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Sunday 12th March 2017 1:50 pm

I've been busy, no surprises there. But after being out three nights, playing with Missy when I've got back and not going to bed until late, then waking up annoyingly early on Friday, I ended up too tired to do anything yesterday (and Friday). So I did the two things I had to get done this weekend and then just read, watched some TV and dicked about on the internet. It was nice. I'm looking forward to two weeks time when I have four weeks off where I only go out twice on weekday nights. Of course I'm then busier at the weekends, but that's not nearly as tiring. Although on the nights I'm in Missy gets up after dinner (if I'm lucky, sometimes it's during) and that's my evening gone.

Although Missy hasn't forgotten about her desire to live in the sofa. She's just got more crafty about it. She doesn't fill her pouches up so much before attempting to run to the sofa and avoid me catching her. I have got similarly crafty and wait until she's busy stuffing her pouch (rather than chewing) and attempt to catch her. I am amazed what big pieces of cardboard she can fit in there. In her cage she absolutely stuffs her pouches full of bedding, so then I don't let her out. After a while she empties one and I still don't let her out. She gets to come out when both are empty. At some point in this process she throws a strop because I'm not letting her do what she wants.

It wasn't just tiredness that led to me not doing much yesterday - I've also hurt my feet, so I'm spending the weekend resting them. I think what I've been doing is wrapping my feet around the legs of my wheely chair at work (even though I have a footrest). And then I went to ballet, which finished them off. After standing up quite a lot at choir, I then attempted to limp on both feet on my way back to the car.

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Tired and busy
Saturday 20th December 2014 12:42 pm

I will get to the rest of my December Talking Meme topics at some point. Just not quite yet. This time last year things were really quiet and I wrote a few Yuletide Treats because I was bored. Now I'm looking forward to being bored.

Work has calmed down, so I am getting through my non-project (ie no deadline) to do list. But your whole day playing about with css is quite tiring in itself. Then outside of work I've either been out, or in and sorting out stuff (mostly house-related, still) or have overdone it and ended up too dizzy to do much. Waking up at 6am and not being able to get back to sleep, and waking up at 4am and not being able to get back to sleep for a while is not helping either.

This weekend's quite busy (apart from this morning) and then next week I have nothing planned for any evening and could do with keeping it that way. Maybe then I'll have the time and energy to put my Christmas cards up, for one thing. And catching up on some TV would be good too, although it's not like it's going anywhere and it's not as if there's likely to be much on TV in January.

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What’s tired me out this week
Saturday 15th March 2014 5:32 pm

Thursday was foggy. It was foggy in the morning, it was foggy in the fields when I left work, it was foggy when I went to choir - so much so that walking into the church hall and being able to see clearly was really weird. It was so foggy on the way home that all I could see was the patch of road in front of me. The only reason I knew where there were parked cars is because they're usually in those places - I couldn't see them until I was nearly on top of them. So that was a long, hard drive home at max 30mph (on roads with no parked cars, 20mph with). I had to drop a friend off at her house and we went for somewhere in the vicinity because I couldn't see it and I had a van up my arse.

And then when I got home I had to do some work.

Yesterday evening I was so tired I was tempted to go to bed at 7.30pm, if I hadn't been doing work at the time (I would have left it for today, but the software we use was being upgraded all day - suffice to say bits of it now don't work. I'm really looking forward to Monday...).

And now today I'm just too tired to do anything. Well, except for watching wheelchair curling, which would have been more interesting if Channel 4 weren't so desperate to give me the result before I could start the video of the semi-final.

I'm sure I'm not normally this tired on a Saturday, so perhaps it's just as well that choir is stopping for five months over the summer. I should have more time to rest and do a few things that need doing that I end up saving for the weekend because I don't have time during the week because I'm either out or too tired to do anything.

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Saturday 24th November 2012 9:05 pm

I am so tired and dizzy, the last thing I want to do is post to my blog, but I have to for NaBloPoMo. So you're getting a post about how tired I am.

It's partly work and going out to ballet and choir and not being 100% better from my sore throat thing coupled with not getting enough sleep on Wednesday night and waking up at the time when my alarm would usually go off today.

I kept hoping I would improve today. Perhaps it didn't help that I went up the road, which wears me out at the best of times. But then I haven't done anything for the rest of the day aside from lie around on the sofa.

I'm really hoping that I sleep late tomorrow and am less tired. I intend to post about crochet tomorrow, with a photo of all the granny squares I've done so far.

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I want my life back now please
Wednesday 19th August 2009 8:20 pm

I'm so tired I could cry. Not lack of sleep tired, lack of energy tired. I'm typing this slowly while lying down - slowly because I can't do anything quickly, plus don't have the energy to press the keys very much.

I'm still getting over my cold and sore throat - I think the sore throat's gone, but the blocked up nose and asthma are still lingering. On Monday I did an hour and a half extra and that was working as quickly as I could. Monday night all I could do was lie down because I didn't have the energy to get up.

Then Tuesday wasn't so bad, but I didn't get the opportunity to take some overtime and knock off early. I thought I might today, but then I had a really busy afternoon. I should have stayed a bit longer, but I was reaching the stage where walking in a straight line was looking unlikely. It took me 15 minutes to do the 5 minute walk to my car.

So tonight I don't have the energy to do anything at all. I know I'm going to be busy tomorrow morning, but hopefully I'll get to take some time off this week, otherwise all I'll do all week and all weekend is lie down recovering.

And this weekend we're having a Rotaract community project tidying up the garden of a pre-school. I probably couldn't do that much anyway, but at this rate I won't even have the energy to go anywhere near the place. Which is beyond annoying.

Now I'm going to watch Teachers through the magic of 4oD and its entire channel back catalogue. With no adverts.

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Protected: Work
Wednesday 21st May 2008 9:23 pm

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Fandom meme
Wednesday 5th March 2008 8:35 pm

I had to go to bed last night even though I hadn't got everything done. So then because my brain was still working I couldn't sleep. I was fine this morning but once I got past lunchtime it's been a struggle. So now I've got back from my meeting, I've given myself the rest of the night off, so I'm going to watch Monday night's program on Black Holes that I thought was on on Tuesday. Thank goodness for 4oD. Slightly brain dead is probably the best state to watch physics for the masses because it tends to be too simplistic (cf last night's Horizon about searching for intelligent life).

But in the meantime, a meme from and :

Give me a fandom and I'll tell you...

1. The first character I fell in love with
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now
3. The character everyone else loves that I don't
4. The character I love that everyone else hates
5. The character I would sleep with anytime
6. The character I'd want to be like
7. The character I'd slap
8. Favourite character
9. Five favourite characters
10. Five least favourite characters
11. Character I am most like
13. A pairing (or more!) I love
14. A pairing (or more!) I despise
15. Five favourite things about the fandom
16. Five least favourite things about the fandom

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Saturday 23rd February 2008 2:44 pm

I think the ice cream that made me ill on Monday knocked me out for the rest of the week, almost. Wednesday I felt really tired before I ate dinner, but that's nothing new. What is, is that I was shaking after I'd eaten. So I had a piece of chocolate, which sorted that out and went out to a quiz. When I got back I was so hungry I could have quite happily eaten dinner again. So I had porridge with plenty of sugar and managed to make it just right as well.

Thursday I was so tired that I didn't go to my meeting and spent the night watching TV before going to bed at 10pm. Yesterday was a bit better and I managed to stay up till 10.30!

Today I feel more awake, if not 100%, but I am planning to get lots of things done this weekend as I have nothing planned. I'm still keeping to my New Years Resolution of going out every weekend, and I went into town to take my library book back and buy a Mothers Day card (not that I was impressed with the selection). I might have also bought some coffee flavoured ice cream, which is going to create some problems with space in the freezer when I make bread tomorrow - that's the trouble of having it full of sausages.

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TGI the weekend
Friday 23rd November 2007 6:46 pm

It's been such a long week. I was tired at the weekend, so being stupidly busy at work this week didn't really help. I really want Channel 4 to be working tonight because Ugly Betty is just my level at the moment.

Happy Birthday Sel! Yours is one of the few birthdays I remember, probably out of perverseness 🙂

Most people by now have probably heard the news that Verity Lambert has died, which is terribly sad.

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Monday 22nd January 2007 10:21 pm

I am so tired. My housewarming was this weekend, so I had my bookcases made (I hammered some pins) and we survived that without you gmul :). Saturday night was our Cheese & Wine quiz which seemed to go well. Although it always seems to involve a whole load of running around setting up. And Nicola's teacher marking is a lot quicker.

My chocolate mousse tasted nice, even though I think I microwaved the chocolate a bit too long. Then we didn't go to bed till around 3am and for some reason one of my neighbours decided to use a strimmer/saw/something else very noisy about 9am. So oddly, enough, we were awake. My alarm going off this morning was frankly, rude.

I have now put stuff on my bookshelves, so I can find my books again! And I listed to Elisabeth Sladen The Actor Speaks, which is all ladyvivien's fault. Course now, I want the B7 ones. And Soldiers of Love.

Why are weekends not three days?

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More packing
Sunday 10th December 2006 9:10 pm

I have nearly everything I need for the new place, I just failed on the toilet cleaner brush front. But since I'm only going to be there a week till I go home, it's not desperate. I do love Wilkinsons though, they sell everything, even though it's only a little shop (in comparison to the one in Poole).

I've packed seven crates, one is full of clothes, the rest are all books, DVDs, paperwork and other things. The rest is going to wait till Friday when I have two more crates left (I'm sure I had one more spare though, so I don't know quite what I've done there) and take down the rest of my posters, so I have even more depressing walls to look at. I do have quite a lot of things in boxes, which seem pointless to put in crates. I can foresee several trips - it's just as well I'm only going five minutes down the road.

I'm so tired though. Last night I went to the District Christmas party, which was good, apart from it being freezing out on the walk home from the bus. And I didn't get in till 1.30, so I was hoping my system might realise that sleeping late to compensate would be a good idea. So I woke up about 8.15, which is half an hour after my alarm goes off for work and still fifteen minutes before the heating comes on. I was fine this morning but since about 3pm I've been quite happy to just go to bed, if I thought for one minute I'd sleep. I'll go to bed to watch Torchwood and if I sleep till my alarm goes off, I'll be happy.

I did stop the packing because I was so tired and watched the last Seventh Doctor story I had to go, which was his first, Time and the Rani. I enjoyed it, the first episode particularly was delightfully silly. I liked him misquoting proverbs too. It could have got really annoying if they'd kept it up, but for four episodes it was funny. I remembered why I really like Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor. You can't tell so well in the audios because it's his actions that do it. He's always doing something, usually in a silly way and I love that. He did look quite funny in Colin Baker's costume too.

Work looks like not being too bad next week after all, but the week after (ie the week before Christmas) will probably be hideous. But since I have less on then, that's not so bad. Tomorrow I'm going to see Casino Royale, which I'm looking forward to.

And as I've actually remembered, I posted chapter 7 (of 11, probably) of Doctor Who: The Soap Opera. This one's back to a Sarah & Harry chapter, after Lavinia's cameo in chapter 6.

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I am good
Tuesday 31st October 2006 10:39 pm

I'm feeling pleased with myself because tonight I wrote a first draft of my SG Rare Pairings ficathon fic. It's far too short at the moment, mostly because it's mostly dialogue. And I think it needs something else in there, I can't quite think what - I've used all the prompts it's just never going to be particularly long.

I am not used to GMT yet at all. I thought that being ill on Sunday would have sorted that but I keep waking up about 7am and I'm as tired as if it was an hour later. The last hour of work is so much worse as well. Perhaps it's as well that this week is quite quiet, so I can go to bed early and just move my day about a bit.

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It must be winter
Friday 27th October 2006 9:45 pm

I am so tired, I'm going to have to go to bed after I've posted this. I have to get up early tomorrow for a societies fair and I'm going to a Halloween thing tomorrow night, so I'm quite glad the clocks go back. Except that I'll be completely confused and it means today was the last day of leaving work in the light 🙁

I ushered at the cinema tonight for Little Miss Sunshine, which isn't the sort of film I'd pick out as something I'd have to see but I really enjoyed it. I love the music in it and it's quite clever the way you start off by not caring about the characters because none of them are particularly likeable, except you like them all by the end. And I realised that also they're not all pretty. It almost looks like it could be a British film it that respect.

I drove and I was quite impressed at my parking and ability to stop it from stalling. I got quite excited that dad had put some kitchen towel in the door, so I could use it to wipe the windows, as they were steamed up on the outside.

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Thursday 12th October 2006 7:52 pm

I am so tired. Because of ZoneAlarm I didn't go to bed till late Sunday night. And Tuesday I thought I'd get an early night but ended up finishing off the second draft of my ficathon piece instead. (It's now 7000 words, but definitely going go get longer because I'm still not happy with large parts of it). And last night I had a Rotaract Exec meeting, so didn't get back till late - and then I just fell into bed when I did. Tomorrow night my sister's invited me to hers for a girly party with DVDs, so that won't be an early night. And we're following it up by swimming on Saturday morning.

I think she is doing me pizza, so not quite sure how that's going to turn out or where she's got stuff from. The funniest part was her text message where she said to bring DVDs. Somehow I don't think she'll appreciate mind all that much.

So tonight I'm having a relaxing TV watching night. Tonight's Avengers was great, and kept you guessing up till the end. It was well acted by Patrick Macnee as well. Then in a bit there's a thing about the Chanukah story and then there's Mock the Week, which seems to be a cross of Have I Got News For You and Whose Line is it Anyway. And is very funny.

I also need to finish off the Serenity extras (didn't like the film as much as the series) so I can get The Sontaran Experiment next. Speaking of which, Doctor Who Magazine has a list of who is doing the commentaries on the series 2 DVDs and Elisabeth Sladen isn't in the School Reunion one 🙁 They did also say that Torchwood is 22nd October, which is the second to last rumour I heard. The Radio Times website has To be announced in its slot, so could be right. The official website is up but they've labelled their links in a 'clever' way and I can't be arsed to work out what they might mean, so no idea what's on it or whether it's up to much (navigation notwithstanding). Note to me to remember later and Sel when you read this: this would be a good thing for the panel, esp as a way to really piss me off.

From llin, a very cool toy: Radiophonatron. And Habitat for Humanity has announced their 2007 dates, and I really want to go to the Romanian one in June. I just need to think of a way of raising at least £350. Anyone any ideas?

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Still tired
Thursday 5th October 2006 9:54 pm

I am still tired, although possibly slightly less so for missing one day of my antibiotics. The doctor (and I just typed that with a capital d!) basically told me I could stop taking them but it might come back. So then I'd end up doing this all again, so I'm back on them again. Although with me two weeks of pills lasts longer because I am incapable of remembering to take them everyday. According to the memory section the BBC had up a while ago when they had a programme on it it said that if you get into a routine then you remember. Except that doesn't happen when I take stuff for my hayfever for three months.

I got my SG rare pairings assignment, featuring two prompts I can't write. But it all got sorted out the same day and now I am in the apparently rare position of being able to write either. If I just went and found out who one of the people is 🙂 I'm looking forward to writing it because it should be a nice vignette. Unlike my SJ gen ficathon thing which is up to 4000 words and still not finished. And that's just the first draft which I'm feeling is definitely not detailed enough.

I have started typing up my Northern Ireland diary and since I have a couple of quiet weekends coming up I'm planning to spend some time on website-related stuff during that time.

A bit of silliness courtesy of The Guardian's online blog: but type "search" into and see what you get.... then type the same word into MSN Live Search, ditto (msn live search being at I was quite amused.

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Tuesday 3rd October 2006 7:43 pm

I am so tired, despite currently having about ten hours sleep a night. Thinking about it, I've been this tired since about Wednesday ish, and my antibiotics, which I started Monday night have extreme tiredness listed as a side-effect. And feeling sick as another. So although I got given two weeks worth, I think I'm not going to take the second week (assuming I feel better for not taking it, that is).

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Busy week
Saturday 8th April 2006 8:24 pm

I've been so busy at work this week that I'm tired, I ache and I've set off the RSI in my thumb. At least next week's only a four day week. I have discovered, though, that the Big Finish audios while working make it all so much better. I might have an investigate, and actually buy some without the Seventh Doctor and Ace... Speaking of Doctor Who, I really enjoyed The Green Death, I wish they'd show some more. Although I could have done without the maggots. Making them big doesn't improve them at all.

I discovered, through a comment my mum made on the Diary Free forum, that Coldplay were doing a concert on Radio 2 tonight, so I'm currently listening to that. It's good, that goes without saying.

I've had this tiny ficlet in my head since this morning, so I finally got round to writing it down. And I did literally write it, which is why my thumb now hurts. Which means I'm going to have to watch the second half of Poirot without cross stitching, if I want to use my thumb next week.

I'm going to London tomorrow though for sausages, chocolate spread, possibly some gluten free matzo. And a look at some other free from food in a nice big Tescos, and a health food shop. And back in time for Doctor Who night (although night's a bit strong considering it's three hours, one hour of which is an episode of Nine and the other is a documentary they've already shown twice).

I am going to miss the Davis Cup tennis, though. I was looking forward to watching a nice bit of doubles today (although given the result, nice might not be the best description) but the BBC in their infinite wisdowm decided not to show it. Doubtless, because the Grand National is more important. And football, needless to say. I am not impressed.

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The Avengers
Saturday 4th March 2006 5:09 pm

I have finally finished my website. As well as an update I've been re-organising it and changing the look slightly. Needless to say, it's still red. Mostly I've just CSS'ed it, added some more colours and made it so updating it doesn't take so long.

I've had a bitch of a week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I worked really hard (and late, although not by loads), so that wore me out. It calmed down Thursday in time for me to have a migraine instead. I took lots of drugs early on, so it wasn't too bad, but I'm still tired from all that, which is really annoying. Plus I keep on making typos by exchanging one word for another and confusing everyone completely.

I really enjoyed this weeks episode of The Avengers. They did a body swap episode, so a pair of bad guys (who were lovers) swapped bodies with Steed and Peel. The guests acted Steed & Peel really well, so you were never in doubt who was who. He gets swapped first, so the bad guy tricks Peel into getting swapped (since it requires a big machine). But you'd think she'd have been more suspicious when he refused a drink (although mainly because she said 'you know where it is' and he didn't), called her Emma and walked into the place before her.

The funniest part was the announcer when we came from the adverts, who tried to explain who was who but was a bit confused!

As much as I like Steed & Peel's constant innuendo, seeing them kissing was a bit wrong (although technically it was just their bodies with someone else's pschye in them). At the end, she has to convince him she's herself and whispers something in her ear, which immediately does the trick - I'd love to know what it was!

Last week's episode was also really good. The plot had some bad guy after Steed, and particularly Peel. He takes Steed out fairly early on, then spend the episode slowly winding Peel up so she's not quite sure what's going on. Once he reveals his plot, then she's really scared, although she's pretty much fine right up until the end when she's fighting with the bad guy and losing (having already taken out the bad girl).

When Steed saves her at the end, it's quite sweet that she just smiles at him and he takes her hand to lead it out - nicely subtly done.

I've been surfing round The Avengers Forever website which has all sorts of useful information on it.

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Wednesday 1st March 2006 8:03 pm

I'm so tired I could go to bed now. I won't because I know I won't sleep. I've pretty much had the week from hell as far as work is concerned and I've still got another two days of it. I haven't worked that long hours but I've worked really hard and it's completely worn me out.

I've also been working hard on my website - which is nearly finished! - which hasn't helped.

I wanted to say something about Back to Middle-earth Month but I haven't got the energy. I've only got the energy to type this because I had a lie-down and a read. I wanted to get a whole load of things done tonight, as I have a guitar lesson tomorrow and I'm out at the local open mix night Friday night. Well, assuming I'm awake, mind you.

It's annoying because I thought I was getting better. I mean, I'm better than I was, but I want to be better now. When I'm not tired I forget what it's like. I feel like life's passing me by because I haven't got the energy to interact in it.

And now I seem to have used up the energy I gained from lying down and reading for a bit, I can't think or type properly any more. I think I'll go and watch Bugs, which doesn't require a brain - I'm slightly excited that I've made it to the second series now, although I suspect the first two episodes might be a two-parter, which is annoying.

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