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Emails, Rotaract and TV
Wednesday 2nd August 2006 7:26 pm

I've been trying to keep on top of my emails this week, yet they never seem to go down much. There's a few people I've been meaning to email for months and still haven't got round to.

I was going to say that I've done Rotaract stuff every night this week but since last night's consisted of going down the pub, that probably doesn't count.

I have spent most of the day keeping up with a thread on sarahjane_fic about a rumour for a Sarah Jane spin-off that was in the Outpost Gallifrey news feed this morning, so that kept the day interesting. I do seem to be working my way through friending most of the members of the comm, though, which I'm trying to keep down because otherwise my Feeds list just gets out of hand.

Tonight, though, I am having a TV night. With emailing and Rotaract stuff in between. Tonight they're repeating the first part of Three Men in a Boat that I didn't see the first time round. The second part I watched because they went through the town I live in. It's almost appropriate it's being repeated because in the book the only disease he doesn't diagnose himself with is housemaid's knee, and mine is playing up at the moment for no particular reason, and really isn't liking stairs.

I remember in an interview Tom Baker said he hated having to kneel down to K9 because he didn't want to get housemaid's knee. Which leads me nicely into the other thing I'm watching tonight which is the Hand of Fear DVD commentary, in my amazon rentals 'due out on 25th July month'. The other two DVDs in the month are Drop the Dead Donkey series 4, the first one of which turned out to feature the one episode I remember - where Dave pretends to be Helen's girlfriend because she doesn't want to tell them she's gay. But now because I've seen earlier stuff, and in order, I know what else is going on because Dave is in love with Helen.

I was thinking at some point this week I might do some writing. Um, maybe tomorrow.

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Lactose overdose
Thursday 5th January 2006 8:55 pm

I should have known today would be a bad day. I had to go to bed early last night because I was just so tired from the shock of having go get up early (I'm so glad there's only one day left this week - all weeks should be four days long). This morning I woke up after a bad dream. There was something at the end where I was abandoned my by friends and suddenly went from a busy street in the light to a quiet one in the dark which had no streetlights at the end, which scared me no end. I hoped to go back to sleep and have a nicer dream but my alarm went off an minute later.

Then when I got to work I felt ill - I must have had a bit too much lactolite (low-lactose) milk with my Coco Pops. So I spent my first hour at work doing not much apart from trying to take my mind off it and not throw up. I haven't really got the cotton wool out of my head the rest of the day.

I have to watch Three Men in a Boat (or Bota as dad's email put it, his typing being crap) because they are passing through Wallingford tonight. I didn't watch the previous one because I haven't read the book (I'm sure I've tried though) and I'll just end up feeling guilty about it. I think my dad has tried to get me to read it, but my sister did instead, so they have conversations about it, in which I have no idea what they're on about.

Mind you, me and dad had a whole conversation about the laptops on Atlantis (they're like mine) and the tablet PCs (he has one) and the computers on Stargate they use as TVs. My mum and sister thought we were mad. Possibly they're not wrong.

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