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Books and tennis
Tuesday 19th May 2009 9:21 pm

I had a good weekend - well, half a good weekend. I went to High Wycombe to drop off some knickers and other stuff for Knickers 4 Africa and go to 's ex-local bookshop. Where I saw her parents and spent £17 on books - that was being restrained. I'm still working through the books I got from my mum and grandmother for my birthday yet.

It was a good day and we somehow managed to avoid the worst of the weather. I was really tired when I got home, which I expected. What I didn't expect was how dizzy I felt Sunday. All I ended up doing on Sunday is lying on the sofa reading and watching tennis because I wasn't capable of doing anything else. Fortunately, there was tennis on - exhibition matches under the new Centre Court roof at Wimbledon and I enjoyed them, although I could have done without the camera moving so much. I didn't even feel like I'd done that much either. I'm less dizzy now but back to going to bed at 10pm.

But on Friday I'm going to see if I feel well enough after work to go and see In the Loop, which wasn't at the cinema walking distance from where I live now. But it is at the cinema walking distance from work on Friday and Saturday. Then it is at least a three day weekend, although I plan to do things with it - not least find a place for all these books to live...

Also, in the unlikely event that there's anyone left who doesn't have a Dreamwidth account that wants one, I have four invites. And, it turns out, Trillian Astra invites, since it's now in beta. And probably has been for a while, I've just failed to notice, just gave them money...

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Trillian Astra
Sunday 18th November 2007 7:44 pm

The latest Trillian Astra update has just added in email checking. So I thought I'd try it out for gmail. The trouble with gmail is that I have a few accounts for it. The Gmail notifier that you can download only checks one account every 2 minutes that that's it. So I have the You've Got Gmail plugin in the old version of Trillian checking my RP account. Which is a bit of a pain because it means I have to have two versions of Trillian open and the old one has an annoying habit of crashing. You've Got Gmail doesn't yet work in Astra.

You have to be logged into google in Astra for it to work. Which is fine, since google IM actually works in Astra, unlike in 3.1 (and it's not a Jabber plugin either, it comes as standard). It tells you if you have mail instantly. And by instantly I mean if I have my inbox open in a Firefox tab, Astra will tell me I have email before the tab does. It can cope with telling you if you have a new email in a conversation where you already have one unread email too. And it does my email sound, so I can tell I have new email. So all that's great. Well, I don't need it to check that often, but I don't get that many emails on my RP account, so I'm hardly going to complain about that.

What's less good is that it doesn't tell you the time stamp on the email. Sometimes I leave mine unread and just go to the page, and I can't tell, in that case if it's telling me the email I know about is there, or I've had a new one. But more of a problem than that is that the subject says 'Reply to your comment/post' and that it's from ljnotify@livejournal or whatever the address is. Which is unhelpful. At least YGG tells you what LJ name it's from. Which doesn't necessarily tell you which conversation it's for, but it narrows it down a bit.

I don't know, I still can't decide whether it's liveable with despite the faults. Although the main problem I have a the moment with Astra (apart from still no support for AIM chatrooms) is that the skin you get has coloured circles for different IMs. Which Trillian seem to like for some strange reason. I can never work out which is which, so I usually have a skin where they're the relevant symbols - which is much easier to understand. But being an alpha release, there are no skins yet. I am looking forward to the day when there are.

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Trillian Astra
Tuesday 18th September 2007 6:59 pm

I've been testing out the alpha release of Trillian Astra. It's quite exciting because I've never seen an alpha release of anything before. And possibly not even beta. Although I am using a release candidate version of RSS Bandit because it works better than the version I upgraded from and better than the version I could upgrade to.


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What I’ve been (failing) to do on the internet
Wednesday 24th January 2007 10:06 pm

A friend of mine told me she had a myspace page but couldn't work out how to change the look of it. I can't quite get my head round myspace - I mean, what's it for? - but I thought that should be simple, I mean I know monkeys do it. So I created one (here, incidentally) and I managed to change the font colour of some text. The rest I just don't know how it's done and the help is incredibly unhelpful.

Trillian's been driving me mad too. I'm eagerly awaiting the release of Trillian Astra because currently I can't send or receive files (which is a common problem), get anyone to see any messages I type in Google Talk (also a common problem), add contacts in AIM (guess what?), or join an AIM chatroom without being invited (that one's a bug).

The latter I've discovered as I ended up joining a Doctor Who RPG: Relative Space and they use AIM. I refuse to download or use AIM on principle because it's AOL and I refuse to have AOL on my computer. And I don't see why I should have to because Trillian should work, dammit! I have paid for it after all.

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You know you’ve spent too much time at work when…
Monday 21st August 2006 7:29 pm finish one thing and try to fill in your timesheet before starting the next.

(Trying to dial 9 before a number is another one I kept doing for a while).

I can see this week is going to be crap, and probably next week too, so I worked through half my lunchtime and left slightly late, with the result that I felt completely brain dead by the time I got home. I was fine once I've eaten dinner.

For some inexplicable reason (except that it's Trillian) Trillian decided to lose my Jabber connections (to Google Talk and LJ Talk). It took me ages to find the LJ Talk instructions, mainly because I couldn't remember what it was called, then it turned out pretty much all I needed to do was tell it my username and password. So I am feeling slightly more connected to the world (although not much because it kept msn, which is where most of my contacts are - which does mostly consist of my parents, mind you).

And I almost forgot about it for the fourth day in a row, but I posed an Epilogue to that long Doctor Who fic: Dream a Little Dream Epilogue.

I should really go and reply to some emails and think about stuff for tomorrow's Rotaract meeting.

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If I was Prime Minister…
Monday 22nd May 2006 7:41 pm

Not content with merely having a bad day, Barclaycard, in their infinite wisdom decided to change their website, so not only can I not find anything but I couldn't get in either. I'm finally in to my account but it took me three calls to a national rate number.

And Trillian decided for no particular reason to lose all my sounds. And messenger isn't working properly so I can't check if the ones I have now are the right ones because I can't get anyone to message me.

I was comforted as I walked home (while it had actually stopped raining!) by playing a game of If I was Prime Minister:

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Spring cleaning
Sunday 14th May 2006 9:06 pm

I've done most of my spring cleaning this weekend. The last bit I'll get done next Sunday. But I have been really ruthless and so far filled up three black bin bags with rubbish, and four carrier bags to be charitied. Most importantly, I have more space for book, DVDs and CDs 🙂

Trillian is annoying. As per usual, really. Turns out the connecting to Gmail is an issue loads of other people have had. But none of the fixes that worked for other people worked for me. I also had to reinstall it to a different folder to fix an icon problem. Which it did, but then the skin didn't behave properly! So I decided the skin was more important than the look of the taskbar icon and went back to the original.

It's almost tempting not to bother, but when it works it is better than msn messenger, plus I've got used to the way this one looks.

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Doctor Who, Trillian and The Avengers
Thursday 11th May 2006 7:23 pm

Through the magic of free months at different DVD rental sites, I currently have all three Sarah Jane Smith Doctor Whos here. I started with the Pyramids of Mars. It had its moments but they were a bit few and far between. It didn't help that I was confused about who was who as well. The short extra on how the location has changed between now and then was interesting. I've made it halfway through the commentary but I think I might just send it back now, because I can't quite be arsed with the rest.

Trillian is really annoying me. I set a global away message the other week. Ever since it seems to think I'm away - but only to me. Tech support suggested reinstalling it over itself. Since then, Jabber has refused to log in to Google Talk - although it likes to think it has occasionally. So now I'm going to have to uninstall and reinstall it to fix both problems. And make sure I save the skin and the sounds I'm using. (which come from a different skin).

Also according to Tech Support, it won't let you share files with ZoneAlarm. Except that it worked quite happily before I upgraded Trillian...

Very sad that tonight was the last episode of The Avengers BBC4 are apparently going to show. Also the last Emma Peel one. It was, quite rightly, full of innuendo, as usual. I want to say it was sad when Steed and Peel parted but it kind of wasn't. Anyway, when send me my DVDs I still have all the black & white Peel episodes to go and a couple of colour ones I missed.

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