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Ugly Betty
Friday 24th August 2007 8:56 pm

Ages ago, when I was round my sister's when The OC finale was being repeated I was surprised to find out she watched it. But she mentioned another series she watched, similar to it, that she thought I'd like. And it was called Ugly Betty. But she also said I should watch it from the beginning.

I remember it starting on Channel 4 but that's no help. 4OD only went back as far as episode 10 at the time, which was unhelpful. And I could only find the latest episodes anywhere.

But I finally got hold of it and watched the first episode last night - and the second tonight. I'm really enjoying it. It's quite funny, there's all sorts of plots going on, and there's a Scottish girl in it, which makes such a nice change from the American accents.

So I'll be watching more of it.

Heroes, on the other hand, I would stop watching, except there's usually something each episode that interests me. And I'm sort of watching it out of habit. All the characters annoy me apart from Hiro and Ando, and Matt only doesn't annoy me loads because he's played by Greg Grunberg. So I'm still watching it, for now.

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