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Lis Sladen in The Bill
Friday 13th May 2016 7:42 pm

Thanks to one of Network's sales, I have a whole lot of late 80s half hour episodes of The Bill on DVD. And I realised that one of them has Lis Sladen in it. In one scene. But I took screencaps aka photos of the telly. The quality isn't brilliant because it's from 1989 and goes a bit fuzzy when I pause it. Read more...

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Various things
Sunday 28th April 2013 5:54 pm

There are a few things I thought about talking about, but none of them really merit a whole post, so this is a post of little bits.

Diana Rigg is on Doctor Who next week! I am very excited. I might have to get my Avengers DVDs out and work out which episodes I haven't seen. Edit: Her daughter Rachael Stirling is also in it. Which meant nothing to me until Dad pointed out that she was the girl in Boy Meets Girl, and she was really good in that.

After thinking about giving up on Blockbuster they finally sent me The Bill series 2. Of the four episodes on it, it was the end of episode 3 that made me think I'd seen it before and halfway through episode four when I knew I'd seen it before. But I have no idea if I've seen the rest of series 2, so I'll just carry on (if they'll send it to me).

It's really annoying that it was so nice in the week and then the weather's been so crap this weekend.

I have my assignment for Not Prime Time. Not sure what I'm going to write yet, but I'm spending the week percolating it in my brain before I start. I have until Wimbledon to finish, which seems like it's a long way away, but it's really not that far.

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Sean Bean in The Bill
Monday 20th September 2010 8:23 pm

This weekend I was watching some of the publicity The Bill actors did the morning the last episode was shown. By publicity I mean appearing on things like GMTV. But they mentioned that Sean Bean was in episode 4 (back in 1984). It just so happens that I have that one on DVD and thought some of my friends list might be interested. So I have some screencaps. Read more...

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Farewell The Bill
Tuesday 31st August 2010 10:28 pm

I had intended to write a post about The Bill the night the last episode aired (in this country) and now I'm looking at a blank input box, I'm not sure what to write. I'm not sad, actually, possibly because the last episode wasn't as good as some we've had recently. Partly that comes of having everyone in it and it having a lot of Jack in a uniform (which I still can't get used to) and Neil Manson aka Dodgy DI (who seems to have had a personality change from dodgy to bland).

For anyone who hasn't got a clue what I'm talking about (which the Americans reading won't), The Bill is a cop show. Read more...

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Summary of my life
Wednesday 25th August 2010 8:50 pm

I keep thinking I should update, but then I have nothing to say. I feel like my life has nothing going on it at the moment. Or at least nothing interesting. Which I've just realised is a terrible lead in to this post, which is a summary of what I'm up to... Read more...

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The Bill
Wednesday 28th April 2010 8:10 pm

Although The Bill moved to Tuesdays, as far as I'm concerned, it's actually on at dinnertime on a Wednesday because I'm never in on a Tuesday.

So I've just watched last night's and not far into it I thought to myself that one of the main characters on it looked suspiciously like Lee Ross, who played Kenny in Press Gang. Much as I was tempted to skip to the end, I thought the easiest way to find out would be to look on the website. Except that this episode doesn't seem to exist! They list the last one as being on 20th April and the next one on the 4th May. Where did the 27th April go, I wonder?

I spent the episode trying to convince myself it wasn't him - the character he was playing was 10 in 1987 and without looking it up, I know Lee Ross must be older than that. But it was him. I was quite impressed I recognised him, but there's definitely something in the face that hasn't changed in twenty years.

I'm amazed at the moment at just how good The Bill is. So many episodes have me on tenterhooks it's almost like watching early episodes of Spooks, except instead of wondering if everyone's going to die, you're wondering if they're going to work out what happened and whodunnit. I can't believe they're cancelling now, when it's good again.

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The Bill picspam
Sunday 28th March 2010 12:25 pm

Just because PowerDVD and WordPress make it easy - a picspam of The Bill from Sept-Oct 1988 (Volume Two DVD). Read more...

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Robert Glenister in The Bill
Sunday 21st March 2010 8:48 pm

I've spent the weekend watching The Bill from 1988 and look who pops up - it's Robert Glenister. And I can do screencaps now I have PowerDVD! Read more...

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Press Gang on The Bill
Friday 5th February 2010 8:57 pm

I am trying to make more of an effort to post to Twitter and not just reply to people's comments. And post here too, but that requires fewer words, although not necessarily less effort. The number of drafts I've gone through in the past to get down to 140 characters...

Last night's The Bill was good as usual, and amazingly didn't make me feel really dizzy halfway through. And I think I've learnt the names of two of the PCs and I quite like Sgt Stone. I thought he was going to be dodgy, but perhaps not.

Anyway, last night there was a character on it playing the main character's brother, and I recognised his voice from somewhere, but couldn't for the life of me work out where. I thought that maybe he sort of looked familiar too, but couldn't pin it down and eventually decided I must be imagining it.

Except that then I realised where I recognised the voice - he was Colin in Press Gang. At which point he wasn't in a scene for absolutely ages, but the next one he was in, someone called his name, he looked up and the expression was pure Colin and I knew I was right, even before checking on the credits.

It was very surreal - out of the last four episodes of The Bill we've had Luke from SJA, Ianto from Torchwood and Colin from Press Gang. There is sadly no picture on the official website, and nor is there a video clip with him talking, but I managed to find a clip with him in. It's in this one at 00.00.48 where. And I have taken a handy screencap and annotated it: Read more...

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The Bill
Friday 8th January 2010 9:26 pm

I had a really surreal moment at the end of The Bill last night when, in the trailer for next week, I could have sworn I saw Tommy Knight (Luke in SJA, although I was too tired to remember the actor's name at the time). I contemplated rewinding - I don't watch live because I refuse to watch adverts. I've been on The Bill website a lot recently to try and learn some of the names because I don't recognise most of the regulars any more, so I know they don't have credits or tell you about the guest stars (not when they're not that big, anyway). But what I did find were more trailers and clear evidence that it is Tommy Knight 30 seconds into this video and a photo that tells me he's playing Greg. Although I am more excited that Terry was in it - I hadn't seen him yet, so I didn't quite believe the website when they said he was still in it.

I am enjoying The Bill at the moment, despite its lack of theme tune and pullover, and I am getting used to the incidental music. I can even name some of the new characters. Not that I can necessarily recognise them first off, mind you, even though they have their names on their uniforms these days...

I stopped watching in June 2005, I discovered from looking through my blog. And started again in October 2009. Thanks to the magic of YouTube I've been watching some old stuff and I can honestly that what I've missed has been utter rubbish, for the most part. And it's obvious from the synopses too, which consist of a lot of sentences about the character's personal lives back then. These days it's a couple of sentences about the crime, which is what I'm watching for. I don't mind them having personal lives, as long as it's a background to the crime and isn't the main focus.

Now I might go and put on an early half hour episode from the Volume Two DVD I got for Christmas and see who I recognise...

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The Bill
Friday 23rd October 2009 10:15 am

Last week I went to a quiz and one of the questions was who was Superintendent in The Bill. I was amazed to find it was Jack Meadows, although less so when I found out he took over when they went to once a week because I don't think they'll have got to those episodes in Australia yet.

So I thought I'd watch an episode.

I quite enjoyed it, although I was struggling not to fall asleep halfway through, but I think that was mostly due to me being tired. It was, amazingly, all crime. I can't tell you anything about the personal lives of a single person in it and neither was the case uncannily like something that had happened to one of the coppers. Mum told me it would be like that but I didn't believe her - I thought she was exaggerating! The only trouble was that it felt like a half hour episode that was stretched out to 50 minutes (I presume that's how long it is without adverts since they have so many these days and they're so long).

I had remembered that they'd said at the time that they were getting rid of the music, but I had thought they were replacing it. No. I still miss the days of the pullover, but at least the intro was short, even if it wasn't at the start (I hate the way British programmes are doing that - it gives you less time to sit down and get yourself sorted before it starts). I don't quite know why they felt the need to show shots of London where Sun Hull isn't even vaguely close to. I was a bit paranoid that they'd suddenly moved it to a part of London where they could show the well known landmarks, but they haven't, so I'm relieved.

My netbook was a big help because I could look up people on and work out their names as it went along. Well, I didn't need to look up Jack, Dodgy DI, Smithy or Roger. I just need to see an episode with Terry and Twiglet in and I'll have the set.

I wondered what they'd done with the DCI's office now that they don't have one. My question was answered when they showed various parts of the station and the only part I recognised was reception. They had a room with coloured tiles on the floor and flatscreen monitors on the wall! Admittedly the last episode of The Bill I watched was from 1985, but I only stopped a few years ago and it's moved on a lot from then. Their radios look a lot like my first mobile phone, which confused me at first.

I disliked the incidental music, which I knew was going to be there. It was only in a couple of places but I felt like they were trying to make me feel sympathy, which I already did, but I didn't need it hammered into me with the background notes that made it hard to hear what they were saying.

Overall, I think I'll watch some more. There's been a bit lack of crime drama in my viewing schedule recently, although I really ought to get some Old Bill on DVD.

In other crime related news, the episode of Midsomer Murders that's on next Wednesday had some scenes filmed outside my office featuring Jesse Birdsall dressed as Neptune(?) who had a dinghy covered in fish and lobster etc. Although my TV guide answers the question that bugged us as to what on earth was going on.

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Children in Need
Friday 16th November 2007 10:01 pm

Being tired last night and needing an early night was not a good start. When my day started this morning, it was dark. It wasn't really light until I left the house in the freezing cold, dressed in two jumpers and two pairs of trousers as well as other layers. It's not easy to get a pair of jeans with slim legs on over a pair of trousers with baggy legs. I'm very glad I did though, because at one point I had cold legs. At least it was the traditional cold weather for Children in Need and not pouring it down like it did last year.

Then I walked down to where I was collecting money from cars stopped at the lights on the bridge. For an hour and a half I had great fun attempting to get money from people. One bloke gave me a massive pile of coppers. Another gave me a bag of 5ps. As a result my bucket was really heavy - I am discovering muscles that ache when I lift my arms. It almost makes me wish for the American way of lots of notes. Towards the end people did mention how cold it was while they were looking for their change. By that time I was hot and looking forward to stripping down to a normal number of layers.

I have seriously not had enough sleep, though, so today has been such a struggle. But I saw Doctor Who on TV. Which I thought was a bit crap - it seemed to me like it was easy to tell you were watching something fictional. But perhaps it's tiredness - I'll watch it again on the website tomorrow. (I quite liked Peter Davison in Confidential, though).

The Bill doing the Rat Pack were very good. Although their behind the scenes thing was almost more interesting than their song! Of the four actors I only recognised two: Graham Cole (who I've met) and the one who plays Terry. I think the ginger one is the Super. No doubt all will become clear if I watch any of The Bill at Christmas - it was last Christmas that I watched an episode.

Now I'm just waiting for Sybil Fawlty on after the news. I've never seen Hotel Babylon, only trailers, but she's got to be good.

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Doctor Who stats
Friday 10th August 2007 3:17 pm

Some completely useless Doctor Who stats, in table form, that confirm that the First Doctor had more companions than any other Doctor and Jamie has been in the most number of stories.

This only includes the first seven Doctors. I've counted appearances in a story as being in all the episodes of that story - otherwise it gets hideously complicated with various of them disappearing for an episode. It does count every appearance, though, so The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors and The Two Doctors counts each of the Doctors and companions in it.

(For more completely useless statistics, I've also updated my list of The Bill regulars who have been in Doctor Who and Doctor Who regulars who have been in The Bill)

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Monday 4th December 2006 10:21 pm

I now have some furniture. My sister took me to IKEA yesterday in Wembley. Although the sat nav tried to direct us to the Tescos behind it instead. I now have a table and chairs and a couple of chests of drawers. Most of the rest will wait till January, although next weekend I'll be getting any last few bits from Wilkinsons amidst some serious packing as I'm not really going to be in much next week. I can't do too much now, though, because there just isn't the space for it.

I also managed to order myself a bed and headboard. It seems like just a small place mum found, but they were really nice to talk to, so I'm happy. Certainly more helpful than Comet, who declined my card because I hadn't realised that my billing address had to match my credit card now, rather than where it will be. It took twenty minutes to re-order my stuff. Helpfully they will only deliver sometime between 7am and 6pm and I can't pick the keys up until the estate agent opens. They are apparently going to phone me first but if it's before 9am there's not going to be much I can do! Although having said that they are delivering stuff that will fit in my card, so I suppose if the worst comes to the worst I can always get them to come round here.

Now I just need to organise myself with telling people I'm changing my address and setting up a standing order with the bank so my rent gets paid.

On a TV note, I watched Robin Hood on Sunday as mum told me Rene Zagger was in it. I missed the last ten minutes due to the electricity running out (so glad I'm moving to somewhere with proper electricity) so I had to ask dad how it ended. I don't feel that I'm missing anything by not watching though, I'm just not feeling inspired by it. And last night's Torchwood, was Ianto really suggesting what I thought he was suggesting?

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The Bill and Doctor Who
Friday 1st December 2006 10:26 pm

Only 7 months to go till everyone in England can go to the pub and breathe simultaneously! And not have to go home and wash all their clothes. Can't wait.

Now, it's a well known fact that just about every British actor has been in The Bill at some stage. And quite a few have been in Doctor Who too. So it shouldn't really have come as that much of a surprise to find that Roberta Taylor and Chris Simmons have done a couple of Big Finish audios. And Graham Cole was famously a Cyberman. So I had a trawl through various websites and ended up on the imdb and found all The Bill regulars (ie Sun Hill staff) who have been in Doctor Who and all the Doctor Who regulars (ie Doctors and Companions) who have been in The Bill. So I present to you a totally useless list:

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New Who DVD help
Sunday 12th November 2006 8:32 pm

I've been doing the monthly back-up of my computer and since The Bill finished before it did (OMG so exciting - even the camera got splattered with blood! Although I can't decide whether Roach & Galloway with guns is more scary than the fact that Roach had had at least one pint by then) so I thought I'd take a look at some of the extras on the Doctor Who series 1 DVD I had finally got round to buying.

So I thought I'd watch the one mentioning Captain Jack, which was on Disk 4. After about three hours of exciting menu animations and I'd died of boredom, I finally got to a menu. They have a cunning design with one TV screen on the tardis console where you can see episodes, play all or select scenes, and another TV with the special features and set-up (which presumably gets you to the commentaries). Only trouble is that I pressed every single button on my remote and nothing I did got me to the second TV. I could do it on the computer because you just click on the mouse on the relevant link but surely the extras aren't only available that way?

I was feeling tempted to buy the series 2 DVDs but not any more.

Does anyone know what the secret key press is to get to the extras?

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The Bill
Saturday 11th November 2006 10:10 pm

I watched Wednesday's episode of The Bill earlier, as it had Sylvester McCoy in it (which my mum completely failed to notice). I thought it was a bit mad when they said his character (Morris Shaw) was Glaswegian but then he did come up with a few words in a Glaswegian accent. It didn't seem to last though. I wonder if whoever wrote Jack's line: "You know more about time than Stephen Hawking" did it deliberately, or it was just a coincidence (the DCI was talking about time inside). No screencap as I wasn't in, so had to tape it on the video and I can't get a decent photo off the telly. He is in the second picture down but wearing the George Bush mask (having just robbed a betting shop - his partner in crime was Tony Blair).

I actually quite enjoyed the episode. The crime parts were quite interesting, the soap parts I didn't care about. And they introduced a new character with a police-related thing about her. So now we know what sort of copper she is and incidentally a bit about her background, rather than the other way round. There seems to be a particularly dodgy between the new ginger super (so glad I knew what his rank tabs meant) and some bird who I can't work out who she is since her rank tabs don't fit into the usual station ones, so I don't know what they mean.

From reading the forum it sounds like this one was unusually good, and since the crime still seemed short enough to fill a half hour episode, I don't think I'll be going back to watching it on a regular basis. But I might watch it when I'm home at Christmas and mum has it on. I was quite excited to see Mickey in the new episode trailer, though.

My new flat is almost definite. The website now has it under offer and it's just waiting for a credit check, which since the only debt I've ever had are my student loans, I know I'll pass. Current plan is to have any essential furniture delivered on the Saturday (which one that ends up being since that's still TBC) and clean, then move in on the Sunday. Then once I've worked out what I need and what I have space for, then organise other furniture.

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Writing, books, icons, etc
Sunday 5th November 2006 8:54 pm

I keep forgetting to say that I've posted the latest chapter to my prebaby fic: Doctor Who: The Soap Opera, Chapter 2: Doing the Deed, in which Sarah dithers about whether to go through with the abortion and Harry is no help at all.

My pico project is now at 1359 words, which is pretty good, and my SG ficathon is on draft 2. It's 2000 words and not likely to go longer than that. It doesn't help that the characters don't want to do what I want them to. I'm also trying to discover how risque I can go. At the moment it might just about be PG-13, so we'll see.

I forgot to say that yesterday I popped into the charity shop and found someone has obviously been getting rid of their Chalet School books because another 50p got me two books, each of which are two books in one. So once I've read all the ones I have sitting around here I'll have read the first fourteen. And I think Joey will have left by then, which is quite weird to think about.

If you're reading this in LJ you'll see I have a new default icon of Spooks, which fileg made for me. After this one's been aired a bit I'll change my default to the other Spooks one she made, which is just as fantastic.

I discovered how to get a screencap - take a photo. So, I can now prove Caroline John was in The Bill in 1985: Read more...

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Various things
Saturday 4th November 2006 9:49 pm

No idea whether this will actually cross-post given that LJ doesn't seem to be working at all half the time and very slow the other half.

I've driven quite a bit in the past couple of days. I went to Tescos yesterday, then to Sainsburys today - in the light, which is so much easier to drive in. Except that there was traffic which phases me a bit. I was quite impressed that I managed to get a new dressing gown for £6.40 (QS were having a 20% off day in the children's section).

I was good and added to my PicoWriMo thing. I was quite impressed that I managed to do 354 words, until I realised that by today I should have done 668 altogether. Never mind.

I just watched The Bill. It was so weird to see June Ackland smoking. It was a lot like Life on Mars with people smoking in the canteen and the parade room. I didn't think 1985 was that different to now, but since I was only 6 at the time, I don't really remember it that well. The story was of a missing girl, who was actually two years older than me! Brownlow scares me, looking thin. I can cope with everyone else looking young (although Cryer doesn't seem to have changed at all) but that's just weird.

On top of that, Norman Lovett was in it, pre-Red Dwarf. And there was a woman at the end whose hair and voice made me think she was familiar. I just remembered to watch the credits in time to discover she was Caroline John, who played Liz Shaw in Doctor Who. I had a cunning plan to take a screencap of it but it doesn't seem to work, I have no idea how people do it because it doesn't work in my DVD player or Media Player.

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Science fiction
Thursday 2nd November 2006 8:25 pm

My parents spotted a trailer for Science Fiction Britannia on BBC4, which made my mum all excited because Paul Darrow was in it. I think Blakes 7 is probably one of the few programs where I can talk about the character's names, rather than the actor's and mum knows who I'm talking about. Well, except for Twiglet, and Hywel 'rhymes with bowel'.

I had a newsletter email from The Bill who were keen to tell me of all the love affairs going on at Sun Hill. I imagine there's some police work going on as well but it's certainly not mentioned. It did say, however, that Sylvester McCoy is going to be in episode this month. So I might end up watching that one. No idea when yet (they've re-done the website and it confused me, which didn't help) but I'm sure mum will spot him in the next episode trailer.

I took my car to the garage this morning and had to scrape the ice off my car, for the first time. Which was hard work, I had no idea. On the plus side, I have a new AC adaptor for my computer and it is now happy. They didn't seem to think it was a good idea to put my name on the package though, nor did they understand that when I told them. I'm actually quite looking forward to getting a new computer in a couple of years time, just so I won't have a Dell one any more.

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