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A post about nothing
Thursday 22nd April 2010 8:16 pm

I was thinking I ought to post as it's been a while and then thought, what do I have to say? I feel like I do nothing at the moment. Which is mostly true. I have a social life on Tuesdays with Rotaract. Last Tuesday we went bowling. I did pretty well and didn't get too dizzy - but I did have to walk up to the lane with the ball in both hands, bend down, make sure I wasn't going to fall over, then throw the ball.

I feel quite good at the moment, which is pretty much related to work calming down and me getting some sleep. I keep going through phases of waking up at 6 or 6.30 and if you do it occasionally then you could argue that you didn't need that much sleep. But when you keep doing it and get tireder and tireder and have to go to bed earlier and earlier, that's not a help. So far this week I've only woken up at 6.30am twice, and once dreamed I had, which was a bit surreal.

Since I actually have a brain for a change, I have managed two drafts of my Remix fic. I'm quite excited about it and quite happy with it, so hopefully I'll get it finished soon, before I start feeling terrible again. Staying up late for the election in two weeks isn't going to help with that, but that's life.

I have decided that Sports Resort is my new favourite game on the Wii. I love archery on it - you hold the remote in your left hand and pull the bow back with the nunchuck, so it's much more like archery in real life. It keeps your progress like Wii Sports does, so you can see how you're improving (or not in tennis in my case), but there are other goals you can get (like getting 10s with your three arrows in archery for example), which makes it fun.

Speaking of, I think I'll go and do some Wii playing now, before HIGFNY and Outnumbered...

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Wednesday 18th February 2009 10:56 pm

I do like my Wii.

I kept looking at my open documents this evening, thinking about how the things I needed to do before I went and couldn't quite bring myself to get round to. And my back hurt sitting at the computer.

So I had a few games of the cow jumping game, sat back down at the computer and got it all done. Which is exactly the sort of thing I bought it for.

Now I'm sat on the sofa with the netbook, watching All Creatures Great and Small.

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