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I love my TV card
Thursday 27th May 2004 10:31 pm

I wasn't quite ready for The Bill at 8 o'clock tonight, so I set the video on my computer to record it. SO I started watching at quarter past 8, fast forwarded through the adverts and finished at just past 9. It's great - I must do it more in the future!

The floor still slopes. They fixed my glasses a bit but any more beyond that and they might break, which will be very, very bad. So I have shelled out a quite horrendous amount of money for two new pairs which are bendy. I also got a free pair of pescription sunglasses although those won't have special lenses to make them thinner. It's been a long time since I had ordinary lenses, so I dread to think how thick they'll be.

I didn't go to bed till 1.15 last night, which was fine because I wasn't tired. I am now though, I might have to have an early night.

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