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Still hot
Sunday 29th July 2018 5:20 pm

I haven't posted or commented much or done much at all the past few weeks. It's just been too hot, most of the time. Plus there was Wimbledon and then I got a bad cold afterwards. This weekend has been 'cold' (low 20sC) so I'm getting everything in now before going back to mostly just watching TV and reading because that's all I have the energy for (plus being on a hot laptop is hot).

I did go to Wimbledon (probably where I got the cold from) for the first time in five years. Our seats on Court One were really far forward - usually we're at the back. Of course the back was in the shade and we weren't. Fortunately it was a less hot day ('only' about 25C) and cloudy, so the sun did keep going in. But I struggled in the sun and had to miss some because I couldn't concentrate.

We did less than I expected because Federer vs Anderson went on so long. After that we had dinner and a walk and then got Centre Court tickets to see the last set of Nadal vs Del Potro. That was a very good set of tennis and we were even closer to the court! At least by this point the sun had gone down enough that I needed to wear a jumper. Although it was annoyingly on the side, so I had to move my eyes to follow the ball, but managed to move them as little as possible. I was on TV, because I found me on the iPlayer, but it was in the background as the camera panned across. We weren't sitting far from where Nadal ended up in the first row of the stands or from where someone caught a ball that he mishit up into the air.

I have nearly 90 photos on Flickr, although it's helpfully put them in a slightly random order. I can see it's random based on how bright the photos are.

I am going to post about Never Seen Star Wars for this month, while it's not so hot. I'm just skipping the saying what I'm doing part first. I had a plan for August, because I have less going on, but it's not something I want to do in the heat, so what I do for August depends on the weather. So I might well not be announcing that beforehand either.

I umm'ed and ah'ed about signing up for [info]remixrevival because I really like Remix, but if the weather stays hot all summer I don't want to have to write something during that time. So I decided not to, but if it cools down and something strikes me in Madness, then I might do that.

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Too much sport on TV
Sunday 23rd July 2017 5:21 pm

I've been very watching sport. And some other things, but mostly the sport. Wimbledon fortnight is like Christmas to tennis fans. Only better than Christmas because it lasts two weeks and the shops aren't closed.

Jo Konta was great. What gets me is less how good she is and more how calm she has become. 5 Live played a clip of her and Clare Balding where they were talking about her muffin making like it's tennis. Which was funny. I correctly predicted the men's single's finalists and therefore beat my sister at Fantasy Wimbledon.

Although the men's and ladies singles finals were more one-sided than expected, the doubles were good, as were the wheelchair doubles. Due to rain the men's wheelchair doubles were on at the same time as the ladies singles. So I had the singles on the TV with no sound, 5 Live on the radio, who were covering the singles and were two shots ahead of the TV, and had the wheelchair doubles on the computer with the sound turned down low.

And then Wimbledon was over. It was so hard going to work on Monday without being able to listen to the 5 Live commentary team chat about tennis while I work. The Para-Athletics World Championships helped, though. I have been enjoying that, although I record it all and start it late because athletics involves a lot of chat and a lot of re-running races, not to mention the adverts, and I can get three hours of it into one hour.

Today is the last day of it, but that's ok because the World Swimming Championships starts today. In fact it just started 15 minutes ago, but I am also recording that. After that there's a whole three days with no sport on (that I'm interested in) before the World Athletics Championships start. And I thought this summer would be quiet without the Olympics and Paralympics...

In other, non-sporting news, I got a new sofa last week! It's blue, making it the most colourful thing in my mainly brown/magnolia lounge. It's too tall for Missy to get at, but she thinks there is a way in, she just has to find it. Which means that every evening she climbs up me to get on it, runs about, digs a bit, chews a bit* and eventually slides off it without realising how high up she is, so I have to catch her.
*Yeah, it's not going to look new for long with Missy about

I also got new windows this week. The old ones had gaps between the window and the frame, so the new ones should keep the house warmer in the winter. But the old ones were wooden and it was windy and as a result there was wood dust everywhere. I had to clean the toilet before I could go the toilet. So I've spent most of this weekend cleaning. What with all the wood dust about I've had to hoover everything and wash everything. I ache, my knee hurts and I'm looking forward to going back to work for the rest. But it is so good to have everything so much cleaner than usual.

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I aten’t dead
Sunday 10th July 2016 12:37 pm

When I wrote my last post I couldn't hear properly out of my left ear, which is a sign that I might be about to get labyrinthitis. And by might I mean in my optimistic dream world. I wasn't quite as bad as the last time I had it, where I didn't get out of bed for a few days. But it was bad enough that even though Wimbledon was on, I was to dizzy to watch much of it and ended up listening to it on the radio.

I was just getting over that, after the best part of a week when I got a UTI. Which one of the doctors I spoke to said was "uncomfortable". Which is not the word. That really made me ill. It didn't help that although I'd be in bed for 12-14 hours a night, I'd only be able to sleep for about 5-6 of those hours. It meant I was too tired to listen to the tennis and mostly had it on TV to help the time pass. And fall asleep to. I've slept through some very interesting matches...

I have managed to recover just in time to finish my NPT fic before reveals. And post my Unconventional Courtship fic, two weeks late:
Second Chance with the Doctor's Companion (1062 words)
Fandom: Doctor Who (1963)
Relationships: Sarah Jane Smith/Harry Sullivan
Characters: Harry Sullivan, Sarah Jane Smith
Summary: Everyone in the town could see they didn't belong together. Sarah Jane Smith was the adventurous outsider with a mysterious past, and Harry Sullivan was the wholesome doctor. And Sarah's sudden departure just proved the rest of the town right...
Seven months later the Doctor dropping her off brings Sarah back into Harry's life, and once again he finds himself charmed by her. Everything feels different, but the risk of heartbreak is just as strong. But doesn't everyone deserve a second chance at happiness โ€” even him...?

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Updatey thing
Sunday 5th July 2015 9:12 pm

This time my week without updating has been due to a combination of tennis and weather. This week featured a few days with temperatures in the high 20s and one where it went up to 33C (and was humid). My house has only just cooled down. I am really lucky to have air conditioning at work, but it's really hard to sleep in the heat, so I've just been getting tireder as the week went on.

This was the first week of Wimbledon, featuring wall-to-wall tennis. Well, nearly. It's generally the afternoon by the time the radio (and show courts) get going, so I've listened to a lot and seen the evening matches when I've been in. Yesterday there was eleven hours of tennis, including one point where I watched the James Ward match on TV and Jonny Marray in the doubles on my computer. And then missed most of the Murray match because they changed over to BBC1 for no reason and I didn't realise, so watched some of the all-French match on the red button.

So that's been my week really. On the hottest day I went to ballet, in the hottest dance studio (it was much hotter than in the house, with was hot). Remix went live and so far I've only read one story. I will get to the rest - probably like I'll get to everything else when Wimbledon's finished and I don't quite know what to do with my time.

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I never could get the hang of Thursdays
Thursday 26th June 2014 8:45 pm

Today has really been one of those days. This morning, I got as far as getting in the car before realising that I'd left the bags I need to take with me to the supermarket in the lounge. My garage is not next to the house, so it's quite a way to go back to the house to get them.

Then this week at work I had a few things to do, nicely spaced out. Except the time when I received them kept getting delayed - the time they need to be launched doesn't, of course. So I got to do it all this morning. One of them I was supposed to tell someone I'd done and only remembered an hour later. One of them I'd got done and out of the way and then the client made a change at 4.30pm. And then I left late because someone was having a problem with something that needed sorting right then. We eventually found the problem was that a piece of script had decided that 12=4 for no explicable reason.

Just as I left the office it started raining. Once I left the car park, it stopped. It started again when I got home and went to put the bins out. At which point I found a dead blackbird between the bins. So I had to deal with his blackbird in the rain while having a panic attack (because I am necrophobic). I couldn't just leave it there because it was too sheltered to be found by cats or Red Kites. I wasn't prepared to dig it a grave in solid soil in the rain, so I dumped it in the compost bin, where the ants can play with it.

And then of course when I wanted to sit down and watch tennis between cooking dinner and when eating dinner it was raining at Wimbledon. I haven't had much Wimbledon during the day at work because they stop early for the football and spend most of the day discussing the football. I know far more about Suarez's ban than I ever needed to know.

On the plus side, at least the rain was early enough for Wimbledon to put the roof on, so I got to watch some evening Federer action.

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A few things
Monday 23rd June 2014 9:00 pm

Wimbledon! Although this afternoon was a bit disappointing because the radio was all about Andy Murray defending his title. Now his first match is over with, hopefully things will settle down a bit. With roughly half the first round matches played I'm already one fantasy tennis player down on one of my fantasy teams.

Game of Thrones! I finally got round to watching the latest series last week. Well, I started the weekend before last and finished last weekend. I definitely need to read the book because some of it made no sense. My favourite character of his series was Peter Baelish because I have no idea what he wants, which makes him unpredictable and therefore more interesting.

Temporary glasses loss! On Friday I got home, wearing my prescription sunglasses. After I'd got the bin in I went into my bag to change my glasses... and my glasses case wasn't there. I'd either not put it in my bag at work when I changed my glasses or it had fallen out in Tesco when I stopped for some salt (for a slug barrier to stop the slugs getting in the house) or in the car. After a bit of worry that I'd have to decide whether to spend the weekend in sunglasses or old glasses, I went out to the car and found the case on the passenger seat, where it had fallen out of my bag.

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Monday 8th July 2013 8:09 pm

So that's it for another year. But it's less than two months until the US Open, although that's harder to follow being only on the radio and often during the night.

It's just as well it's over because it's harder to concentrate in the heat and impossible for long matches, but it still feels odd for there not to be tennis on.

The most exciting thing about the whole tournament was having BBC Sport on my internet TV. Well, having an internet TV at all. But it meant that I could choose what match to watch. So on Saturday morning I watched some Seniors mucking about, then some wheelchair tennis, followed by the women's singles and men's doubles finals (I was all tennised out by the womens doubles final).

I was feeling good that I'd managed to avoid Virginia Wade for the whole tournament and wondered if she was still commentating. Then we came to the mixed doubles final. I tried to avoid her by muting the TV in between points, but I'd unmute it when someone served and she'd sometimes be talking and carry on talking through the point. And not about anything at all relevant, hence my dislike of her (plus she has an annoying posh voice).

Andy Murray winning wasn't the most exciting thing (just one of the many exciting things about Wimbledon 2013), partly because there were lots of other exciting things that happened (the first semi-final was more exciting than the final, although it probably helped that I wasn't quite so invested in the outcome, even though I wanted Del Potro to win), and partly because it wasn't that unlikely that it happened at all. He has already won one Grand Slam after all.

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Monday 24th June 2013 7:38 pm

There were all these things I was going to do this weekend, since I had nothing on and only needed to clean the house, as I had an inspection today. But then I discovered that 10mg of antihistamines puts me to sleep (I had exactly the same reactions at the same times to both pills a few weeks apart, so that proves it to me). I am back on the medicine now where I'm fine on half the dose. And I got all excited about finding some pills without lactose in too.

And then my neighbours decided to have a very loud disco on and off in the afternoons and evenings, so mostly I watched stuff and played Lego Star Wars, until I realised that putting ear plugs in, sitting on my bed and pretending to be detached houses on rightmove solved the problem.

And then today Wimbledon started. Which I wasn't too excited about initially because I didn't think anything exciting would happen on day 1. And then I spent a couple of minutes sitting in the car when I got home because I would miss the last game of the Nadal match while I went inside and turned the radio on (quicker to turn the radio on than the TV).

I am going to Wimbledon on Thursday - we have seats behind the royal box on Centre Court, so probably won't be on TV, as usual.

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This past week
Sunday 14th October 2012 12:03 pm

I don't seem to have time to do anything at the moment. Although it hasn't been helped by Friday. I was planning to get some stuff done Friday evening, but then I went to the pub for lunch with work and spent the evening not throwing up. I thought steak burger and chips would be quite safe and maybe test how much wheat/gluten I could have, since I know I can tolerate some. Given the crispiness of the chips, I suspect they were covered in it, hence why I felt ill.

I'm still tired from that, and yesterday I went to Wimbledon for a tour (and took 32 photos). It turned out to be a terrible day to go because engineering works on the tube meant we had to go a longer way round to get there. Fortunately we got to London with plenty of time to spare (even though the train was late).

When we left we thought we'd go the other way, but then it turned out we'd have to change more times, so we ended up going a very long way back to the station. I originally thought I'd be home by 6.30pm, in time for dinner, and actually got home at 8.15pm. And we didn't quite finish doing the museum, so we'll have to go back and finish it when we're next at Wimbledon.

The tour was good though. I am just looking forward to half term and finally having some free time! Maybe I'll be able to catch up on some TV...

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Day at Wimbledon
Monday 9th July 2012 8:04 pm

Now the tennis is over I don't quite know what to do with myself. Although I've only just got round to uploading my photos from Thursday (they're at This was the day I went to Wimbledon. Read more...

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Wimbledon still my main topic of conversation
Tuesday 3rd July 2012 8:40 pm

After three late nights last week there's been rain this week and I don't know quite what to do with myself once play stops. I really won't know what to do with myself on Monday (unless the Men's Final ends up being played on Monday).

I am playing Fantasy Wimbledon. My ten female players were mostly chosen at random. They're now all out and are currently 543rd. But my men's team include Cilic and Querry, who had an epic match on Saturday that meant I only saw the last two sets of the late night Murray match because their last set lasted over two hours. As a result my men's team was 15th on Sunday:

Nic's fantasy tennis team

Nic's fantasy tennis team

Of course now I'm down to two men and 25th, but I'm pretty pleased with my halfway result. I'd claim I was some sort of master of the thing, but I think in reality, I got lucky.

I am off to Wimbledon on Thursday and am hoping they won't get through all the men's quarter-finals tomorrow because I'm not that interested in seeing the women's semis. But at least we're on Centre Court, so we are guaranteed play. And I have Friday off, so I can watch the men's semis (if they get that far by then).

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Monday 25th June 2012 9:52 pm

Today I was feeling uninspired. About everything, really. Even about Wimbledon when I turned the radio on after lunch and became very well informed about the news and traffic. Also, the tennis.

The trouble is the first rounds have a tendency to feature very one-sided matches, which just aren't that interesting. Sometimes they can be awe-inspiring to see how good the player who's winning is, but not on radio.

But while I was cooking dinner they were talking about an interesting match between two men I'd never heard of. One of whom went for a very short bathroom break. So then I watched that match for a bit and it was interesting. And then I watched a ladies match, with my finger poised on the mute button because Virginia Wade was commenting and not only does she talk a load of crap, she does it in an annoying posh voice. But that turned out to be quite exciting - one of the games I saw lasted fifteen minutes.

So now I'm quite excited about Wimbledon. I can already tell my fantasy team aren't going to do well, for the women at least. It probably doesn't help that were selected partly at random and partly for the silliest names...

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Been ill
Saturday 2nd June 2012 4:13 pm

The reason I've not been about at all for the past week is that on Saturday I woke up dizzy and couldn't hear in my right ear. The hot weather didn't help but it takes a week before it's possible to do much other than lie around watching tennis and reading Chalet School books. I've also watched the last 15 episodes of Chuck, so I've finished that.

What with being ill I'll probably end up seeing more of the French Open than I will of Wimbledon, given that I'm only at work for three days of it. Although watching the tennis is hard because Jim Courier keeps on nattering about nothing of any interest or relation to the match you're watching and doesn't always stop when they're playing either. And that's not nearly as annoying as the camera panning around the stadium and spinning round to zoom into the player about to serve. And when Jim Courier doesn't shut up it's hard to work out at which point it's safe to open my eyes.

I hate the adverts. I keep having to mute them and then unmute them after and it's such a pain. Tennis shouldn't have advert breaks. But we're getting to see more than the BBC would have shown us, I expect.

But I'm going to see the women's semi-finals at Wimbledon. Or at least, I'm going on the second Thursday on centre court. So we are at least guaranteed to see some tennis.

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Monday 4th July 2011 8:31 pm

So that's the tennis over with for another year. Well, until the US Open in August, which isn't on TV and is mostly at night. The evenings suddenly seem so much longer, I almost don't know what to do with them.

Of course it helps to have some time in the evening. Last week was the end of the Rotaract year, so Monday and Tuesday I was out at both the Rotary clubs handover dinners, which took all evening and meant I had two late nights. Wednesday was ballet as usual, Thursday I had stuff to catch up with and before I knew it it was the end of the week. So then after all that I woke up dizzy on Saturday morning, which wasn't really a surprise.

As of last Friday I'm no longer a Rotaractor. And my Rotaract club no longer exists, which is the sadder thing of the two. We've been talking about it and sorting out closing it for so long it hasn't quite sunk in yet. And we stopped doing stuff every Tuesday a while back, so I won't even notice much on Tuesday. I do still have some website stuff to do, but there's no rush. Now I have all this free time I could conceivably do something with it. I have established I can go out two nights a week (but not three). I have lots of ideas, the trouble is having the energy to do them.

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Wednesday 22nd June 2011 8:50 pm

Wimbledon started and I've been listening to it on the radio at work in the afternoons and have had it on in the evening. When it started I was a bit unsure what I was going to do with all this Wimbledon on. I got used to not being able to see much of the French Open and Queens and I just concentrated on the big names.

But then I remembered what Wimbledon is all about. It's spending evenings doing nothing much while watching tennis. Until 8.30pm you even get a choice of two matches. I am making the most of it this week because next week I'm out more than I'm in. It's mostly Rotaract things, so I can't begrudge it that much, as I'm only a Rotaractor for another week and a day.

And I'll be making it up for next year. This year we couldn't go to Wimbledon due to both my bosses being off. So we went to Queens instead where it rained all day... So next year we'll be going to Queens and Wimbledon, and the ATP Tour Final as we have the past two years and will do this year. But also we have tickets for the second and last day's of tennis at the Olympics. Although on Court 1, but we're bound to see something interesting.

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Monday 5th July 2010 8:37 pm

Since [info]jay_of_lasgalen asked, a write-up of my two days at Wimbledon. Read more...

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Sunday 4th July 2010 9:33 pm

The end of Wimbledon's like finishing a good book - you don't quite know what to do with yourself. It's good that it's over because now I can get some stuff done. And there's only so much tennis you can watch (and Virginia Wade you can mute). The downside is that there's now no tennis, two weeks of TV on my PVR to catch up with and stuff I ought to do and don't want to. It's a good thing I'm not into cycling as well, otherwise my summer would completely consist of sport!

I was going to write about my two days at Wimbledon, but I just don't have the energy. And work is busy enough that I'm not going to get the energy before I forget it all. But there are lots of photos. And I mean lots. There are 41 from the first Thursday (including my annotated ones - also Murray, Nadal and the Queen) and somehow I managed to take 110 yesterday... I now have more photos from Wimbledon than anything else, at least based on my flickr tag cloud.

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Catching up this week
Sunday 20th June 2010 9:09 pm

I suddenly feel that weekly posts might be more common from now on... Basically, work is very busy and not looking to get any less busy. In fact, I think it's possibly only likely to get more busy. And to make it worse, that means I won't get to see as much Wimbledon because I'll be getting home later and the World Cup is on every afternoon so I won't get to listen to it at work either.

I am looking forward to Wimbledon, though. I have picked out my fantasy Wimbledon team which will hopefully not be as crap as last year's. Although since I take no notice of the women my team mostly consists of the Williams sisters and cheap people who have interesting names. I have added the Wimbledon feed to my Twitter, so I can read all about what happened at Wimbledon six hours later when I get home.

Friday night I went to see the I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue stage show. It was so good my throat still hurt on Saturday from laughing. The new series starts tomorrow - it'll be one thing I won't be saving for after Wimbledon.

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That was the week that was
Saturday 12th June 2010 12:37 pm

TGI the weekend. This week has been so busy at work - I've been doing 9 hour days. Which at least means I leave after the rush hour, but doesn't leave very long evenings or energy to do anything in them. This would be why I haven't been around very much.

And my right wrist hurts. It's caused by me sleeping on it, and I sleep on my right when I'm stressed (and I've been dreaming about work this week - and not sleeping much because my brain won't stop working). And the bit of my left hand between my thumb and forefinger hurts. I only just worked out last night that it must be caused by holding the mouse. I might have to try a small mouse out next week and see how that goes.

On the plus side I didn't get as tired and as dizzy as I thought I would. But I did get a sore throat instead. And had to miss my two Rotaract meetings this week, which is really annoying. I do only have a four day week next week, as on Friday I'm going to see ISIHAC. Although this does, of course, mean doing five days work in the space of four. Mind you, this week I did six and a half days work in the space of five...

I did, however, manage to write 25 of my 100 drabbles (well, I started on 1st June). I ought to sort out posting some of them this weekend. I did also find mini eggs in the health food shop, which kept me going in the afternoons (I was looking for smarties, and got some of those too, but mini eggs are nicer).

Because our overtime year ends at the end of June and I'll have at least three and a half days then, I'll get paid for it at the end of July. And I've just won tickets to the final Saturday at Wimbledon (Women's Singles Final, Men's Doubles Final, Women's Doubles Final) and because I know this money is coming to me, I can afford to go. I am also going on the first Thursday - both times are to Centre Court too. Mind you, if I'd got tickets to the final Sunday I wouldn't be caring how much money I had ๐Ÿ™‚

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Pre-Wimbledon update
Sunday 21st June 2009 3:35 pm

Wimbledon starts on Monday! I have my fantasy team assembled, which includes Federer and Murray and an assortment of women who's names I liked, since I know nothing about the women and don't care about them either. I must remember to find my radio from wherever I put it when I moved in six months ago.

After deleting my Facebook account it started sending me notifications. So I had to undelete it to find out what was going on and found that not only had it ticked every notification box but it had also allowed my profile to be seen by everyone! So I reset it, but now I don't trust them to actually delete it, even though it looks as thought they do now, so I haven't. But after fixing all that I see no reason to ever visit the site again.

I had an epiphany about Twitter too and what I actually wanted to use it for. There's loads of people I follow who I'm just not reading and who aren't following me so we can't have a conversation over it and when they post interesting stuff I want to ask about, I can't ask on Twitter. So I have temporarily shunted everyone I don't think I want to read into a column and I'll see if I miss them, or if they've said anything I do want to read in a few days time. But I did discover there's a Wimbledon feed, which is vaguely interesting. There are also feeds for various courts and Henman Hill! Tim Henman has an account he rarely posts to but interesting, Andy Roddick has one that he uses and posts interesting things to as far as I can see. Unlike Andy Murray...

I am looking forward to [info]melliyna coming to visit on Wednesday because I want to see her, but also because it'll be someone to talk to. Blogs and Twitter aren't really the best replacements for a social life. But, I am up to 13 fast on the first exercise. Or I was on Friday - I spent yesterday too tired and dizzy to do anything and today too dizzy to do anything except for the things I really need to get done this weekend.

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