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Tuesday 10th December 2013 9:01 pm

I have finished my Yuletide fic! After I realised that I had a sentence in there that negated a whole plot point... Since I basically wrote two drafts a week last Sunday and finished it last Sunday I've effectively done it in two days. There was just some time in between where I thought about how to combine the two scenes that achieved the same thing. Now I'm just trying to find someone to beta it.

I need to sign up for [info]blakefest now that I've come round to the idea that maybe I can write for other people. Well, as soon as I decide what specifically I can write in Blake's 7 and what I want. In only slightly related news, my DW comm button doesn't work, but the ones for LJ users & comms and DW users does. Bizarre. But maybe when WordPress 3.8 comes out it will break it all/fix it all.

In non-writing news, I've skimmed through the thumbnails of my sister's wedding photos. There was one taken of everyone there and they made my sister and her husband kiss. So naturally, since I was standing behind them, I made a face. Sadly, my acting skills are non-existent and I can't make a face on command, so it doesn't achieve quite the effect I was going for.

The photo that makes me laugh is one of my sister and my mum sitting on a sofa and talking to each other. My dad is next to them and I'm hanging over the back talking to him - about Linux distros. Important conversation to have at a wedding.

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Weddings and birthdays
Monday 6th May 2013 5:17 pm

It was my birthday yesterday, but I didn't celebrate because I went to a wedding on Saturday... It wasn't as bad as I feared and it was good to catch up with people there I hadn't seen for years.

Yesterday I came home and opened my presents and watched Doctor Who. Diana Rigg and Rachael Stirling were both great, as was expected really, but made me want to watch The Avengers.

Present wise I got:

  • knickers (I've never bought my own knickers and I hate the idea of having to and Mum picks out good ones)
  • tea towels (enough to last 30 years at the rate I've been getting through tea towels)
  • mp3 player (which I actually got the week I was spring cleaning because that's when I needed it
  • giant piano keyboard (which is easier to play if you jump around, but does make your legs ache)
  • china rabbit

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