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Taggart cancelled
Thursday 12th May 2011 8:40 pm

Right at the end of the news on Radio 5 at 6pm on my way home, I heard that Taggart has been cancelled. The BBC report makes it sound hopeful that it will continue, but I can't tell if that's realistic or just STV trying to sound optimistic.

It's so annoying that ITV have now got rid of half the crime drama I watch. Admittedly, all the good crime drama is on ITV, but it seems like they're on a mission to get rid of all the good stuff they show, so they can show completely rubbish instead.

I really liked Taggart - it was different from the other murder mysteries. It was on after the watershed for a start, so it was always more horrid stuff. The thing that sticks in my memory was when Taggart was still alive and the victim was a man whose parachute cord had been cut. He'd fallen through a greenhouse and his head ended up on the other side of it to his body. It was the one time I remember Taggart being a bit not wanting to be near the crime scene too long, but the doctor was quite excited by the whole thing.

(Although ITV4 does show The Professionals and The Sweeney, which if I didn't have a job I'd totally be watching every day, but as it is I can't keep up. But it comes to something that you have to go and watch stuff from th$e 70s and 80s in order to get decent crime drama.)

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Cop shows
Thursday 1st May 2008 10:06 pm

I like cop shows. So it was quite annoying when someone mentioned Taggart last Wednesday, which made me remember that there was a random episode of it on last week. Two days before. But, I thought to myself, all will be ok because ITV have their own equivalent of the BBC iPlayer and 4oD. Or not. They do have it, they're just selective about what is on it. Which is to say you can watch all the crap they've put out in the past week, but none of the good stuff. Thanks ITV, that's really helpful.

I did remember to tape tonight's though. The trouble with Taggart at the moment is that the last few episodes have been on at random times and only an hour long. I remember when it took them three hours to solve cases. Then it got cut to two hours and I can't quite believe it's now one. The first one or two it was fine because it was a bit different. But now it's all got a bit simple and it's feeling a bit like The Bill in Scotland. Although tonight's did have a suitably gruesome murder.

In contrast, last Sunday was a random Midsomer Murders. There must be so many villages around Causton, all with murders and barking mad residents that it must be a small city by now. I missed some a while ago and I'm still a bit confused there's a new sergeant. The trouble with Midsomer Murders is that I have to cross stitch to it because it goes so slowly. It's completely mad though.

recommended State of Play to me, so I added it to the top of my amazon rental list and I really liked it. The cast list was crazy: John Simm (with a rubbish beard), Bill Nighy, Philip Glenister (with short hair and his normal accent - he sounds a lot like his brother), James McAvoy (Tumnus in Narnia), Marc Warren (he gets everywhere). It was quite interesting to see a murder mystery mostly from the point of view of a newspaper.

I kept recognising names of actors and the writer and when I looked them up I discovered it was State of Play I recognise them from because it gets mentioned a lot. I just never knew what it was about.

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Life on Mars and Taggart
Tuesday 15th January 2008 10:33 pm

I accidentally bought Life on Mars on DVD, but since it arrived while I was ill, I can't say it was a bad accident. I re-watched both series (and the extras) in five days. I always meant to re-watch it after knowing whether Sam was mad, in a coma or back in time. It's interesting to re-evaluate in that light. The last episode doesn't work at all, though. The first time it's a chance to wonder what's really happened to Sam and then be disappointed and then happy with the ending. But the second time you already know, so you don't have the same feelings about it at all.

I am looking forward to Ashes to Ashes a bit more now though. Gene Hunt's great and it'll be good to see him more. Mind you, it helps that I haven't seen any old episodes of The Bill. Ashes to Ashes won't need to be a cop show in the 80s, the same way it was a cop show in the 70s, because we already have it. Even if it's changed beyond all recognition.

On the subject, last week The Guardian had a conversation between the two writers and Gene Hunt.

Taggart was really good last week and I was disappointed to find it was only an hour long tonight (I remember the days when it took them three weeks at an hour a week to solve the murders - and you got half a dozen of them). However, even though it felt like it raced along, the end of it was so emotional I felt that it was just as well there wasn't more of it.

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The week’s TV
Sunday 26th March 2006 7:15 pm

I can't work out whether my room is hot or I am or both. I've worked out that I've got the sore throat bug, though. I've actually had a sore throat since Friday, it just took me a while to work it out. My brain's not quite working at the moment, unsurprisingly.

I'm all excited cos the Remix archive is up! I wasn't expecting it to be until after I went to bed. So far I've only checked that my story is there (it looks quite weird that thin!) and to see which of my stories has been remixed. It's slightly sad that I had to check back to my story to find out what the original was (see above re brain) but I'm really excited about what the remixer has done with it. I will give them more coherent feedback once I can work somewhere above 'squee'.

I have an idea for a B2MEM related post, that I will try and get in before the end of the month. But I decided to talk about the TV I've watched recently - because there's actually been some on!

I got round to Poirot last night. Usually they just do one at a time, at New Year, but there's another one tonight, which surprised me. I did enjoy last weeks but I was completely confused by the end. I don't know whether that was me or the program, though.

I watched Comedy Connections about Drop the Dead Donkey. It's been so long since I've seen any of it that I had forgotten loads of it. Like Gus's management speak. It must have been the first time I'd heard any of it. It was really interesting to learn all sorts about it as well. I'm really disconcerted by the way Neil Pearson doesn't seem to have aged at all.

Then there was a one-off drama called Best Man. Technically it was in two parts, I watched it in one (much better). I was a bit skeptical at the beginning because it seemed quite strange. It was about these two men who had a bit of an odd relationship. You saw how they became friends in flashbacks and their relationship was always a bit odd. The whole thing was pretty much about who was the more strange of the two. It was really good, though. Plus it had Zoe from Spooks and Jeff from Coupling in it.

I'm really missing the 'Mrs Peel, we're needed' bits from the beginning of The Avengers. Although that was probably because this week's wasn't that good. I'm still entirely confused what relevance the dog had.

And there was new Taggart, yay! And on a Wednesday, the most boring day of the week when there's never anything worth watching. I entirely failed to work out whodunnit, as per usual, but I did manage to start it just right, that I finished just after the actual program did, thus gaining me back 15 minutes of my life.

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New Year
Sunday 2nd January 2005 1:56 pm

A multi-part post. It's quite long, so it's interspersed with livejournal to make my life a bit easier.

Firstly, the New Years Resolutions.

2004 Resolutions

2005 Resolutions


New Year

On an entirely different note, I have discovered how to make my friends pages have no cut tags (as long as I'm logged in). It makes other peoples friends pages do the same thing and it's great! I don't read my friends page very often, but I do read other peoples (mainly because I can't quite be bothered to put them on my list) but it means I can actually read them!

I'm writing this in Semagic, which is great (I especially like the quick links thing) but I'm still going to have to put it into Blogger to spell check it, send it to lj, then change the links from cut-tags to actually links.

Oh, and happy new year everyone - may your 2005 be better than your 2004.

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