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Sunday 31st August 2008 9:28 pm

This evening I booked lots of trains (and hostels) mostly in Canada. My best friend decided, for some inexplicable reason, to move up North. So I bought my train ticket in advance (which I don't do often) because I knew it would be expensive - my rail card doesn't go much further north than where I live. So I four hour trip there and four hours back cost me £75.

Then I booked a train from Halifax to Montreal which takes 20 hours and includes a bed and that cost me £150.

And the government wonders why people don't use public transport.

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Not Spooks
Wednesday 19th December 2007 8:22 pm

I had to save the last episode of series 6 of Spooks till tonight and then I thought I'd write something about this series and what I've thought of it generally. Except that I'm not yet past the OMG stage and can therefore just about manage 'bibble'.

So, because for some reason I was thinking about this yesterday: Places I want to visit: Read more...

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My height in books update
Friday 17th February 2006 8:08 pm

Reading my height in books: an update

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
6.2cm / 155cm

I've just finished British Science Fiction Television: A Hitchhiker's Guide. I couldn't remember why I'd put it on my Amazon wish list, but bought it anyway. I discovered why, when I read the chapter list, and discovered the Blakes 7 chapter author. There were some interesting ideas in it that I hadn't considered before.

Overall I enjoyed it. I really liked the historical aspects of the Quatermass chapter. The nuclear war one is really depressing, though. I'm not entirely convinced by the parallels in the Sapphire and Steel chapter. But as I've not seen it and know very little about the state of the country & politics around 1979 I can't really comment. The only chapter I really disagreed with was the Red Dwarf one. The author talked about how it relates to gender and race. I like it because it's funny, so am admittedly uninteresting in taking it any deeper. But she did go on about the Cat acting the way he does because it's alluding to black Americans. And there was me thinking it was a parody of a cat.

Easter: I had a surf round last night at the Lake District. Which looked vaguely interesting until there was a mention of Hadrian's Wall being not far away. So I'm so going. As my last holidays were in America and Australia I had entirely forgotten the whole point of holidays is castles and bookshops. Although I did get unreasonably excited at going to a Barnes and Noble in America. I've not booked for Conference yet, and my boss was off so I couldn't book any time off. I did establish that because he has holiday I can't do the Lake District and then recover(!) at Conference, so I'll be doing Conference, then the Lake District. I'm amazed it's only a couple of hours from Birmingham, though, because it's a long way North.

Bugs: I sat down to watch Bugs with dinner and all of a sudden there was Robbie! (as in DI Robbie Ross from Taggart). Sounding decidedly un-Scottish, but very cool anyway. Possibly some other stuff happened but frankly who cares. It's Robbie.

And thingy, whatshisname from Yes Minister was on The Avengers last night, looking pretty much exactly the same.

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Smoking Ban
Thursday 16th February 2006 1:54 pm

I knew there was something really important I wanted to blog about yesterday:

We're getting a smoking ban for summer 2007. After all that wrangling over pubs that sell food etc, I can't believe it's gone with such a big majority. Although interestingly, only the Tories had a majority of no ban. I wish it came into effect sooner but I'm looking forward to being able to go to the pub and be able to breathe while I'm there, and not have to wash all my clothes afterwards.

I'm also undecided about what I'm going to do over Easter. We established that I basically can't eat any passover food, so there's no way I'm going to go home and watch everyone eat nice food while I eat the ordinary disgusting stuff. And I'm not staying here either.

I have had people try to convince me to go to Eastercon, which would be quite cool as I've never been to Scotland before, so I could take some extra days off and have a look round Glasgow. Or I could go to Rotaract Conference, which isn't quite as badly north as I thought - it's in Windemere. I've never been to the Lake District either, so I'd quite like to go there too. Only bad side is I have to decide by the end of the month.

On the other hand I could just bugger off somewhere else entirely. I liked mum's suggestion of Paris except I don't think I can quite deal with the food issue in a foreign language yet and Easter weekend is a really bad time to go to Europe, given that they're worse than us about Sundays.

I thought about going to America - I can only cope with the place with for a week anyway, but mum pointed out that's a long way to go. Although not as far as Australia, but that would be the one place that would require travel sickness pills and mine went out of date in May.

So I just don't know!

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Sunday 20th November 2005 3:33 pm

This morning I thought I'd look up the train times home and it would only take a few minutes. Not a chance. The website told me there were no trains between 4.30 and 7.30. But I felt sure id got one at 6.30 before. I looked up the journey in bits (as I can't do it in any less than three trains - my record is five so far). I ended up getting so lost I decided to ring them instead - this usually doesn't work as they often just look it up on the same website.

I spoke to a girl who tended to whisper and not finish her sentences, so we had a long conversation. She said there was one at 5.30, which was a start. She did eventually admit there was one at 6.30 so but I'd have to get separate single tickets for it. It took a while but she first told me this was because I'd be using different train operators. Which was quite obviously a lie because Poole and Didcot are on different lines, so you can't do the more journey using the same train operator.

Having pointed tins out she then decided it was because I'd have to change at Oxford, which is further away than Didcot. Once I told her to look she did admit I could change at Reading, but then there were no trains at all to Didcot all evening. Another obvious lie. Especially as she then found me some trains.

However, all of this was no help at all. The train companies recently decided that if you live west of Bournemouth the best thing to do is to time the trains so you stand at Poole and watch the virgin train go past, then get on a Southwest train timed to get to Bournemouth so you can see the Virgin train leave as you arrive.But part of my reason for hearing in the evening is so this doesn't happen excerpt that now, it does.

Interestingly, when I looked up the 6.40 train from Bournemouth (the one the 6.30 train is timed to miss) it quite happily told me to change at Reading. But the 7.40 tells me to change at Oxford! And to think the government wants us to use public transport more.

The practical upshot of this is that dados taking me to Bournemouth. I'm so looking forward to being able to drive the joinery instead, as it it'll be quicker and simpler, even though I hate driving and you can't eat and read at the same time.

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Travel games
Monday 10th October 2005 10:27 pm

Looking back through old posts to categorise them is quite interesting. And it's reminded me, for some obscure reason, of games we used to play as children when travelling.

There was the alphabet thing. We did boys and girls names, but our favourite was 'I went shopping'. So the first person would say, for example, "I went shopping and I bought an apple". The second person would then carry on with, "I went shopping and I bought and apple and a banana"'. It would always start off sensibly and end up buying houses and planets.

Sometimes dad would challenge us to make up a story without using any e's, and less often, a's.

We would challenge each other to sing an ode to something. One person would think of the thing, the other person would have to use an existing tune or make one up, and sing a song about that thing. I say thing because it could have been anything. Perhaps not a small lump of green putty I found under my armpit one morning, but certainly as silly sometimes.

There was sausages - one person has to answer all questions by saying only 'sausages' and the first person to laugh loses. As we were kids we decided 'down the loo' was much more funny than sausages. It didn't matter either way, I laugh easily and always lost.

Another one I always lost was similar. One person was not allowed to say 'yes' or 'no' to any questions. I always forgot in the heat of the moment. Perhaps I'd be a crap politician 🙂

There would also be ordinary singing. A particular favourite I remember was 'There's a Hole in my Bucket' with one of us and Henry and the other as Liza. To save me reproducing it I found the whole version here.

There was the number plate game where you had to get all of the letters in the alphabet in order from number plates. My sister always won that one because she sat on the right and we always drove in the slow lane of dual carriageways (we didn't go on motorways because they were boring and we didn't always go out of the county).

There was I Spy - always more interesting when the thing you're guessing might no longer be in view. Although always manages to get boring quickly.

Another one we had was asking each other questions, the answer to which depended on the colour of the car passing. We'd gradually add in more colours and types. The fun in this question was to check what was coming up before asking (so the answer to 'are you clever?' had to be 'no').

Duck and Jump could be played at the same time as other games. When you went over a bridge you had to jump - lift your legs - and under one you had to duck (as best you could sitting down).

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A whole host of stuff
Saturday 20th August 2005 8:28 pm

I have discovered that train timetables are a work of fiction. Not only because the time they say the train's arriving bears no relation to the time it actually arrives, but also because more than once now I've got on a train that's not even listed in the timetable. And to make it worse, I've got on trains that aren't listed on the website either. So obviously the only way to get a train is to turn up to me station and hope. because when you ring up you can't even speak to a person any more.

On the plus side, I an writing this on dad's toy (his tablet PC), which is doing quite a good job of my handwriting). He's also put anvil on it since the last time I was home, and it's great. I love the bouncing icon instead of the hourglass!

Today was the annual water pistol fight in Winspit quarry with the local Blakes 7 group. Photos to follow, but it was good fun, as always. I even managed to paint my super soaker this year (well, last night).

I was also reminded that I read about the Discworld con on Judith's LJ and wanted to go. Well, the next one is August next year and looks good, judging from last years program. So, I think I might have to sign up for it. Up for it, Sel?

Am being pressured to watch Atlantis now that himself is ready, so that's pretty much a whistle-stop tour of my weekend so far. I will get round to replying to comments later, and 1 certainly plan to catch up on HLIII.

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Last post before I go
Wednesday 23rd March 2005 10:38 pm

Of course, this week has been stressful with sorting out my meal on the plane. Monday lunchtime I rang STA Travel because it seemed easier to get them to do than ringing the airline. You have to ring the branch, so of course the person I spoke to was with a customer and promised to ring me back. Although he did say 'is that vegan?' I said no, they would have an option for lactose free/intolerant.

At the end of the day I realised he hadn't but it was too late to do anything about it.

Meanwhile, I had emailed the people I am getting a coach with from Adelaide to Melbourne on Sunday and they replied on Monday to let me know it was changed.

So I range STA Travel up Tuesday first thing, so they wouldn't have any customers. This guy said he would do it. I sat and wondered whether it really had been done this time and planned to ring back Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Tuesday night I tried to check into my flight online but it didn't work. The airline was closed at that point, but said they opened at 8am. So I rang them this morning at 8.30 and the lady I spoke to said the reason I couldn't check in was they didn't have my passport number (I'm sure they should!). And incidentally, I was booked in as a gluten-free meal. She changed it to lactose free.

I tried a few times in the morning to check in, but with no results. So I rang them again at lunchtime the lady I spoke to then had no idea why it wasn't working. But she could book me a seat. So I now have window seats on my flights there and back.

And hopefully, I won't have to queue for ages before I check in so there will be time for dinner.

On the plus side, everything fits into my suitcase with some room to spare.

And on a majorly exciting note: I'm going to be in the same room as Ewan McGregor! He said on Parkinson on Saturday that he's going to be in Guys and Dolls in the West End, so we are going in July. I'm more excited about that than Oz, but then I think it's because I've been planning this for ages, so it doesn't seem quite real yet.

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Monday 21st February 2005 8:14 pm

I went to a foreign country last weekend - otherwise known as Up North. Or more specifically, Manchester. Which wasn't quite as scary and northern as I thought it was going to be. Although this view,
View from Heaton Park
doesn't really do much for it.

Manchester must be a foreign country because I've only ever seen trams in the middle of the roads in Prague before

But it can boast the delights of:
Canal Street Canal Street

I took 21 photos, I found out when I put them on my computer. I'm really not sure how I managed that. Although one of them is of a particularly blurry tram.

It was also very, very cold, and we got lost a lot. But the Air and Space museum had a couple of Enterprises, a TARDIS, a Dalek and a couple of Cybermen. Oh, and some planes. And we got to see a program being recorded! We went along to Granada Studios (where they film Coronation Street, and other programs I've not been desperate enough to watch) and got to see two-thirds of a gameshow being recorded. I say gameshow because that's what they called it.

We did see a couple of guys set a frying pan on fire, which was quite cool. The host, whose name I've entirely forgotten, introduced it four times - once with one camera, then with another but she said the words differently, so did it again, then couldn't pronounce 'superchef', so did it a fourth time. They recorded audience shots and laughter in advance. Hmm.

It was quite interesting though, but we had to leave before the end so I could get the train that would get me on the last bus. It's not going to be shown until the summer, so we'll have to wait to find out who won a cooking holiday to Goa.

I also had the most interesting train journey home. Even though it started from Manchester, it was pretty much breathing-room only. Why can Virgin not go back to ten carriage trains? So I stood outside first class, which was cold, especially when the door was open and it was snowing outside. It's since snowed three times today, so making that slightly less exciting. Never enough to settles properly though, but I digress.

A drunk girl fell out of the train at Wilmslow, so they dragged her back on, and took her off again at Stafford. A bloke in first class was watching Pirates of the Carribean on his laptop. Which sadly, isn't as good without sound.

At Birmingham the train managers changed over and the new one told the two of his in the corridor to go and sit in first class. Which was very nice and comfortable, but still cold. I did take half my bags to the toilet with me, and the bloke before me came out carrying his laptop. Which didn't surprise me at all.

So, I had a good time, I just seem to be missing sleep somewhere along the way. I also met Nic, although I was really disappointed no-one ever attempted to take both our names.

If you click on the photos you can see bigger versions.

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Wednesday 18th August 2004 10:29 pm

I've just had a massive moth fly in my room, so I tried to lure it out by turning off the light and opening the door (the landing light being on and there's already a dead wasp, a big spider, a beetle and a moth out there). Sadly it was attracted to my computer and I got the shock of my life when I looked down and saw it sat on my CD next to it. I think I managed to throw it out the window.

I had a nightmare last night. I was about to fly to America when I realised I didn't have any travel sickness pills. I ran round the shops in the airport looking for some but couldn't find any. Then I remembered I had packed them, but in my suitcase. I went back to where I was sat and handed my suitcase over before getting on the plane. This made perfect sense at the time.

I then got on the plane and realised I had ten minutes to find some pills before the plane took off (I did think about the fact that they take longer than that to kick in but I had decided it didn't matter). I found a doctor's but the nurse/receptionist was more interested in the contents of the sandwiches. After that there was a supermarket and a cinema involved but my suitcase and backpack ended up flying and I didn't.

I couldn't face the idea of flying for eight and a half hours, specially without pills. But as I've been to America, that woule be my anxiety over flying to Australia, which takes forever.

I've been enjoying the swimming at the Olympics, although it really makes me want to swim. It's annoying that there are no pools round here I can get to except on a Saturday. Which isn't terribly helpful. I also can't see when I'm in there, I can only go swimming when I have plenty of time because I have no way of knowing how long I've been in.

I wish they'd shown some of the fencing, though, apart from just on Sky (which is really not very helpful when you don't have Sky - and I'd certainly not get it just for that).

My ADSL connection has been intermittent since last night. This evening I had to redial four times, it went slow then it disconnected me while I ate dinner and watched the swimming. It seems to be better now. It's not just me though, which is something.

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Wednesday 4th August 2004 10:00 pm

I feel much more relaxed after my holiday now. Okay, so it was a long weekend at my parents but I didn't have to do any washing or cooking, I got ferried round by my sister in her new car (so she could practice driving) and, more than that, there was no work, no Rotaract, no nothing I didn't want to go near. Of course, now I keep thinking it's Monday.

Unbelievably, the trains were just the right amount of late on Friday night that I didn't spend all that much time hanging round at stations. Neither were they too busy because I left an hour late. I wrote fic on the train as well, go me!

Saturday was the annual water fight in a quarry - the fact that it was used for Blakes 7 and Doctor Who filming is merely an afterthought and more of an excuse to have a good time. I was amazed it was nice weather because it's been so crap for a long time. But it was hot and sunny and it was good to get covered in cold water. I managed to tan bits of my feet as well (usefully).

Sunday I went to see King Arthur. The cinema was really hot, which didn't really help, but my sister (who went with me) had to explain the whole plot afterwards because I was so lost. Honestly, she picked up all sorts of bits that were quite important and I completely missed, like what Arthur was fighting for, for a start. So not a great success on the part of the filmmakers then.

Monday we went to Monkey World. I have the photos to prove it but I haven't quite managed to plug my camera in yet. It was cool to see all the animals they talk about on the telly. My parents spent all the time talking about how much it had changed since we last went (which was the year after it opened, apparently) but all I can remember from that is Amy the orangutan. Pictures just don't get across just how big adult chimps are either. They had a bunny there as well, which was stretched out in the shade and generally unimpressed at meeting me.

We spring cleaned my room as well. So now there's plenty of space for more stuff! And I found some things I'd forgotten I had, so that was quite productive. And didn't take long, since mum had already done the cleaning part. I took down a fair few posters as well. Blu-tac goes all sticky when it's old, and hard when it's older still. I think I still have some up my fingernails.

Then I came back here last night to find they'd had a storm and consequently a power cut. Of course at home, they'd had a few spots of rain and it was bright sunshine. My landlady has an electric cooker, so just as I'd given up (and finished my book) and had a sandwich, the power came back on. I had all these things I was planning to do last night and it was really annoying not to get to do them.

Then I was woken up by a moth flying in my ear. Which is very, very loud, and scary. I think I broke a piece of wing off getting it out, so there might well be a dead moth somewhere in my room. But at least it's not in my ear (I got the doctor to check - I was so paranoid I had to sleep with the light on).

My dad introduced me to Abilon, which reads site feeds from blogs (including livejournal). It's great, I love it! You can get my site feed from this address:, which is also on the left hand side of the page. Obviously, it's paranoidangel42 for the livejournal version, but they're both the same.

And now I'll stop writing because I'm still on a Sirius/Remus thing, I have 11 alerts (ten from Stories of Arda, one from to read, plus fileg's birthday present to avon (I'm a bit behind) and Sel's Five Things fic. And that's not including anything I have in book/zine form that will keep me going for some time. Do these people not know when to stop? 🙂

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Saturday 15th May 2004 9:29 pm

I am so tired, even though it's only half nine (so this may or may not be coherent), and it doesn't feel like I've done much today, other than wander round the Expo. Oh, and propose marriage to Craig Parker (who played Haldir in LOTR films). Well, ok, I didn't say that to him, and in my defense I wasn't the only person who thought that.

Annoyingly, he's doing a dinner in two weeks, but I have two things on that day (well, one in the day and one in the evening) and a con in October, but Kate won't go with me (too many SG cons!) and it's in Manchester, which is more of a pain to get to than Heathrow (being as it's practically the other end of the country). I did make her promise to go with me to an LOTR con next year, although together with Australia and Redemption that'll pretty much use up my holiday days for next year.

The man himself, and me, as taken on my new digital camera (the original looks a lot better but is a lot, lot bigger):

Nic and Craig

Then on the way home the (very hot) train stood around at Paddington for an extra 25 minutes, so it meant I missed my bus (and the next one wasn't for 2.5 hours, so I got a taxi - I will try and charge Thames Trains for it) and I finished my book when we were only just past Slough.

On the plus side I now have a very silly mouse for work (it has a floating Nemo in it) and Daniel on a keyring.

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Tuesday 11th May 2004 10:18 pm

New Blogger - now with added comments. And titles. And pages with just one post and the comments on. Which now means all my links have to have the whole address in, annoyingly. There are bits of it I haven't investigated yet, but it seems good so far. I did hear about it via BBC News, mind you...

It really annoys me, in a way, not having a car. I'd love to be able to decide to go somewhere and just go there. And in the case of going home, in half the time. But, cars are:

a) expensive and
b) break (and I really don't understand them)

There's also the problem (and this is less easy to fix) that I don't like driving. I don't like other cars, I'm not terribly keen on roundabouts or traffic lights (I'm never quite sure whether they're going to change or not). I also don't like thin or dark roads, which is what all the ones round here are like. I especially don't like coming onto dual carriageways (so I dread to think what I'd be like on motorways, which sadly, are all round here too).

I also haven't worked out how you can possibly talk while driving. I'm ok, as long as I don't have to change gears, change speed, change lanes, or turn into or out of roads. Which, lets face it, is most of the time. Perhaps an automatic would help, but they're too expensive to consider anyway.

I can have dad's car when he retires in two and a half years. Which is quite nice, because I know it (or will be when the runners have been moved forward so I can reach the pedals) and when I work out how to do first to second. But I'm terrified of what he'd say if I crashed it. I'm terrified of crashing it too, of course.

It's all academic anyway because I can't afford to run one - well, I can but then I wouldn't be able to afford to go anywhere in it. I wish I lived somewhere with better public transport, which would solve all my problems. Or I could just never go anywhere and live a very boring life.

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Letter to car drivers
Tuesday 9th March 2004 11:15 pm

Dear car drivers,

I really don't appreciate you stopping and forcing me to cross the road when you choose. When I'm standing at the side of the road thinking about when to cross I'm not just standing there turning my head from one side to another, I'm planning. I'm looking at what cars are coming, at what speed and deciding when's best to go. If you stop it makes a mess of my plan and I get confused. And don't hoot at me for not crossing when you decide I should, I'll cross whenever I like, okay? And that certainly won't be in front of cars inching forwards.

And while I'm here, I'd appreciate it if you remembered the stuff you learnt when you were learning to drive. Do you remember what indicators are? They inform other drivers and pedestrians where you think you might be going. It's especially useful on roundabouts when we all just assume you're going straight on if you don't tells us otherwise. You aren't allowed to run me over, even if I have crossed in front of you because I assumed you weren't going in that direction. If I waited until I knew for certain no-one was going down that road I'd be standing there all day.

On zebra crossings you aren't allowed on them when I am. It may sound like a stupid rule but it's really disconcerting to hear a car close behind you. It's also nice if you stop when I have a foot on one, not speed up. For a start, I've got right of way. But don't take it to extremes and slow down if I'm anywhere near one. I can wait a couple of seconds for you to get to the other side of it before I cross.

Waiting at a bus stop is not a reason to give anyone a funny look. I know you don't see them very often round here and they are only skippers but there are people without cars that aren't forced to use what we laughing call public 'transport', which the government think we should all be using but haven't got the brains to work out why we're not. I don't think having a brain is in the MP job description.

All you really need to do to make me happy and ensure I don't have a lengthy stay in hospital is to read the Highway Code. It's all in there, really.

Love, Nic (a pedestrian)

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Sunday 19th October 2003 8:54 pm

Haven't updated for a while because I've been busy. Not sure what I've been busy with mind you...

A couple of angsty twins recs: The Search and Lost

Neither finished, but a nice bit of angst over missing Elrohir's. I've also been discovering the Stories of Arda site, which is nice and quick, has a search function and you can leave and reply to reviews.

I went to the Lord of the Rings exhibition at the Science Museum yesterday which was very good. Made me want to watch the films again to see all the things in the exhibition! It was good to meet up with people I'd only met online as well.

I'm going to America in two weeks! I'm starting to get excited, think about packing, and its kind of scary at the same time. I've never been on such a long flight before. I think going to SG6 and meeting up with people the night before will help and take my mind off it. And it'll be good to see my friends again as well.

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Sunday 7th September 2003 9:02 pm

I'm getting all excited about Alias now I've seen the first episode of series 2 again. It was weird, cos so much has happened since then. Only a few more weeks to wait.

You'd think that going all of three stops from Reading to Goring would be simple, wouldn't you? Well, no. I got to the train station yesterday to find there were no trains, I still don't know why because the announcement was too quiet to hear. I froze on the platform for an hour before three turned up. So I should get 50% back for the train I got on being over an hour late (which will come to �1). Hopefully they'll pay for my taxi too, since there's a gap of 2.5 hours between buses, right when you need them as well. The best bit was that the main screens, the screens on the platforms, the announcements, national rails live departure boards and Thames Trains live departure boards all said different things.

I've done the equivalent of a days work today. I'm probably a bit more then halfway through writing Novick Poland. I really know more about the names of Polish beers than I ever wanted to, frankly.

I got an American-British dictionary yesterday and quite liked the entry for pissed:
pissed adj (col) - drunk. It does not mean pissed off (which is used in Britain). The actor David Suchet recalls that when he was at a party in New York and confessed to being 'a bit pissed,' he was puzzled because someone asked, 'I'm sorry. What's wrong?'. This has a number of spin-off terms, such as piss-artist, meaning a heavy drinker, on the piss, meaning on the sauce, and piss-up, a drunken party.

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Lots of things
Wednesday 9th October 2002 10:38 pm

Meant to write in this yesterday, but got tired and went to bed about half ten. Then couldn't get to sleep, so ended up watching a bit of Stargate Director's Cut at quarter to midnight. I have noticed some differences as well. Not entirely certain if they're better or worse yet though. Still totally indecisive about going travelling, hence the not sleeping. I should just see how it goes really, try to do some more IT at work, and if I want to go, it doesn't necessarily have to be next summer. I did realise that I really want to see the Northern Lights (can't spell technical name!). Everything I can pretty much take or leave to be honest. Then I'll have seen just about every stellar phenomena there is.

Been watching loads of Alias recently. I've just realised how good it is. Stupidly went to find some websites and accidentally read some spoilers for episodes I haven't seen yet, which is annoying. But I think some of them won't really make sense until I get to those episodes anyway, and I might well have forgotten them. I found some read hair dye in Boots, that is pretty much the colour I want and only lasts 3 washes, which is good. Unfortunately, you need blonde hair for it to work. Bugger.

Run out of other things to do now! Meant to do some work on my website, but haven't got round to it. Need to stop typing though, hand hurts. Will go and watch Stargate instead maybe (bugger all on TV of course).

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Poor hand
Sunday 6th October 2002 11:04 pm

Didn't manage to stay up late to watch Star Trek after Monday because it was just too cold. Hurt my right hand this week by doing loads of writing for work. Halfway through The Bill on Wednesday I had to stop cross stitching because my hand hurt a bit. I had noticed it wasn't too god at work but didn't think anything of it. Until I did some epee Thursday night! Luckily hardly anyone was in on Friday, so I got away with not doing very much work. I had to use my left hand for the mouse and type with my left, which I am quite quick at, but I did get quite frustrated with it though. But every time I used my right hand it hurt too much! I haven't done much with it this weekend, so hopefully it'll be fine for all of Monday.

Went to STA Travel on Saturday. So now I've got all of these brochures and I'm getting quite excited about going. There is the matter of a job when I get back though. I think that if I go next summer, then when I come back I can sort my life out, live somewhere nice and buy a new computer. Not sure. I'm going to talk to people who've done it though, and about what I might need to go into IT. And exactly what I can do in the industry as well. I will have to make a decision soon though. I'm not sure if its possible to spend all that time away and only life on stuff you can carry with you!

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Monday 30th September 2002 11:46 pm

Trying to decide whether to go travelling now! It was kind of something someone said today and what was said at my appraisal about it, and also what someone mentioned on one of my mailing lists. If I could go into IT in the same company, then it would be kind of stupid to leave it all behind now. I think the trouble is that if I have a good day at work and feel more included, then I think I don't want to leave, but if I have a bad day and feel left out, I desperately want to leave. Same with at home really, I think. I think I'll have to see how it goes and whether I last through the cold in the winter this year, because that's when I felt worst last year.

Really must work on my essay for Jack O'Neill studies and write some e-mails. Perhaps I'll have an evening of doing that and playing with my modem tomorrow night, as it refused to work in the top slot last night, which is not good. Didn't leave work till 10 past 6, so couldn't really have made it to Tae Kwon Do even if I wanted to.

I so want Sikozu's hair! And clothes. And a body to go in them. But I really want to dye my hair that colour, and I wish it was long and curly like that (and manageable, obviously).

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The Bill shock
Thursday 22nd August 2002 10:22 pm

Calming down a bit now. I was in a state of shock over tonights Bill. In my defence it was very dramatic. I felt tired before the episode started, but by the end I couldn't stop moving - just nervous energy I think. I had a really boring day at work as well, as there wasn't much work on really. Which is kind of a good thing at the moment.

I think my landlady's gone on holiday. Her car and toothbrush are gone and I know she's supposed to be going soon. Its just as well I didn't let the cat throw up on the video then. I think I will get an early night while it is quiet. And it is nice to get some peace and quiet, it does my head no end of good. Which is probably just as well, given that I've nearly run out of pills - didn't quite manage a pill free day today, sadly.

Virgin sent me a 5 pound voucher - which is not 25% of 40 quid. I checked their passengers charter on their website and it says if the trains are late so you arrive at your destination an hour or more late you are entitled to 25% of your ticket price. Also, if you have to wait at a station for an hour they'll provide you with free drinks. Which is very interesting. I'll wait to see how much I get for the journey up there, then I'll get another complaint form to complain about the complaint. Maybe it was because I used a different address they didn't know it was me, so are trying to fob me off, thinking I don't know the system. Well, they have another think coming!

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