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Windmills and Doctor Who
Tuesday 6th August 2013 6:06 pm

As often happens when something big goes on in Doctor Who, I wasn't around for the big announcement - I spent the weekend in a windmill. Which as fun except that I was looking forward to my sister having kids because I could enjoy the good bits and not get involved in bodily fluids, screaming or sleeplessness. But then two of my friends there have two boys aged 7 & 6 and they make me think that I'd need my sister's kids to be at least 10 before I'll go near them. But she's not getting married until Doctor Who's 50th anniversary, so I have a while to wait anyway.

(Cutting this for Twelfth Doctor spoilers, in case anyone's living under a rock) Read more...

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A catch-up
Sunday 30th September 2012 10:13 am

Every day this week I've got into work, thought I've not got much on and ended up being really busy. So by Friday when I went to see Alan Davies I spent the second half alternating between laughing and yawning.

This week I'm hoping won't be as busy as I'm out three nights in a row. And then I get to spend Friday avoiding the internet so I don't see any Red Dwarf spoilers.

But I did find the time to do my Yuletide nominations (Sarah Jane Smith audios, Sadler's Wells, Big Finish: Counter-Measures). But what I'm most looking forward to in this year's Yuletide is being able to write Treats and offering to write fandoms that I'd have to do some research in before I write because there's actually time to do that this year.

Last night I thought I was awake enough to stay up and watch The Thick of It. Although I still managed not to get to it before the PVR started taping it. And then when I watched it I thought it had started a minute early and when I came to watch it on the iPlayer I found I'd actually missed the first seven minutes. It did make so much more sense once I'd watched the first seven minutes (especially the reminder of what happened two weeks ago).

Edit: After a few minutes work I now have an entirely appropriate Thick of It icon The Thick of It
although that text looks better on my computer. What's that font that looks good at size 6?

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The Thick of It
Sunday 23rd September 2012 8:18 pm

A week late, but here is Malcolm describing Ollie's favourite film in last week's The Thick of It (for Malcolm the swearing's quite restrained: he only uses the f word three times).

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