some older stuff and try and do some of the epic. And the older post-DMD one too. Will have to watch some Zhaan stuff for that I think.

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Monday 16th December 2002 10:05 pm

Actually kind of bored tonight, as I didn't go to Tae Kwon Do because my asthma's not totally better and I didn't want to risk it. Tonight's Farscape was weird. According to TVQuick it was called Unfazed Reality. One word out of two ain't bad. It does set up the rest of this series to change. A lot. Not only do we have to wait two weeks to see it, but I won't be in for it. Or any of the rest as I leave for Tae Kwon Do after the first five minutes. But for this one I'm going to the Star Trek Adventure. Which should be quite cool. Or at least it had better be the amount of money they're charging for the privilege!

This site is so funny.

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Computers and work
Tuesday 15th October 2002 11:41 pm

Haven't written anything for ages! On Thursday I couldn't get online due to my modem/computer dying. I found out at the weekend it was the computer getting confused, poor thing. Then I've just watched loads of Alias really! Apart from Tae Kwon Do last night, which I am only now starting to hurt from. My stomach muscles, which I didn't realise I used ache, specially when I cough or laugh. Which is really helpful. I'm going to get a bruise on my arm where I blocked (sort of) a kick. And my left thumb really hurts, which is just weird.

Really annoyed that a nasty project at work got cancelled just as it was finishing. So I thought that meant I'd have a fairly easy week, as opposed to a bloody awful one. But no. Its actually meant more work. And whats more is that in a few weeks we have to do the entire thing all over again!

My landlady bought a new CD thing, so I've got hers. I didn't realise how many CDs I have. Mind you, two-thirds of them are videos. And I need to make some more as well. Really can't think about much past Michael Vartan at the moment. *sigh*

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Stargate and Alias
Sunday 29th September 2002 1:49 pm

The SG4 video was really sad, mainly because they played THAT song at the end. So then I went and found the What If video and realised I'd have to watch Meridian at least once for my essay. I think its because I haven't seen any Stargate with Jonas in for a while and I've only really read stuff with Daniel in. It would be cool if Corin Nemec was at SG5 though. Its only 4 weeks to go, which I can't believe. It still seems like such a long way away.

Went to Tae Kwon Do on Friday, which was hard, but good fun. Had completely forgotten until Sally rung yesterday that I was supposed to be going to Rotary tomorrow, so I won't be able to go to Tae Kwon Do. Have to take the Junior's Meeting tomorrow. Scary! I'm getting into Alias now. I just wish they wouldn't leave each episode on cliffhanger, then end it within 2 minutes of the next. Its just a ploy to get you to watch the next one, which if it was good in its own right, you would. We don't need to be treated like idiots who watch soaps. I am continually amazed at how nice Sydney's hair is when she's working undercover, considering how limp it looks any other time.

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Wednesday 25th September 2002 11:36 pm

Watched part of the SG4 video. I've only seen the opening ceremony, but I remember now how I lost my voice afterwards from so much screaming! I need 3 passport photo (I think thats what he said) for Tae Kwon Do, so of course I have 3, and there's no-where in Wallingford to get more. Watched 3/5ths of Buffy, because RealPlayer refuses to play part 4, which is really helpful.

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Davis Cup
Sunday 22nd September 2002 10:57 pm

Good weekend. We won! I got to see British players win a match for the first time! It was quite boring in comparison watching today's winning match, partly because doubles is more exciting - much quicker rallys, involving more volleying - but also because there was more doubt about the result. Although its quite hard to sit in those seats for 4 hours. Watching it on TV afterwards just isn't the same. Why didn't I do this years ago? I am so going back there for the next one (assuming I'm still it the country, February's could be away).

Then got to see the season premiere of Enterprise. Woo hoo! It was so good to see a new episode, and it was good. Watching the one on today, wasn't so good in comparison either. And I slept in till 10 this morning, which I've been wanting to do for ages, but haven't. It comes to something when you think 10 is a lie-in. I need to get less sleep during the week, and maybe I'm make it till lunchtime again.

Going to try Tae Kwon Do tomorrow night, assuming I leave work on time. Have to leave the house when Farscape starts, so I'll be in to press record. I have seen it twice already, so not really needing to see it again that much just at the moment. Specially after seeing new Enterprise, and new Buffy is this week too.

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