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Meeting John Barrowman
Friday 15th February 2008 8:13 pm

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I discovered by accident that John Barrowman was coming to Borders this afternoon to sign his autobiography. So I thought it would be interesting to do. And then I took the afternoon off (which was just as well) and then the book cost £19. His sister was at the signing as well, as she wrote the book.

We got there an hour before he was due to start signing and joined the back of a long queue that got a lot longer. We were in the best place, though, as the aisle we were down had lots of toys, so we amused ourselves with the marble in a maze thing and the dice in a dice, which I just couldn't work out the point of.

They started quarter of an hour early - given that before he came out he also signed copies of the book for Borders to sell signed, he can't have spent that long in Reading. He probably didn't spend all that long here either, because they did rush people through. We got to him less than hour after he started. It didn't feel like we'd queued that long, though.

He was lovely and sweet and handsome and thanked me for buying the book. I was worrying too much about cameras and taking photos and I should have told him that if I hadn't come to get it signed I wouldn't have bought it at all.

He did his signature on the very inside, to people's names. Then his sister flicked a few pages and signed - she pointed out that as she wrote it it meant we got it signed by the author too 🙂

And then that was it, apart from taking photos of the TARDIS and walking miles in search of the buses due to roadworks. I'm glad I went, though. Now I just have to read the book - the friend I was in the queue with read some of it in the queue (I was distracted with queueing in the children's section) and said it was very droll.

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Mostly Torchwood (some spoilers further down)
Wednesday 13th February 2008 10:57 pm

I have been unexpectedly in tonight. I was supposed to have a Rotaract meeting, but last night I thought I had better check with the person running it when and where it was and his response was, "What meeting?" So, that was cancelled, funnily enough.

So tonight they had a second episode of Torchwood on BBC3 immediately after the one on BBC2. Well, according to the EPG it was immediately after. According to my TV guide it was 10 minutes after. Mind you, the TV guide also said there was a character in the second episode called Martha Jojones, so clearly they can't be trusted. Fortunately, I always go by the EPG when setting things up to record.

The bit with spoilers in (for both eps):

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Last night’s Torchwood (spoilers)
Thursday 31st January 2008 8:45 pm

I'm sure it had a title, but goodness knows what it was. It was the one about 1918, though.

Spoilers:

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Wednesday 16th January 2008 9:52 pm

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Been there.

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Christmas Doctor Who
Sunday 7th January 2007 6:31 pm

Most of the Christmas viewing consisted of Doctor Who and penguins. Although not both at the same time... (here there be spoilers)

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Post-New Year Depression
Tuesday 2nd January 2007 8:49 pm

I think the first day back at work after Christmas is always the most depressing day of the year. Before Christmas everyone is happy and jolly, and not really caring about work. Today they're still not caring, but also depressed due to having to get up early. And be at work.

It was so nice, being at home, doing whatever I wanted all day, with broadband and all the home comforts. And not having to be grown up - I didn't have to clean, do the washing, cook etc. Even drying up seemed less bad, for some reason. At the end of SJA Sarah said how much she doesn't feel grown up - I keep feeling like I should, and I do grown up things like living on my own and having a car but I think I'd rather not be, some of the time.

Specially as my internet has now regressed to having no dial tone. At all. Thank goodness for mobile phones, and living ten minutes from work and having a key. I'm hoping it means my broadband is on its way.

I really enjoyed all the Doctor Who over Christmas. The Runaway Bride was funny and sad and cool, and I loved Donna. Blood of the Daleks was interesting, but difficult to tell how good as it was only the first half. I miss Charley though. SJA I really enjoyed, except for the odd bit, mostly her mooning over the Doctor. I hope they explain where some of that stuff came from when we start the series proper. The first episode of Torchwood I loved, the second I wasn't so keen on.

I will probably write more about the Doctor Whos and the spin-offs but it's cold at work due to no heating being on and I need to go soon to get my computer started up in time to watch The Thick of It.

I have just noticed, though, that the reason why some of my words are being underlined is because I upgraded to Firefox 2.0 and it's spell checking them as I write. Which is great! Although I'm now thinking I need to find out if there's a way to add things to the dictionary, like Torchwood for example...

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News! and Links!
Tuesday 12th December 2006 7:57 pm

If there's anyone who hasn't heard about it by now, the story of theVerizon employees and their inability to do basic maths: starts here. There was briefly a Wikipedia entry about a new form of maths called Verizonmaths but unsurprsingly it's not making them look good and it's been taken down.

Torchwood has a second series, on BBC2 this time.

Most excitingly, I think, Blakes 7 is getting a radio series. It's slightly surreal because I was talking about this with someone at the District Christmas party on Saturday. I can't decide whether to be excited about new Blakes 7 (there are some interesting people in it, like Craig Kelly and India Fisher). I just don't know if it'll be the same with new actors. But the Cult of Blakes 7 is on in half an hour, so I'm sure that'll help.

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Torchwood and Bond
Monday 11th December 2006 10:40 pm

Just been to see Casino Royale and I really enjoyed it. Even though there was no Moneypenny or Q. But I liked the technology in it and the chase sequence at the beginning had me biting my fingernails. I wish Craig Daniel had kept his clothes on more often, though, that was not a pretty sight. But then he's generally not a pretty site. I hope they go back to dark haired handsome men next time. The part I didn't like was when I left and my car was not only steamed up but trying to ice up as well. And the water I left in there nearly froze my tongue off.

I did discover though that Ewan McGregor is in that film about Beatrix Potter. With a dodgy moustache. So I might have to see it. Contrary to all expectations, I don't like Peter Rabbit. I don't know why, so I'm not that excited about seeing a film about her. Or Ewan McGregor in a moustache. But then I saw two Star Wars films with him with long hair, a beard and doing a dodgy accent, so I expect I'll cope. I'm just glad his wife is sensible and prefers him clean-shaven.

I really enjoyed last night's Torchwood. So I was really surprised to read all the posts this morning from people hating it. It was a bit different because it didn't involve most of the Torchwood people but it was an excellent whodunnit. There were some things that didn't quite make sense but it was really interesting. And I'm reliably informed by my dad that the answer is a parabola; I didn't hear the question.

I went to get my post redirected this lunchtime. Which involved queueing in the post office for 10 minutes to get a form, then I joined the back of it again while I filled it in, then handed it in. I almost decided to come back later but it's not going to get better till after Christmas. I took a stack of things into work to phone to tell people I'm moving but only managed my car insurance (which doesn't change price, unlike my house insurance which saves me 64p). I know what I'm doing every lunchtime this week.

And lastly, I posted my entry to the SG Rare Pairings Ficathon: Never Easy, which is Jack/Elizabeth. There looks like being loads of interesting pairings there, I just need to find the time to read them.

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Monday 4th December 2006 10:21 pm

I now have some furniture. My sister took me to IKEA yesterday in Wembley. Although the sat nav tried to direct us to the Tescos behind it instead. I now have a table and chairs and a couple of chests of drawers. Most of the rest will wait till January, although next weekend I'll be getting any last few bits from Wilkinsons amidst some serious packing as I'm not really going to be in much next week. I can't do too much now, though, because there just isn't the space for it.

I also managed to order myself a bed and headboard. It seems like just a small place mum found, but they were really nice to talk to, so I'm happy. Certainly more helpful than Comet, who declined my card because I hadn't realised that my billing address had to match my credit card now, rather than where it will be. It took twenty minutes to re-order my stuff. Helpfully they will only deliver sometime between 7am and 6pm and I can't pick the keys up until the estate agent opens. They are apparently going to phone me first but if it's before 9am there's not going to be much I can do! Although having said that they are delivering stuff that will fit in my card, so I suppose if the worst comes to the worst I can always get them to come round here.

Now I just need to organise myself with telling people I'm changing my address and setting up a standing order with the bank so my rent gets paid.

On a TV note, I watched Robin Hood on Sunday as mum told me Rene Zagger was in it. I missed the last ten minutes due to the electricity running out (so glad I'm moving to somewhere with proper electricity) so I had to ask dad how it ended. I don't feel that I'm missing anything by not watching though, I'm just not feeling inspired by it. And last night's Torchwood, was Ianto really suggesting what I thought he was suggesting?

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Too many channels
Sunday 5th November 2006 10:55 pm

The trouble with Freeview is that there are too many channels. I missed the first 5 mins of Torchwood because I thought it was on BBC4 - The Avengers is on BBC4 so it seems reasonable that Torchwood is too. I had to message dad to ask where it was. And then get him to tell me what happened at the start, but by the sounds of it I didn't miss much.

And the announcer lied at the end, Declassified isn't on the website yet.

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Monday 30th October 2006 10:34 pm

I managed to get on chat with an Indian from dell to get a new adapter. It was only 25 minutes and I had one in the post. Result! I really hope that solves the problem because the next thing to try is flashing the bios. I had a look and how to do it and it doesn't look that complicated but I'm quite scared it could all go horribly wrong and I'll end up in a worse position than I am now.

I have now seen Torchwood's pterodactyl in the summary at the start of last night's episode. I thought Owen was a crap DS in it, he was supposed to get information out of the woman as they made the tea, not complaing about the amount she talked. Has he not watched The Bill? And please tell me the reason Jack is cagey about his sleeping arrangements is because he is working his way through the population of Cardiff. Neither me nor mum recognised Gareth Thomas straight away. Which is an improvement for her who had no idea who he was in Taggart. And based on what he said to me about it, would make him happy.

I followed a link in metafandom because although I didn't care about an Atlantis hospital AU, I was hopeful it would tell me what an OB/GYN was. I ended up googling it and it stands for Obstetrician/Gynaecologist. So something to do with pregnant women. And I feel that's probably all I need to know.

But it reminded me of a topic I thought about the other day about American/British words that you don't know what they mean. For years I thought a faucet was a type of spanner. Used with water pipes, so I was close at least (it's a tap). A friend of mine thought it was some sort of tool as well. I read on a random blog a while ago of someone who thought a fortnight was twice a week (it's two weeks). Until then I never really thought that was misunderstood, even though I knew it wasn't a word in American.

Anyone got any other American/British words they've misunderstood the meaning of?

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Sunday 22nd October 2006 9:55 pm

I liked Torchwood. But then it turns out that Torchwood = cop show with aliens. With Captain Jack. Although I am entirely confused at how Declassified can be 25 minutes ridiculously early this morning, 15 minutes ridiculously early Friday night, and 10 minutes on the website. How does that make sense? But on the plus side I have found that the videos section of the website is labelled Autopsies. Yep, that's definitely the connection I would have made with that one.

But there is a Tosh, which is wrong because there can only ever be one! And I miss The Bill when it was good. Torchwoos and Life on Mars aren't quite acceptable enough alternatives. And was it only me that was sorry for the bad guy at the end of episode 2?

I widgetised my blog only to find that I need to CSS it, so can't use it. Then found that WP won't let me log in, so really can't use it. And I'm too tired to care any more, need my bed.

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Some random bits
Sunday 15th October 2006 11:42 am

I saw the Torchwood trailer last night, before Robin Hood and at the end it confirmed 22nd October on BBC3. I'm quite disappointed there weren't more rumours about it.

My blow-up chair had definitely developed a hole, so I spent the first two-thirds of Robin Hood alternately blowing up the new one and trying to get the air out of the old one. I'd done about as much as I was going to by 7.30 at which point I realised I was just too bored with Robin Hood to watch any more of it. Plus I worked out that I'm not actually going to be in for a single 'nother episode, so I gave up and finished off the Serenity extras.

I updated my website last weekend, which includes the diary I wrote for my Northern Ireland trip.

I also uploaded a couple of fics onto that I hadn't got round to - and it decided to delete half my text. As if it's not useless enough already.

Every time I turn my computer on it complains it can't detect the AC power adaptor, which is obviously a lie because it's running on AC power. I've had this problem before but it's not usually lasted as long.

And there's a pterodactyl in Torchwood, apparently. And I thought the date rumours were crazy.

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Thursday 12th October 2006 7:52 pm

I am so tired. Because of ZoneAlarm I didn't go to bed till late Sunday night. And Tuesday I thought I'd get an early night but ended up finishing off the second draft of my ficathon piece instead. (It's now 7000 words, but definitely going go get longer because I'm still not happy with large parts of it). And last night I had a Rotaract Exec meeting, so didn't get back till late - and then I just fell into bed when I did. Tomorrow night my sister's invited me to hers for a girly party with DVDs, so that won't be an early night. And we're following it up by swimming on Saturday morning.

I think she is doing me pizza, so not quite sure how that's going to turn out or where she's got stuff from. The funniest part was her text message where she said to bring DVDs. Somehow I don't think she'll appreciate mind all that much.

So tonight I'm having a relaxing TV watching night. Tonight's Avengers was great, and kept you guessing up till the end. It was well acted by Patrick Macnee as well. Then in a bit there's a thing about the Chanukah story and then there's Mock the Week, which seems to be a cross of Have I Got News For You and Whose Line is it Anyway. And is very funny.

I also need to finish off the Serenity extras (didn't like the film as much as the series) so I can get The Sontaran Experiment next. Speaking of which, Doctor Who Magazine has a list of who is doing the commentaries on the series 2 DVDs and Elisabeth Sladen isn't in the School Reunion one 🙁 They did also say that Torchwood is 22nd October, which is the second to last rumour I heard. The Radio Times website has To be announced in its slot, so could be right. The official website is up but they've labelled their links in a 'clever' way and I can't be arsed to work out what they might mean, so no idea what's on it or whether it's up to much (navigation notwithstanding). Note to me to remember later and Sel when you read this: this would be a good thing for the panel, esp as a way to really piss me off.

From llin, a very cool toy: Radiophonatron. And Habitat for Humanity has announced their 2007 dates, and I really want to go to the Romanian one in June. I just need to think of a way of raising at least £350. Anyone any ideas?

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Some updates
Monday 25th September 2006 7:29 pm

That previous post is viewable on LJ if you're on my friends-list. Otherwise it's viewable on my blog if you know the name of my cat, or ask me what the password is. It's only not visible to everyone to stop certain people seeing it - it's obvious who when you know what it's about.

First day back at work today - feels like I never left. My boss stunningly failed to do the one thing he needed to on one of my projects. Is it Christmas holidays yet?

I really enjoyed Spooks - I can't believe they started it just as I went away.

I realised I wrote some fic (all Doctor Who) and forgot to mention it here. There was the prequel to Dream a Little Dream that didn't originally start off as a prequel: The Last Dinner. The sequel(s) (I may split it into two parts) are currently being plotted, since there seems to be rather a lot of plot. I swear it multiplies.

Then there's the drabble to get the whole soapy idea of Sarah getting pregnant with Harry's baby (why should it always be the doctor's? :)) out of my head: Same Idea, Different Father. Except that hhertzof and I 'encouraged' each other and now it's turned into a wip: Doctor Who: The Soap Opera, Chapter 1: Telling Harry with a nice soapy plot to come. Look at it this way, at least none of it is going to be in anything else.

What I should now be writing is my piece for the Sarah Jane gen ficathon. I could have quite happily written any of the prompts but one of them in particular I was hoping someone would write. Not thinking that someone would be me. Hmm.

I still can't breathe but now I've seen my doctor (who is very nice) and now I have drugs. Very nice, but cost an arm and a leg. I have a BUPA-like thing through work but of course the one thing they won't cover is prescriptions - the one thing that would actually be useful.

My mother turns out to be quite cool - I rang to tell my parents about Ireland and my mum updated me on the Doctor Who rumours. I think she has too much time and she was surfing looking for stuff about Torchwood! So I can now confirm that it is starting on 21st/22nd/28th October on BBC1/2/3 at 9pm. I'm crossing my fingers for any date that's not a Tuesday or Saturday. Or Thursday once I can drive and can go back to fencing (I can't wait now).

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The past couple of weeks (ish), the good, the bad, and the ugly…
Wednesday 19th October 2005 10:37 pm


Payrise! Well, technically promotion but the only difference is the nice big payrise. Which needless to say, I've already spent. Dad had me addicted to QuizCall this weekend, so now I have bought a Freeview TV card, which is the size of a pen drive. So as of this weekend I will have three TVs....

I've read Thud! It was good, I enjoyed it. Specially Vimes's Gooseberry.

I've got Friday off, so am going to see Wallace and Gromit. I know it must be good because The Guardian likes it (they don't like anything).

Mum made me some muffins that are very nice and extremely chocolatey. We had chocolate mousse every night for pudding when I was home. Mum's chocolate mousse is 100 times nicer than any other I have ever tasted. She also made flapjacks but we all forgot that I should be taking them home. And even though they were a bit chewy they were nicer than ones you get in shops as well. She also made me bread, which isn't so good as it's white. And gluten-free, so dry and falls apart.

I've found a version of Hexic at MSN Games, although it's not as good as the Tablet PC version.

Captain Jack is getting his own TV show although it's on BBC3. It might be available on the internet afterwards though, like Confidential was, and The Thick of It will be for the second half of the first series/second series.

Very funny wikipedia take-off: Uncyclopedia. I particularly like the section on the religion of various particles (protons are catholic because they have mass) and various random things, like the links off the marriage article to slavery.


Broke a string on my guitar. Got it fixed fine at the shop. Went to lesson and the teacher pointed out it was the wrong type of string. So I'm taking it back again tomorrow. On the plus side, I now have an electronic tuner which makes tuning 5000% easier.

I've set off the RSI in my thumb again with my cross stitching, so that's out. It gets worse throughout the day after I've been using it - it is quite hard not to use your right thumb, specially given that it doesn't hurt until I've been using it a bit, so I tend to forget. On the plus side, I really should put my Australia photos in an album. On the minus side that does involve writing, which also involves my right thumb. On the plus side, I've just realised I could type the descriptions. How stupid am I?

Just travelling home Friday, back again Sunday, and walking round Bournemouth has completely worn me out. I'm still a bit tired from it.

My chocolate spread has vanilla on it. But I will see if my local health food shop will order me some Plamil Well, their chocolate is good, so I figure their chocolate spread ought to be good too. If not, there are other ones I can try.


Which is really just a way of saying this could go either way. I've discovered spirits have a tendency to be made from wheat grain. The thought of having one drink and spending the rest of the evening doesn't really fill me with joy so my only options seem to be brandy (yuk) or wine (ditto). On the plus side, I'm a cheap date. And will be driving everyone once I have a car so I can remind them what they did the previous night. And increasingly, drink just seems to make me tired.

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