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Where did all the sport go?
Monday 26th February 2018 8:32 pm

If there was ever a good time to have a cold that made me feel crap and set my asthma off so I spent a week and a half working from home, during the Winter Olympics is that time. There was sport on TV for the whole time I was working (and before and after it too). And a lot of it is sport that doesn't require too much effort. I find that once you've seen one person go down a track on a tea tray, or down a hill on a skis, or do acrobatics on a snowboard you've seen them all.

Except for the curling, obviously. I found I liked working with curling in the background. Until it got really important (men's tie-break, women's semis and bronze medal match) so then I taped them and watched them only when I could concentrate on them.

I think the only sports I didn't watch at all were the ice hockey and figure skating. Ice hockey because it's like one giant game of spot the ball. I saw a bit of a penalty shoot-out on one match and I couldn't tell whether they got a goal or not. The figure skating because all the movement and direction changing of the skaters and the camera makes me dizzy. Although I did watch our pair in the ice dance free program. I noticed that he was spotting during the twizzles. The rest of the time I listened to music punctuated by Robin Cousins telling me what jump they'd just done.

I also loved snowboard cross. Otherwise known as let's have a snowboard race where everyone falls over. And I am here for people falling over. The ski version is not as fun - hardly anyone fell over. I felt the same about the halfpipe and slopestyle. I can understand the snowboard version - it is a bit like skateboarding after all. But doing all that stuff on skis just seems a bit odd.

Fortunately the Winter Paralympics starts end of next week. I will be at work for that and catching up will be harder because 4OD has adverts, but it has curling and sports that are more crazy than in the Olympics.

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This is not a post about anything
Sunday 16th February 2014 5:23 pm

I could post about being dizzy again this week - I felt great on Monday evening and terrible on Tuesday morning. And then did a nine hour day with no breaks on Wednesday, which didn't help, funnily enough.

Or I could post about the Winter Olympics, which started with me watching various sports and ended with me taping curling. Although I did like snowboard cross - it's like BMX with mass carnage and half the people that start not finishing.

Or I could post about discovering my twitter account was hacked and then spending most of yesterday changing passwords, and not therefore being able to concentrate on yesterday's curling matches.

But then I decided not to post about any of those things.

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