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Last Thursday in Cardiff
Thursday 27th March 2008 8:54 pm

Going slightly backwards in time from my last post, last Thursday I picked up from the station and we went back to mine past what's now a housing estate, but was where they filmed The Invasion. The relevance of this will be more obvious later.

Then we went to a different train station via the village where they filmed The Android Invasion. I accidentally went through it rather than round, so when I got back and watched bits I honestly can't say whether it's the same place or not. If it is then they've put road markings down since.

By the time we got to Cardiff it was raining (unsurprisingly for Wales). We went to see Sarah Jane's house, and Alan and Maria's.

A quick trip to the castle (well, as fast as you can go up a keep with steep, slippery steps) and some second-hand bookshops and the Oxfam bookshop, and then we visited Torchwood. And I can prove that the invisible lift really works.

It turned out the Doctor Who Exhibition opened past 5pm and only cost £4, so we went round that taking photos of nearly everything - it was handy it was so empty. When we came out I might have accidentally bought a sonic lipstick and little remote control dalek. The latter is a black version of an ordinary gold dalek I have, so I will have to get myself some pink paint and paint them in the summer when I can do it outside - it doesn't matter if I accidentally paint the grass pink.

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What I got up to in Cardiff
Tuesday 2nd October 2007 9:40 pm

The long version...


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Cardiff, Chalet School and SJA: Eye of the Gorgon part 1
Monday 1st October 2007 7:12 pm

It was fortunate I'd done pretty much everything I wanted to before today because it didn't stop chucking it down with rain till I got home. I'm so pleased to be here - it's cold because turning the heating on just before I went away seemed stupid, and my neighbours have decided I need to hear every word of their TV really clearly.

A proper write-up to follow - I still have 2 hours 15 mins of TV to catch up on and 40 unread RSS Feeds. For now, though, there are photos at

I read six Chalet School books in preparation for my TARDIS Big Bang story, and now I think I need to read more. But I definitely like the Austrian ones better than the English & Welsh ones. I wrote 10 pages of notes on A6, which hopefully I'll be able to make some sort of coherent sense out of. I'm not sure some of the original makes sense, which doesn't help.

I watched SJA live:

Spoilers for Eye of the Gorgon part 1:


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Still in Cardiff
Sunday 30th September 2007 6:45 pm

I'm ready to go home now - my feet hurt, my legs hurt, my knee hurts. I'm tired; I want to not have to walk any further than round my flat and to do nothing except lie on the sofa and go to bed in a nice comfy bed.

But, I have seen Sarah Jane's house, Torchwood's invisible lift, a concert in the Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay Barrage, Cardiff Castle and lots of other sundry bits of Cardiff. I can definitely say that I've done Cardiff now. It'll certainly make the next series of Torchwood that bit more interesting, if nothing else.

Amazingly, it's not rained much at all. Although I saw BBC News 24 on the bus (!) - it was a bendy bus, which never gets less exciting - and they said it was going to be raining tomorrow morning though.

The best part is that I've spent les than £20 on entertainment. And since I brought breakfasts, lunches and snacks, I've not spent that much on food either. So it has actually been a cheap holiday. I'd just like to not have to go back to work on Tuesday - I've been away long enough for it all to have gone horribly wrong, I am sure.

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Welsh greetings
Friday 28th September 2007 4:56 pm

Hello from sunny Cardiff. Yes, it is sunny. Or has been, I think it's a bit cloudy now. It will rain at some point this weekend, though, since it always rains when I go to Wales.

So far I've been on an open-top bus tour (which was a bit windy), where I found out more about what to do in the city than the tourist information. I've also walked around all of the city centre (ie where the shops are) and found the internet cafe where it's £1 an hour.

They've just opened a Borders here today and this weekend is 15% off, so my suitcase might be going back heavier than it came - although it was mostly full of food (I am not exaggerating - I brought breakfast, lunch and snacks with me).

The worst part was the train fare: £38 for a 1 hour 20 minute journey! Not being able to use my railcard makes it even worse (it doesn't work this far West).

Now, Edinburgh is the only British capital city I haven't been to - I have plans to go there in the next couple of years, though, and get the sleeper train back.

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