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Tuesday 1st July 2014 1:10 pm

I'd been thinking for a while about how I mainly use Twitter to read stuff and rarely post or interact with people on it. This is because most of the people I follow are comedians or are accounts giving you information. And also because my Twitter account isn't public they won't see a post if I reply to them. So I generally don't.

I'd been thinking about posting every day and then the other day I posted something and someone on it commented that they hadn't seen me around lately. I thought 'but I read Twitter every day' and realised no one else can tell that.

I'm also considering whether to open a Twitter account for my Rotary club. The only person who uses Twitter is me, so I'd always be the one updating it. When we had one for Rotary I was the only one updating it and often I forgot. So I want to see if I can get into the hang of using mine before starting another that would definitely need use.

So for July I am going to post to Twitter every day. A post counts as something I post to it, whether it's an ordinary post or a reply or even a retweet. I did fit a summary of this post into 140 characters 🙂

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Tuesday 13th November 2012 9:24 pm

Twitter for me is mostly for following comedians and people who will tell me when the programme they're in is on TV. Here are some interesting people/accounts I follow: Read more...

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Sunday 19th June 2011 8:00 pm

I keep hearing various people at work and in Rotaract talking about how they don't like to go on the computer in the evenings because they sit in front of them all day. I couldn't work out if they were odd or I was until I realised that all they probably use their computers for is work-like things. Whereas I use it to talk to people and watch videos and play games, which is fun stuff. Although I do sometimes have to do work-like (and actual work) stuff on it, it's not a large percentage of the time I spend on the computer.

Although I do have a skewed view of what might be fun (certainly from their point of view). Today I spent playing with Firefox 4 in Ubuntu to install it alongside 3.6 so I can see how much I like it. I've now got them looking almost identical and with the same add-ons. So my hatred of it has turned to mild dislike. And that's mostly about how it handles playing about with your add-ons.

And, at the same time, I played about with TweetDeck in Chromium. My trouble with Twitter is that I only read it in TweetDeck on my main computer. Which I don't turn on if I'm out for part of the evening. Last week I didn't read Twitter on Sunday because I was out, then I didn't read it on Monday because there were more updates than I had the energy to read. Then I was out on Tuesday and Wednesday, busy on Thursday evening and couldn't be bothered on Friday. Which is not the end of the world (I don't feel like I've missed anything much), but it does make it a bit pointless having it if I don't read it.

Since I can use my netbook while lying down, I thought about putting TweetDeck on it. But as soon as I went to the website I remembered they have a Chrome app, which works in Chromium (Linux's Chrome). It's not quite as good as the standalone one because all you can do is decide which columns you want (which match your lists in Twitter) and where you want them. There are no other options. But it's far better than the web, which is a pain to read.

And then I played around with who I'm following and who's in which lists etc. I now have about 7 lists, which I have columns for in Chromium. But they're still in my two columns in TweetDeck, which I can't delete because TweetDeck took away that functionality. But I can't decide whether I'd rather have more people in fewer columns, or fewer people in more columns. Time will tell...

And all of this was fun. And some of it was done while watching Quantum Leap.

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Pre-Wimbledon update
Sunday 21st June 2009 3:35 pm

Wimbledon starts on Monday! I have my fantasy team assembled, which includes Federer and Murray and an assortment of women who's names I liked, since I know nothing about the women and don't care about them either. I must remember to find my radio from wherever I put it when I moved in six months ago.

After deleting my Facebook account it started sending me notifications. So I had to undelete it to find out what was going on and found that not only had it ticked every notification box but it had also allowed my profile to be seen by everyone! So I reset it, but now I don't trust them to actually delete it, even though it looks as thought they do now, so I haven't. But after fixing all that I see no reason to ever visit the site again.

I had an epiphany about Twitter too and what I actually wanted to use it for. There's loads of people I follow who I'm just not reading and who aren't following me so we can't have a conversation over it and when they post interesting stuff I want to ask about, I can't ask on Twitter. So I have temporarily shunted everyone I don't think I want to read into a column and I'll see if I miss them, or if they've said anything I do want to read in a few days time. But I did discover there's a Wimbledon feed, which is vaguely interesting. There are also feeds for various courts and Henman Hill! Tim Henman has an account he rarely posts to but interesting, Andy Roddick has one that he uses and posts interesting things to as far as I can see. Unlike Andy Murray...

I am looking forward to [info]melliyna coming to visit on Wednesday because I want to see her, but also because it'll be someone to talk to. Blogs and Twitter aren't really the best replacements for a social life. But, I am up to 13 fast on the first exercise. Or I was on Friday - I spent yesterday too tired and dizzy to do anything and today too dizzy to do anything except for the things I really need to get done this weekend.

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Wednesday 15th April 2009 10:17 am

This seems like the best place to put it. I got pissed off with random people following my Twitter, since they were following thousands of random people, probably in the hopes that I'd follow them without looking and then buy stuff. I was blocking them, but some I wasn't sure of and I didn't think that was a good idea. Also, I don't want people from work to be able to read my Twitter, if they find it.

So I made my updates protected. In theory, if I'm reading the help right, everyone I'm following should be able to read my updates now and the same won't be said of anyone I start following after I protected it. I think.

So if there is anyone who has suddenly found they can't read my Twitter feeds, that's why, and I'll let anyone read it who I know in some form or another.

If anyone wants to know where my Twitter is, take a guess. Or look down the side of my blog. If you don't, you're not missing anything - most of my posts are conversations with other people.

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