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Swimming and writing
Saturday 1st September 2007 10:17 pm

I went swimming today with my prescription goggles for the first time. It's very weird being able to see. On the plus side, I can now swim back crawl in a straight line as there are lines on the ceiling I can follow. On the minus side, I can no longer swim front crawl in a straight line as the floor is not in the right place - it's far too close! The end wall is also far too close from underwater, so I keep stopping before the end.

I watched two episodes of The Dead Zone season 4. I had to watch the Previously as I haven't seen any for a couple of years (or whenever it was Channel 5 stopped showing them). I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it. I saw something about there being a sixth season, but as 4 has only just come out on DVD, it'll be a while till I get round to those, I think.

I finished the epic and sent it to beta! So now I have plenty of time for video watching. And thinking about what to write next. The things I have planned are:

  • A Doctor Who/Chalet School Austrian era crossover, where Sarah, an ex-Chalet School pupil is teaching at the Annexe for a year, and Harry, an old friend of Jem's has just started at the San. That, potentially, is going to be long.
  • Three & Jo and Seven & Ace in French Revolution France, with no sci-fi elements at all, because I love the DW historicals and wish they still did them. I need to read my French Revolution book before I start, though, because everything I know about the time I know from The Scarlet Pimpernel.
  • An AU Steven and Dodo thing where he leaves the Doctor at the end of The Massacre, but encounters Dodo anyway. I started thinking it would be short but the more I thought about it the more I thought I'd need to put in, so I don't know any more.
  • Something short at last - I thought that maybe Harry was once married, long ago before he joined UNIT, and the fic would explain how that came about and how come he's never mentioned it.
  • I still want to get back to some LOTR things I was working on before I got distracted by other fandoms. Ditto Atlantis.

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The Dead Zone and Pizza
Wednesday 1st June 2005 10:49 pm

I discovered today I didn't quite manage to tape The Dead Zone last night. I already missed one episode when they stopped and started it, three while I was away, and one because it was the second part of a two-parter just after I got back. But it's a good programme, so it's annoying.

I've got into the habit of checking what time it's on on Tuesday evening and setting the video up. I checked yesterday after I watched Saturday's Murder in Suburbia, and I was slightly amazed to find it was actually on at the same time as last week.

I definitely heard the video turn off last night so I knew it taped. At 8 o'clock my video came on and I ignored it, having checked the TV guide to see there was no Bill because of football. But being paranoid I checked, just in case. And noticed the football said AC Milan vs Liverpool. Now, I have no idea who Liverpool played last week, and I'm not 100% certain it was on Wednesday, but I thought it was unlikely there would be another big match on the following week. So I gazed up to the top of the page and the date said 26th May. Yes, I have binned this weeks TVQuick and kept last weeks. D'oh. On the plus side, nothing much changes from one week to the next.

I then tried to find out what time The Dead Zone was actually on last night, just in case it was the same time as last week. Which was made slightly harder by me thinking it was on Channel 4 and looking on their website. And the Radio Times website kept trying to stop me doing anything by just generally being crap. The practical upshot is that I've missed the first twenty minutes - ie about half of it. Bugger.


I went to the new Waitrose today and decide they're not as crap as I first thought. They now have a free from section, pink grapefruit (ie red before they swapped the names) although bigger and twice the price), cheezely (although don't know if it's nice or nasty yet) and I managed to find decent carrots in there for the second time ever. So I am relatively) only relatively because their fresh fruit & veg are crap and their bread is tasteless. Although it was a bit surreal when I realised the other day that I have no idea where the milk is. Mind you, I can never remember where the bread lives because they've hidden it at the back of the shop - if you walk along the front you can't see it at all.

I also got ingredients to make myself pizza and garlic bread at the weekend. Which I'm looking forward to because I've really missed pizza.

I have two free tickets to The Allergy Show on 19th June in Olympia. I might work on trying to convince my mother to go, although I suspect she'll just complain about the train prices (and rightly, I have to admit) but does anyone want the other? I accept bribes in the form of dairy-free food.


The other day I watched a clip of Doctor Who in the eighties on the BBC Doctor Who site, which consisted of clips, info and half an hour of 80s music. Which was great! I was pretty much oblivious to the 80s the first time round but I love 80s music. And talking of 80s, for some reason I keep getting Sylvester McCoy and Tony Robinson mixed up. Having watched Doctor Who and Blackadder on the same day I don't know why but I've always done it. I have the sneaking suspicion that it's just me.

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