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TARDIS Big Bang recs
Monday 14th July 2008 9:21 pm

I have finally managed to read through all the TARDIS Big Bang stories and have a list of recs. I also liked all the art and vids, and commenting on art was a new thing for me because I never usually look at any of it. In order of author: Read more...

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Saturday 12th July 2008 10:55 am

I am determined to read all the TARDIS Big Bang stories, despite the rampant Americanisms in many of them, but there was one I read this morning which really made me laugh. I don't know that I could describe it as an Americanism, but it was certainly funny.

I once saw a story describe Mickey as African-American which remains the worst Americanism I've ever read (I mean, how can you not notice that you're describing someone British as American?), but this looks a lot like someone trying to transcribe that into British English and failing completely, when Owen describes Martha as Afro-European. Admittedly, the phrase is in Wikipedia but that doesn't make it any less nonsensical and it certainly isn't something Owen would say.

Although now I'm wondering how you could describe me using the same phrasing. Euro-European perhaps?

The second worst Americanism I've seen was when the Torchwood team drove down a highway in Cardiff.

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TARDIS Big Bang fic
Monday 16th June 2008 6:56 pm

The TARDIS Big Bang archive is live and my story is Sarah Jane of the Chalet School. Not only is it the longest thing I've ever written (by about 700 words), but there's also some fabulous artwork to go with it, done by better artists than me.

The story is Sarah/Harry and a crossover with The Chalet School, but it will make sense if you haven't read any of it. Either way, it is an AU with Sarah and Harry transplanted to the 1930s.

For reasons that will become obvious when you read it, when I played around deleting scenes and moving information around I had to change the point of view of one of the scenes. Virtual gold star to anyone who guesses which scene correctly. (Clue: It's not the prologue).

Edit: Because I entirely forgot to mention the fabulous art that's with it here, here and here.

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Big Bang story
Saturday 31st May 2008 11:06 am

I have submitted my TARDIS Big Bang story! Now, I know I had a life somewhere, I wonder where I put it....

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Sunday 20th April 2008 10:17 pm

I sat down this afternoon, with a print-out of my TARDIS Big Bang fic, and worked through it, editing. Four hours later I was done. Well, actually, I stopped for dinner, but it was four hours of actual work. Which is quite a long time. Now, though, I need to read my handwriting to write it up. And then go through it again.

But I'm slightly further on than I was before.

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Catching up
Sunday 13th April 2008 2:12 pm

I've been really busy this week working on my TARDIS Big Bang fic. There's a deadline on Wednesday that, on last Monday, I was sure I was never going to make. I thought I was never going to finish the thing at all.

But yesterday morning I finished the second draft! It did help that I reduced the number of chapters from 26 to 20, but now I'm feeling a lot more hopeful about it.

It's gone off for a plot beta, so I'm not going to think about it this week (I'm not in most of the week anyway) and I now have time to get some other stuff done that I've been meaning to. I did get quite a bit done yesterday, which was good. Although those were the quick things...

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Sunday 16th March 2008 11:40 pm

I had plans to do all sorts of things today, but then I got up at 11am, went out for lunch at 12pm and didn't get back till 4.30pm. However, I managed to post my story for the Ian/Barbara ficathon: At the Beginning so now my page with the list of all the fic I've posted on with the calendar at the top has an entry for 2008. It was actually quite nice to be able to post it without having to fiddle with the date - so much easier.

I've also been reading all the other stories posted, although they've all merged in my mind so I'll have to go back and work out if I'm going to review any for 's site.

I did also edit another chapter of my TARDIS Big Bang fic. It's now at 19,000 words and 22 chapters to go to finish v2. Might take a while.

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What I’ve been up to
Sunday 3rd February 2008 9:26 pm

I kind of feel like I've not been updating this much recently. I've been making an effort to get the first draft of my TARDIS Big Bang done. So far I've written 17 chapters of 26, for the best part of 13,000 words. I've been writing a chapter or two a night and I have to fit it round my back and the other things I have to do that involve the computer.

Last night was Burns Supper - albeit a week after Burns Night. Which was good, although it got a bit confusing with women pretending to be men in the celidh. Mind you, we were confused enough as it was, but then that's half the fun. I just wish I could still eat the haggis - it's very nice, as long as you don't think about what it is. I've remembered why I hate driving in High Wycombe - we got confused with two of us, navigating and my sat nav.

I'm quite liking the new printer. It does actually have a paper-out tray - it's the same as the paper-in tray, but has a divider in between so they don't get mixed up. Despite what I said I ended up getting one that's also a scanner, since it was only £30 and had good reviews. I'm still getting used to how to use it, but I like the way it does back to back printing.

I got Hot Fuzz from Amazon rentals because it seems like everyone at work has seen it. I think it's supposed to be funny. But it's just a bit of a bad parody really. So now I'm doing other things while it finishes, and I'm getting the gist.

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Reading, writing and watching Torchwood (without spoilers)
Wednesday 23rd January 2008 10:47 pm

I got the fright of my life watching Torchwood tonight, for which Torchwood itself was only indirectly responsible. While I waited for it to start, as it was a few minutes late again, I checked on my satnav where I'm going to my Rotaract meeting tomorrow night. But it couldn't find get a satellite, so I put it on the windowsill, which tends to help it. But since it didn't find one quickly I left it there till it did. And then forgot about it until 9.45pm when Tom Baker, in a very loud voice, suddenly said, "Turn right and then turn left."

I have finally started my TARDIS Big Bang fic! I have to have the minimum 20,000 first draft done by mid-March, so it was about time. I was just prevented from starting sooner by getting ill, then the past two days by everything else. But I have written two chapters of the 26 and have 2000 words. But since each chapter will be at least 1000 words I don't think the word count will be a problem, thankfully.

2 / 26 chapters (7.6%)

I have also decided to read my weight in books this year. I've recently read two trilogies:

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A new year
Wednesday 2nd January 2008 8:57 pm

Someone at work summed it up perfectly when he said that the Christmas holidays seemed like such a long time but once we went back to work it seemed like no time at all.

I did get lots of things done over Christmas, which was great. I feel all caught up now.

But then I had to come back. My upstairs neighbours are still away, which normally I'd be happy about, but it just makes my flat feel more quiet and lonely. And the evenings seem so long I don't know what to do with myself. Even though I'd had entire days...

I have started using Facebook to play games, if anyone wants to play any. I have just about everything disabled on it, but have discovered the RSS feed of my notifications, so I might actually know what's going on now.

I decided that I will resolve to leave the house every weekend regardless of whether I have anything planned or for how long. Or have someone round. So anyone who wants to come round at/for the weekend, or wants to meet up, I currently have a relatively empty diary and need to put things in it.

I also need to write a chapter per day on my TARDIS Big Bang fic - starting tomorrow, as I gave myself today off to recover from having to get up early and go back to work.

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Writing update
Sunday 2nd December 2007 4:32 pm

Just have to say first, Happy Birthday, Melli! Even though by the time you see this it'll be a day late.

I have been writing recently. I have a first draft of my Yuletide fic, although it is only 700 words and needs the ending changing.

Apart from that I've been writing Doctor Who. Since SJA started I decided I was going to write fic putting Harry in it, but I wanted to wait till it finished before I did. It was after Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? where I had an idea of Harry turning up after events in it. So then I wrote Strange Men and Old Girls. Although I put Luke in it and I had more fun writing him than the Sarah & Harry banter. But I just really like the idea of Harry and Luke together.

There's one I'm going to post tomorrow, if I can come up with a title, set during The Lost Boy. And one I've started and can't work out where to finish, involving Sarah/Harry, his uniform and a UNIT Christmas Party. And another I want to write involving Sarah/Harry, Luke staying at Maria's and pink fluffy handcuffs.

I also have a plan for my TARDIS Big Bang fic, which is putting Sarah and Harry into Chalet School (Austrian era). So it'll be Chalet School canon and Doctor Who AU, but staying as close to DW facts as possible. I have half a book to go then I'll have re-read all the Austrian ones. The first draft is due mid-March and the final thing at the end of May. So my plan is:

December: plan the plot and work it out into chapters, so when I come to sit down and write it it'll be a series of shorter bits rather than 20,000+ words. And using the technique I did on my script then hopefully it'll make it easier to write when I know exactly what's going to happen in each chapter.

January: write first draft

February: write second draft. On experience so far my second draft has always involved changing half the plot, and since my second drafts are pretty much page 1 re-writes, it'll be closer to the final thing for artists & vidders to work with

March-May finish it and get it betaed. With as long as possible for betaing.

If I get things done before then, that's great, but that's where I have to be by the end of each month.

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