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Names are important
Monday 12th December 2016 8:25 pm

This is the post that I haven't had time to write, but have been reminded about by The Librarians and reading a whole lot of Stargate Atlantis fic for SGA Secret Santa.

Names are important. What names people use to call each other, more so. This was interesting when I was in LOTR fandom and read and wrote Aragorn, aka man of many names. For the first two years of his life he is Aragorn. For the next eighteen he is Estel. After that it all gets a lot more complicated. Read more...

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Parent & child relationships
Sunday 18th November 2007 3:11 pm

I've been meaning to write a post about this for ages. With the stuff I watch or read, I keep finding parent & child relationships where they're not actually related (or at least, don't have that direct relationship) fascinating. I've got a perfectly normal family going on, so there's no psychological reason like that, I just like it.

1. In your fandom(s), what are your favourite parent/child relationships? (biological or non biological parents and children) Why?
so I thought I'd answer here, rather than in a comment.

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Who I want to be when I grow up
Wednesday 15th March 2006 8:34 am

Recently, Nilmandra had a post about characterisation, and in the comments I talked about liking characters I want to grow up to be, or at least some aspect of their personalities I'd like to have. I've also talked with Sel on various occasions about characters we want to grow up to be. So I thought I'd list some.

Ros Henderson (Bugs) - Quite aside from the fact that she was played by Jaye Griffiths, who I loved in The Bill (which was the whole reason I started watching Bugs in the first place). Ros is really intelligent - there's nothing she can't do with computers and gizmos. If there's something electronic you need doing, she's made a gizmo to do it. She also knows a lot of science, which isn't a surprise. She's also good as a spy-type, not easily scared, can think on her feet, and can fight if she needs to (even if she's not quite as good as the boys).

Ace (Doctor Who) - Ace was the person I wanted to grow up to be when I was little. I'm still not sure I don't. She had that whole cool-thing going on where she didn't like school and was a bit of a rebel. But she was good at chemistry (especially when it came to explosions). She was also a useful person - she made friends easily (it seems to be a bit of a pre-requisite in a companion, or perhaps it's just spending all that time with only The Doctor for company), she could go and investigate stuff on her own and she wasn't easily frightened.

I've just recently listened to Big Finish's Live 34, in which Ace seems to be about my age. It's interesting that they've had her growing up, so she's less of a rebel, more independent when it comes to being someone The Doctor can rely on to go off on her own and do something useful (even if she hasn't quite lost her taste for explosions). Even if I'm not quite sure I want to be the Ace from the TV series when I grow up, I definitely want to be the Big Finish's version.

CJ Cregg (The West Wing) - She's the character everyone loves and it's not hard to see why. I'm finding hard to say why, though. She's good in a crisis, always has a witty put-down, has a good relationship with the press and other important people, is really intelligent about lots of things, especially political stuff. She also really cares about people both her friends and people that are affected by decisions the president makes. But she's also human - I really like the old days when she was still Press Secretary and she and Carol used to discuss how good-looking any man that had a meeting with her was.

Beth March (Little Women) - I think it was on the BBC's Big Read that I heard it said that everyone's favourite character from Little Women was Jo. That would be everyone except for me. As much as I loved Jo and her tomboyish ways, I liked Beth more. Beth was almost too-good-to-be-true perfect - she always put others before herself. Not that the other girls didn't, but sometimes they needed to be prodded into it. Beth always did it off her own bat.

Emma Peel (The Avengers) - I saw a quote on a website somewhere saying that one of the reasons The Avengers was so successful was that all the blokes wanted Peel and wanted to be Steed, and all the women wanted Steed and wanted to be Peel. Emma Peel kicks arse. She can hold her own in a fight and when it comes to brains she's really clever. She's always ready with a witty comeback and she's seriously not easily scared.

There are probably others that I've forgotten. But who do you want to be when you grow up*?

* Actual growing up not required

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You can’t make it up
Wednesday 2nd November 2005 11:34 pm

Which is entirely true, but sadly, I can't write it. I might put it in a friends-locked entry, though.

In brighter news, Blunkett has resigned; there's a new spoof news program on BBC2 Monday nights that is quite funny, and has Claudia Christian in it, plus some other people I recognise but can't remember the names of; I don't have to go back to work till Wednesday; I have chocolate spread that doesn't have vanilla in and is in date.

On the bad side, every Green & Blacks chocolate I looked at has vanilla in. It's probably not enough to make me ill, as long as I don't eat too much in one go. Hmm. I went ice-skating last night, which turned out to be ice-dancing night, so there were quite a few really good people about trying to trip us up. But apart from that the ice was quite empty, which makes it much easier to skate. I'm surprised how many people have been to Ice Trax at Tower Park.

I watched Rome tonight. Or more accurately I watched the first half hour while putting my Australia photos in my album, at which point I couldn't take any more and ended up watching The West Wing instead, which was good. I'm starting to get quite bored of the election though, I wish they'd just get it over and done with already.

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The West Wing and Spooks
Thursday 27th October 2005 10:18 pm

I've been quite good this week at catching up on things, although that did mean spending an hour this evening catching up on e-mails! I even wrote a drabble for tolkien_weekly: Rivendell Revisited. I don't remember the last time I managed one of those!

This weeks West Wing, that I watched on Tuesday, was excellent. There was a great bit at the beginning where there was a good few minutes with no talking, no music, nothing. I want to know what CJ and Toby were thinking during that time. I was nearly crying at the end, when CJ was too.

And then tonight's Spooks (which I've actually been in for, as it's half term for guitar lessons as well as for the schools) was really good. I wasn't expecting anything much, just a bit of [censored] moping, but I was pleasantly surprised. And nearly crying at the end of that one as well.

And it's nearly time to watch The Thick of It live!

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Friday 3rd October 2003 8:21 am

I've just taken a survey about Blogger. The last question they ask is whether you live in the US. The second to last question is household income - in dollars. Well, that is helpful. It's just as well I know that college means university as well, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to answer the education question.

Anyway, I was really here because I don't have to leave for work for 20 minutes and I've been ready to go since 10 to 8. Which is when my alarm goes off. I keep waking up at 7am and it's doing my head in now. Except for tomorrow, which is roughly when I have to get up.

I'm now simultaneously watching The West Wing series 3, 4 and 5. Yes, I am confused. But then I'm confused watching one at a time anyway, so no change there then. I have an episode of Dead Like Me that I'm sure worked fine when I checked it at work yesterday on an old version of media player. Here though, I've tried media player, three versions of DivX player and real player and it won't show me a picture. Which really doesn't make sense.

I have to say though how funny Wednesday's Teachers was. How married are Kurt and Brian (or is it Briony) 🙂

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Weight, The West Wing, Stargate, Red Dwarf
Wednesday 20th August 2003 7:19 pm

So many things to talk about, so little time...

I don't understand this dieting thing and I suspect I never will. To people trying to lose weight, then good on you and good luck. I certainly couldn't do it, I don't have the willpower. I looked through the Weight Watchers book of food the other day. They didn't have most of the stuff I ate in it and it was so hard to find anything but doing some converting I reckon I eat 17 points a day. You're supposed to eat 22. I should be a stick by now.

The West Wing
Watching the episode on Sunday and the one on Tuesday I ask myself where's all this Josh/Donna coming from? Okay so simultaneously watching season 2 I can understand but why am I reading it? It's a lot like Sam/Jack with the forbidden romance thing. And there are only so many ship cliches I can cope with. I think I've exhausted Jonathan/Martha for a bit, I might have to go back to Clark/Lex (or maybe try Chloe/Lana now that I've seen it). I had an idea for a Smallville fic as well which is a very bad idea given that I don't have the time, haven't seen all the episodes and haven't seen any of the Superman films all the way through. I think I've only seen the odd episode of Lois and Clark all the way through as well.

Avenger 2.0 - I liked it. It wasn't perfect but it was good.
Space Race - I thought I dislike it when I heard what it was about (okay, saw the title) and I was right. It would have been nice to have been surprised though.
Birthright - Why am I not surprised that Chris Judge wrote himself a snog?

Red Dwarf
I love Red Dwarf. Series 1 to 6 anyway. I couldn't help thinking about how bad VII and VIII were on the way home. Please let the film be good. When it eventually (ever) gets made.

I keep forgetting how fast the internet is when you're not downloading anything. It'll seem so much faster when I go home this weekend. Not when I'm downloading though .

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Lots of The West Wing
Saturday 2nd August 2003 7:50 pm

Ahh, the ever-cynical and sarcastic speechwriter. Gutsy and not afraid to speak up or clash with authority, his dry wit is amusing. But under it all he's just a big teddy bear... and the world's biggest Yankees fan.

:: Which West Wing character are you? ::

Yes, I have watched 25 episodes of The West Wing in a week. In my defense I did buy the season 1 box set because it was cheap. And because I had a virus that isn't even going round. Which is quite impressive even for me. I'm now trying to catch up, update my site and try not to watch the three episodes of Smallville and one of The West Wing I've downloaded.

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