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Filming excitement
Wednesday 23rd June 2004 9:49 pm

There was a bit of excitement at work today. Our office is in the town centre (such as it is) and they were filming Rosemary and Thyme in it! We saw Felicity Kendall from the window (she was wearing a red coat and red grannies headscarf thing) and I walked past Pam Ferris in the street. We spent rather a lot of time standing in the window (they are tall windows with low, wide sills).

There was no tennis, due to the decidly late autumn weather (10 degrees C, gale force winds, rain, severe weather warnings(!)) which usually means Five Live have some interesting discussions. Except they spent most of the time discussing Euro 2004 instead. Apparently BBC2 were getting out the McEnroe matches, which is never a good sign.

I've been very good tonight and done most of the stuff on my to do list. Which involved writing fifteen e-mails (Norton complained I was sending more than five in two seconds). All I've got left now is stuff I had on there from this weekend. Which, slightly worryingly, does include reading fileg's birthday present to Avon and listening to I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue. It's really taking organisation to a whole new level. (I often forget to watch things on TV unless I tape them, so the video coming on reminds me, so it's really not good).

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