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WordPress, Livejournal and Dreamwidth
Friday 2nd May 2014 9:21 pm

I just came in here to make a post, remembered [info]just_ann_now commented on my last one, opened up my LJ to answer it... and the post wasn't there. At which point I discovered Dreamwidth hadn't been crossposting my posts since I changed my LJ password and forgot to tell Dreamwidth. Dreamwidth helpfully told me this by putting a message in my inbox. Which I never check and is full of crap it puts there so I wouldn't notice if there was anything new. (I have now told it to email me about that sort of thing)

I have fixed it now by going back to telling WordPress to do the crossposting. Which it is now perfectly happy with, despite previously being unhappy with. No idea why - and not likely to find out since the plugin I use to do the crossposting is old and the person who wrote it stopped updating it (and deleted their website).

Edit: Well, it crossposted the old posts happily, but on this one the password is apparently invalid...

The other annoying thing was that I had to type that user code, up in the first sentence myself. I used to have a button that did it, but a WordPress update broke the plugin, the author didn't update it and I couldn't find another one that worked. But it did work in the visual editor, at least for LJ & DW users and LJ comms. It didn't work for DW comms, no idea why. But now it's not even there.

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Fun with websites
Monday 24th December 2012 7:11 pm

My Christmas project is to sort out my website and create the Rotary website. So far I have created the Rotary website, just not put anything on it. With mine I've updated WordPress and played with plugins, broken some things and fixed others. The trouble is that I could endlessly play with it. It's just as well I don't go back to work until the 2nd.

Wednesday I'm off to see The Hobbit (in glorious 2D normal frame rate). We saw each Lord of the Rings films on successive Boxing Days, so it's only traditional to see The Hobbit on Boxing Day too.

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Blog and LJ and Dreamwidth
Monday 13th September 2010 7:24 pm

This afternoon we sat down to listen to the tennis we taped last night... and discovered it had rained in New York so they hadn't played. So now we need to listen to it tonight and tomorrow instead (depending on when they finish and if it rains).

So with the afternoon I suddenly had free, I re-did my LJ layout. It's less red, although I think it looks more red. It's all a bit academic anyway because the only people who will ever see it are people looking at my actual LJ, and me when I come across an unreadable one.

I also discovered the layout I have for Dreamwidth now has a sidebar on the left variant, which I've wanted ever since the layout existed. So now I have that. It's also red, suffice to say.

Since people are suddenly talking about Dreamwidth, I'll mention where I am. I write my posts in my blog, which automatically cross-posts them into my LJ: [info]paranoidangel42 and my DW journal: [info]paranoidangel. You're welcome to read or post in any of those three, I don't mind. But if you're reading by RSS then I would read the blog's RSS (or Atom) feed because it has more useful stuff in it.

Since I read by RSS, I don't care whether I read people's LJ or DW - unless one of them doesn't allow me to see full posts. So if anyone is crossposting to both and would prefer me to comment in one, then I can just change my link and I'll never notice the difference.

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Is ded of work and weather
Sunday 3rd August 2008 9:00 am

It was at 4.30pm on Friday that I thought my brain might dribble out of my ears. And there was still an hour of work to go at that point. I did quite a bit of overtime last week, which has something to do with it. The weather isn't helping. At the moment it's slightly too hot for a quilt and slightly too cold for a sheet. At least, it is in the night. Once the sun rises I wake up boiling and have to put my sheet on. And consequently wake up really early.

I also seem to be allergic to something. Last night once it got dark I blew my nose every five minutes before I shut the windows and decided I'd rather be hot.

And what's really annoying me at the moment is WP keeps logging me out, even if I don't close Firefox and even though I tick the 'Remember me' box. My fanfic blog was fine, until I decided to check it this morning and it won't let me in at all.

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My blog
Saturday 7th June 2008 3:47 pm

The trouble with WordPress is that there are so many plugins that do so many things that you can quite easily spend all your time playing with it adding plugins and testing things out. Guess what I've been doing today?

(All the plugins I do have are listed here). Read more...

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What I did at the weekend
Monday 14th April 2008 8:11 pm

On Saturday I saw Potted Potter, which is all Harry Potter books in an hour and a bit. It was really funny and well worth going to. Interestingly, although it was definitely aimed at kids, there were a few jokes in there that only adults would get.

Sunday I bought a new mattress. After first negotiating some roadworks. They're on a short, busy piece of road between two roundabouts and for some inexplicable reason, the traffic lights are set not to change very often. This means that the traffic builds up on the roundabouts. I wanted go turn right once I'd got past the roadworks, but discovered they'd blocked the roundabout. So I had to sit on it and wait until the lights had changed - and then the people from my left decided they weren't going to let me go despite the fact I had right of way.

The woman showing me beds was insistent that memory foam was great. So I tried some, just to see, but in fact they are really soft. I don't care how good they may or may not be, I just can't sleep on something that soft. I ended up buying the only mattress I liked - which is what I did a year and a bit ago, so I hope I can't feel the springs in it in six months time.

Then I went swimming. The leisure centre has a circular car park so it feels like you park at a slightly funny angle. For some inexplicable reason, instead of painting white lines to show you where the spaces are, they have different coloured bricks. Because it was sunny when I left I had my sunglasses on, but it wasn't sunny when I got there, so I couldn't see the markings for the spaces at all. Fortunately, the car park was only busy close to the leisure centre, because people are incapable of walking, so I abandoned it at the other end of the car park and no one parked anywhere near.

Yesterday evening I updated WordPress to 2.5. Since the one I was using was 2.3.something that sounds like a big change. But they haven't fiddled with anything that affects themes or plugins (apart from the LJ crossposter), so it was really easy. I haven't investigated any of their changes yet, but the biggest thing they've done is changed the admin interface.... to make the text too small to read. And I can't find anything. That I definitely have to play around with at some point. Even this text I'm typing now is slightly too small to see comfortably.

Tonight I went to Tesco, who have car parking spaces that are far too wide, so I open the car door to work out where I am in the space and it looks like I'm miles away. Except I get out and find I'm miles away on the other side too. They completely failed to have the apples I wanted, so it's handy there's a Sainsburys nearby. They also changed the orange squash I have. They definitely changed the packaging, I can't tell about the contents, but the packaging says that it's double concentrate so you only need half as much. Which confused me completely, so I bought Sainsburys' own instead. The moral of this story is don't change things!

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Christmas holidays
Thursday 27th December 2007 11:35 pm

I have finally managed to sort out all the tags and categories on the blog. Although I have 187 in Other Stuff that I don't quite have the energy to go through. And they're in there in the first place because they didn't really fit into any other category.

My sister bought herself a Wii for Chanukah (me and mum just bought ourselves books, and I thought I was extravagant for spending £15). I'm alright at bowling on it, but terrible at tennis and working the menus. And being able to strap the remote to myself. It gives me a headache too, although not as bad as the PS2.

I'm also up to date on my prompts so I am getting through the things I need to do over Christmas. There's just some bits that are more urgent really that I haven't quite go to yet...

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I hate computers
Wednesday 19th December 2007 10:54 pm

Current computer-related problems that are doing my head in:

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Friday 30th November 2007 11:29 pm

It's quite amusing really, how much I find LJ useless in many ways. They keep doing announcements with new features and I am yet to see a single one I'd use. In the case of editing comments I hate it because I keep getting multiple comment notifications, and since I've yet to see a difference in them, I only read the first (and original) one. Which means that anyone who's taken the effort to edit their comment is totally lost on me.

Even if I had a paid account, I wouldn't edit my comments, I'd delete them and paste them back in. Because that way no one else except those with notifications turned on can see that you've done anything. Notifications in LJ's inbox (the link to which, incidentally, is handily hidden across the top) just say deleted, and gmail updates the comment so you only see the final thing. Much better all round, I reckon.

If I could just get OpenID working with my blog, then add in other plugins, no one would be commenting on my LJ because it would all link back here and be much more user friendly and spam-free. Although every time I write an entry now I think about how much I need to sort out my categories and tags, but it'll have to wait till the Christmas holidays.

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My blog
Monday 29th October 2007 10:26 pm

I spent more time at the weekend playing with the blog. I discovered a plugin to make the RSS Feeds have the whole post, even if there's a more. I didn't realise the more cut it off until recently because it's so obviously a stupid idea. Who is going to bother reading if they have to go to the extra effort of going to the page itself to read posts? *looks at large swathes of LJ I can no longer be bothered to read*

I have also tagged all my posts, which took quite a while. So I now have an exciting little tag cloud beneath the category listing. A tag cloud being the only way you can display tags - the codex on template tags has no information at all on some of the tag tags, which is unhelpful. I think I have to fiddle about with it all some more, since I feel that there should be few categories with lots of posts, and lots of tags with few posts. At the moment I have some that are the reverse.

There's still things I can do, as usual, but I should stop, as November I'll be doing and I have to do my Yuletide fic.

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The blog
Sunday 21st October 2007 4:21 pm

I have finished/admitted defeat on the blog fiddling. Apart from the backend extras that upgrading to 2.3 gave me, there is also now the following:

  • 20 posts on the blog home page
  • A list of titles of those posts
  • More obvious links to individual posts, archives and categories (and tags, if I had any)
  • A list of my recent books in LibraryThing (with pretty pictures)
  • My recent photos in Flickr
  • Because I've had a blog for five and a bit years, the archives by month now have a page with a complete list on - along with all the categories
  • If you post a comment and I reply, it'll email you the reply
  • LJ user links now have a pretty picture and the name of the journal, rather than the name of the person. If I use it

What it doesn't have is:

  • Tags. I'm a bit wary of changing over some categories to tags and I think it's going to get complicated, not helped by there being 900 posts to do it on. Also, there's no tag management as yet. The only way to do it is with a plugin that doesn't like my theme. There's nothing in the codex to tell you how to display a list of all tags as anything other than a tag cloud. You have to type the tags in - the same plugin that breaks my theme is the only way to get a list.

So basically, I'm waiting for WP to sort out their tag system before I use it.

Apart from that there are some other things I could do with the blog that I'm still deciding whether I want to.

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Not quite as productive a day
Sunday 14th October 2007 10:02 pm

Today I spent a large part of the day working on the blog. So it now does less than yesterday.

I thought I'd start by adding a plugin to allow people to comment using openid (which includes LJ ids). There are three of them. One is v0.1 beta and doesn't work. Another one is a fairly high version number and it did. Except that I'd seen another one in operation elsewhere and I liked it better.

The last one didn't work for a long time no matter what I did. Eventually (and I do mean eventually) I had no choice but to go back to the one that worked. Except that now it didn't. And then I had a mess of the template, which I eventually discovered was caused by the plugin that allows you to subscribe to comments.

It's just as well it's that well, though, because I discovered yesterday that all it's done is pick up spam subscriptions, so I was wondering whether to get rid of it.

I have, though, added my most recent books at LibraryThing down the left, and my most recent photos from flickr beneath it.

So now, I just have to decide what other plugins I want and then spend hours wrestling with them to get them to work. The crazy part is, I think this is quite fun...

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Being dynamic
Saturday 13th October 2007 8:07 pm

Considering I'm having a weekend of doing not a lot I've done quite a bit today.

I got up when my neighbours banged and shouted (although didn't put their music on loud, oddly) and went to Tescos for 10 minutes, so I could get the bus once it turned round and came back, rather than spending over an hour there.

Then I came back and made flapjacks, since I didn't have any for lunch. I've also made chocolate rice krispie cakes and muffins today. Tomorrow I'll make bread and more flapjacks.

I thought I'd spend the weekend upgrading my blog. And I've done it. Well, I have everything working that was working before. Tomorrow I'll worry about adding in plugins so I can get it to do more things. And working out what to do with tags. I find it quite amusing that in the codex list of template tags they have a category labelled Tag tags.

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Upgrading the blog
Saturday 13th October 2007 2:56 pm

I am preparing to spend time gnashing my teeth and pulling my hair out as I upgrade to WordPress 2.3. I know it won't go well because I tried upgrading to 2.1 when it was the latest release and some of my tags were deprecated. So I went back to 2.0 because I didn't need 2.1 that desperately. Sadly, though, I do have to upgrade at some point.

I am also, moving the blog. Well, by moving, I mean taking the 42 off the folder name. It's only there because my old Blogger blog was at /blog and I needed that one to still work while I set up the WP one.

I am starting by moving it, so you'll need to change your links/RSS feeds. Although it's probably not a good idea to go looking at the actual page of the blog yet, since it'll probably be mostly broken. Both do link to the same database, though, so until I delete the blog42 folder, I think you'll be able to see the posts whichever you link to.

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Sunday 12th August 2007 10:00 am

I have finished all of the First Doctors episodes. I almost don't know what do with myself now - I liked him, and I really liked Steven. I have now seen all the episodes for all the odd numbered Doctors. I just have to work on the even numbered ones now.

I did find some interesting things I can do with WP comments, like allow people to post with the LJ ID. So I will be playing with that at some point.

And an old meme, recently seen on Van's LJ:

Post a topic, list, category, whatever, in my comments section. (examples: "5 Loveliest Things About Remus Lupin" or "5 Things You'd Do If The World Explodeded" or "Top 5 things to drink"). Then, in the comments, I'll post the answers to all your Top 5 ideas, according to me.

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Saturday 7th April 2007 9:16 pm

My back does not like traffic jams. Understandably, really, having to press the clutch a lot and it's a long way away, so I have to stretch my leg.

Now, though, I have a clean car (as washed my dad and hoovered by mum) and the scratches painted over. You'd almost never know a pheasant had died on it.

I've just spent an hour adding in spam protection to comments on WP with a simple maths question (easier to read than those letters and numbers I never get right first time). That was the simple bit, the hard bit was adding in a preview of the comment. I tried the plugin dad had, didn't work. So I gave up and tried a different one, which still didn't work. So then I tried another one that worked perfectly first time. And then I discovered my keyboard had gone American in Firefox. Which is a bit bizarre.

I decided, that since listening to audio plays is helpful for my driving (or having a passenger works too) that something that beams it to the radio would be useful, since it's just become legal. And then I'd need a bigger mp3 player, since 256mb won't hold very many hours. I can't find reviews of these things at all, but is doing 1gb for £17 (and in pink) and amazon does the transmitter for £2. So it all sounds good from the price (and colour) point of view.

Ooh, we've won our Davis Cup tie. Which I entirely forgot to watch.

My oat matzo is actually ok. It falls apart something chronic when spreading it, which is a pain. And it's dry, but a different dryness to ordinary matzo, which I could eat without anything on it. The oat matzo I had to add chocolate spread after half a one with only butter. And my soup was largely matzo because it disintegrated in that too. Since next year's Passover is nowhere near Easter, when I'll be at Eastercon, it's just as well it's alright really.

I enjoyed tonight's Doctor Who:

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Trials and Tribulations
Sunday 18th February 2007 9:11 pm

This morning I thought I'd quickly upgrade to WordPress 2.1. I forgot that anything you do with computers will take three times as long as you anticipate and go wrong. So I started by copying all the files I'd uploaded, just in case they were different from the ones on my computer. Then uploaded the relevant stuff and got confused with the deleting part. Then I upgraded. It made a mess of my links, then threw a wobbler when I re-activated the LJ Crossposter plugin. At which point I decided I didn't have the energy to deal with it and put everything back.

Except that the links now all had errors. Looking round the forum I found this was because they'd changed something that meant the tag I'd used to call them no longer worked. And also because I needed to upgrade back to 2.0. Once I'd done that it had just deleted all of my links categories. Or at least I thought it had. I've just discovered it decided they were post categories instead. But it's all fixed now, and I'm back to the old version that definitely works with the code I have in my theme.

That was this morning. This afternoon proved that one or both of my parents is reading my blog as my dad suggested a CD writer alternative that is free, and I had on my computer at work for a bit. It doesn't copy CDs - or at least the current version doesn't, but it will. It took forever to take Pinnacle off, but then I put this one on. And then panicked a bit because it tried to tell me every blank CD I put in had no space on it, even though I knew it did. So I tried writing to one to see what happened and it was quite happy.

It was a bit strange with some of the audio CDs too, because it decided the tracks came to more than 700mb, yet was still ok in terms of the number of minutes. And it was quite happy writing those too. Except when I came to do the last one and it crashed when finalising (it plays in my stereo fine, so that's good enough for me). I could only get the CD out with a paper clip in the hole and then once it was open it just started spinning again. I ended up restarting and hopefully it's ok now.

I also discovered I love my hard disk recorder. I started watching The Trial of Tony Blair (for I am that far behind) at lunchtime. When I was done I just pressed a button. So when I came back to it later I started again from there. I only have Midsomer Murders left on there now. Well, except for Top Gear and Lewis. I was close to catching up, perhaps later in the week.

I also not only have a clean house (although I've lost my duster, which is very strange) but I have put posters up as well. Which is a big improvement, especially in the lounge where the walls are a dark yellow and it's all a bit colourless.

And I sent the first chapter of the Doctor Who soap sequel to beta. And after flailing about the number of stories the person I am remixing has written (like choice is a bad thing!) I have decided which to remix and what I'd like to do. Which is good.

Dinner at buffet night at the Chinese restaurant tomorrow. Mmm, duck.

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Sunday 22nd October 2006 9:55 pm

I liked Torchwood. But then it turns out that Torchwood = cop show with aliens. With Captain Jack. Although I am entirely confused at how Declassified can be 25 minutes ridiculously early this morning, 15 minutes ridiculously early Friday night, and 10 minutes on the website. How does that make sense? But on the plus side I have found that the videos section of the website is labelled Autopsies. Yep, that's definitely the connection I would have made with that one.

But there is a Tosh, which is wrong because there can only ever be one! And I miss The Bill when it was good. Torchwoos and Life on Mars aren't quite acceptable enough alternatives. And was it only me that was sorry for the bad guy at the end of episode 2?

I widgetised my blog only to find that I need to CSS it, so can't use it. Then found that WP won't let me log in, so really can't use it. And I'm too tired to care any more, need my bed.

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Friday 20th October 2006 10:42 pm

I've just discovered that LJ now has the Kubrick layout, which is pretty cool, although not quite as nice as the WP one. The new styles on LJ are annoying me though, because:

  • you can't change the text size on any of them, and most are too small, so I spend half my time on LJ pressing control+
  • the 3 column variations of Expressive break in ie
  • you can't have parent and child categories

This weekend I might try and get to grips with widgets on WP, which I've been meaning to do since they released them.

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A few things
Thursday 14th September 2006 9:26 pm

Yay for I have packed. Apart from the things I can't pack until Saturday morning. Most fun was trying to find an ice cream tub to fit in all my bread and rolls (can't guarantee finding them anywhere else). I am only packed one day early because I'm going to the theatre tomorrow night, I am not usually that organised. This will probably be my last post before I go, although I will upload my photos there if I can, so keep an eye on my flickr photos (it even has an RSS Feed so you can just bung it in your feed reader/live bookmarks thing).

I've watched the next four episodes of Firefly this week: Out of Gas, Ariel, War Stories and Trash. I liked in them how stuff that had happened in earlier episodes came back to cause them more trouble. I didn't like all the blood and guts in the middle two but apart from that they were the ones I liked the best.

gmul said: "If Out of Gas [...] doesn't move you, give up." So I got all excited about that episode. I liked seeing how all the crew came aboard, except it was only tiny little snippets and I wanted more. The rest of the story bored me - the best parts were the fire in space and the air coming in when the other ship docked.

The thing I really like best about Firefly is the music though. I'm not convinced about the theme tune but I love the incidental music. Jayne is actually starting to annoy me less and now River's a bit less insane she's quite interesting. Inara is really doing my head in though, I wish someone'd shoot her.

My mother found my blog while searching for Monster Cracking (it's good to see google finds it, although blogs are never terribly helpful to get in ordinary searches) and tells me that the pointless dance with bendy swords is called Rapper and is a pointless Northern dance.

I spent some time this evening adding a plugin to subscribe to comments on the blog. I tried adding it when I first got the blog but it refused to work. No idea why because it's fine now. While I was there I realised there's so much stuff I need to do to the blog at some point. What I really want (and have since I moved to WP really) is to get the comments sorted so they're better than LJ, then turn off commenting there and make everyone move over here. Which involves exactly the same number of clicks. Anyone opposed, speak now and give a damn good reason.

In Doctor Who news, the BBC have confirmed the Sarah Jane spin-off. I'm waiting to see if it merits a position in the top three entertainment news stories tomorrow in my email. And I didn't start it but I might well be writing what feels like Doctor Who: the soap opera (and beta'ing the person's I blame).

Probably just as well I'm nearly leaving the country for a week.

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