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Time Trax
Thursday 8th April 2004 12:48 pm

I was watching Time Trax the other night and I felt sure I recognised one of the people in it. I had almost convinced myself I was imagining it but when I looked on the imdb it turns out he was Fe'Tor in Scratch n Sniff. The part that made it even more surreal was that he was also in another episode. In that one I kept wondering why one brother (the bad guys were two brothers) stood out more than the other.

According to TV Tome the next episode I have to watch has someone in it called Lani Tupa - they do mean Lani Tupu (Crais). Later one, Wayne Pygram (Scorpius) will turn up, assuming I recognise him without the make-up. And then going to different programmes - Jeri Ryan and Ronny Cox. I'm kinda hoping Ronny won't be playing the bad guy because I won't be able to believe him - since meeting him I don't believe Kinsey is bad any more. But maybe it'll be a question to ask him at SG8 - I bet not many people have asked him about his time in Time Trax.

And interestingly, Jonathan Glassner wrote the alien episode.

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Time Trax
Saturday 3rd April 2004 9:46 am

I almost can't believe it's been so long since I posted in here - but then it's been practically the same length of time since I did anything except work, sleep and watch videos. I think I must have done about three weeks work in the space of two - most of that in the week before last when I did 57 hours (a normal week a 37.5). I was so tired after that - and still am, but it's getting better. I really don't understand how some people manage to do that all (or most of) the time. I actually don't remember most of it, I was too tired to think.

I have been watching Time Trax though. I remember it being on about 1994 on ITV, and the only reason I saw all of it was because we could get two ITV regions. Although I definitely remember watching one where I couldn't see any of the dark bits because it was raining. When I say I saw all of it though I'm talking about the first season. I don't think I'll be convinced there is a second season until I see it though.

It's quite strange watching it, because it was set in 1993 and made then. So it now looks really old - their computers all use floppy drives (3 inch and 5inch!) which, of course, no-one uses any more because there are so many more better ways. In general it's not been as good as I remember it being, whether that's because I was about 15 when I originally saw it and I've grown up (a bit!) since then or because I remember it, I don't know.

The best (worst) thing was the British episode. Now, it was made in Australia but the main character was American and certainly at least some of the guest stars were. So it was probably more American than Farscape but even that can't excuse the mess they made of that episode. Consider the evidence:

* Dodgy accents - there was not a single one that was believable. The best part was that the next episode featured someone who sounded genuinly english (with a London accent), although they did describe his accent as cockney (it wasn't anything like cockney)

* Some of the words and pronounciation: we'd never say transportation (it's not really a word here, we'd use transport), and data is never pronounced darta (or datta or dada). The word cop is becoming more popular but ten years ago we'd certainly say copper.

* London is always foggy. Even when it's nice enough not to wear a coat during the day. I don't remember the last time I saw true, proper fog like that. Mist is common in the mornings in winter but not night fog. And not in the summer.

* Newspaper stand at Gatwick. Did they ship that over from America or something? Admittedly I've never been to Gatwick but I'm willing to bet they don't have American newspaper stands there.

* Red telephone boxes. I remember those, they're a lot better than the BT ones which don't go down to the floor and mean you get a draft round your ankles. They're older than ten years though - one of the things people always comment about in Wallingford is the red phone boxes here.

* Barmaid comes to table to offer drinks. No, no, no! I think I only went to one bar in America and that seemed so odd. That's how it works in restaurants but that's different. In a pub you go to the bar. No exceptions.

* Soccer jacket. One of the characters had an American football style jacket because he was on the police football team. The only sports club at uni to have those style jackets were the American footballers but I can give them the benefit of the doubt here on the basis that means they must be available in some form so why not football as well. Except that on the back was the word 'soccer'. There's no such sport, it's called football, always.

* No cars on the streets. This is London, there are always loads of the things. Always. Why he didn't just use the tube, I don't know. Which brings me to another point. In episodes before and after this one they establish Darien can't get to grips with a 'stick shift'. He seemed fine in this one though. They also did the obligatory driving on the wrong side joke (they did it in the Australian episode as well).

* They should have watched The Bill. What I mean is they had two uniform sergeants investigating a serial killer. It's fine for them to be on the scene (although you'd expect PCs rather than sergeants). A serious crime like that, that would take time to investigate would be done by CID. In this case specifically what would now be MIT, it might have still been AMIP at that time. In their defence they were from Scotlan Yard rather than the local nick.

* I thought I'd just mention the stock footage they used of the Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge just to prove to us they are really in London. I suppose you can't really blame them for that but it wasn't set anywhere near there!

So glad I've got that all off my chest now.

This last week I had a couple of training courses. The woman was talking about people being visual, auditory or kinasthenic (sp?) (ie the other senses). I was sitting there wondering what I was, as was everyone, then she pointed out the K people tend to fiddle with stuff - I'd been playing with the executive toys the entire day and a half (in all fairness I wasn't the only one). But then we did an exercise to find out which we were and I used lots of practical words, which supported the theory. And I don't understand/remember stuff until I do it. Which is all true. So I learnt that at least - no comment on any other practical uses of the training 🙂

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