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Monday 24th October 2005 9:11 pm

I'm not quite as tired as I thought I would be today. Yesterday I got to beat people up. With weapons. Which was fun, except for the parts where I now have bruises.

Coming back to work after a holiday is always bad. Just one day off shouldn't be. With emphasis on the shouldn't. By By 12 o'clock I'd restarted my computer three times, the server twice, crashed my terminal server session twice, crashed someone else's terminal server session once and spent an hour with a colleague trying to work out why he and my boss had decided something was wrong with some data on a project of mine.

We eventually established that it was right the first time. Sadly, my boss was away so we couldn't ask him and he was the person with all the facts. The person who gets to liaise with the client didn't want to go back to them and tell them their corrected data is wrong. I told him what I thought about the data (sadly I mean that literally) and he wanted to go with the new set. He's a whole lot higher up than me so I decided doing what he said would hopefully stop me getting any flack.

It wasn't helped by finding out my boss had been on the phone to the company chairman (that sentence should be the other way round really) and I so didn't want him phoning me asking me what was going on.

On the plus side, my boss is back tomorrow so there'll be a whole load of things that will suddenly be his problem.

It was actually the same client making my life difficult in the afternoon. I have to write a database for people doing the research to enter into, rather than using questionnaires on bits of paper, as we usually do. This has to be finished and tested by Wednesday morning. I had two new versions of the questionnaire when I got in this morning and got another version late this afternoon. I just know that sometime on Wednesday they'll want to change it again.

My brain just can't take any more. I'm going to go and watch the Blunkett thing I taped on Thursday and see if the weather was good enough to tape Monkeys with sound this time.

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Tuesday 6th September 2005 11:08 pm

This morning I got an adaptor for my keyboard at work. I was expecting one that allowed me to plug two PS/2 devices into one USB one and this just changed PS/2 to USB. But I thought I'd try it anyway. It doesn't work.

So, having established this, I proceeded to plug my old computer back in. At which point my keyboard stopped working. I'd had a bit of trouble plugging it back in and when I took it out I discovered I'd forgotten that forcing it doesn't work for computers. I'd bent one of the pins.

So now I'm using the keyboard and mouse I could have had a week ago and have a new keyboard on order. Computers, don't you just love 'em?

I've also spent a couple of hours this evening playing with my WordPress template. It now has a middle and a left-hand side. For the default view. It probably wouldn't have taken me so long except that I would change little bits, upload it, hit refresh and couldn't work out why it wasn't changing, even when I reached the stage of changing something really obvious that couldn't possibly fail to show up. The solution? I was uploading into the wrong folder. I did it twice as well.

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**** computers!
Tuesday 30th August 2005 10:01 pm

Today was not a good computer day. The link was wonky between us and the main building, where the server is, so we had times where we couldn't do a thing for 10 minutes. It should only have affected the network drives, and not the actual computer as well, so why it did, I have no idea. Probably just to be annoying.

I spent most of the day setting up my new computer. It is so fast in comparison to the old one, and in things I wasn't expecting at all as well. So I was all happy with that (and my nice, new wallpaper of two guys kissing) and went to plug it in to my monitor, keyboard, mouse etc. Where there was just one small problem. The keyboard and mouse have PS2 connections. Dell don't seem to think people use these any more. Grr.

I'm very attached to my keyboard (I had a crap one until I nicked this one off someone when they left) so I refuse to have a new one. I also want to try out my Nemo mouse (which for some reason doesn't work with my current computer). So now I have to wait for some adaptors. More grr.

And then tonight I thought I'd have a game of Just Shoot The Thing (brilliant thing I found ages ago. It's a short game where you...just shoot the thing. While trying to avoid the thing shooting back at you). It refused to play, so I easily found it on the net, redownloaded and installed it. Except that as I was playing about with it on my start menu, Explorer thought that it would be far more fun to crash. As it does often. My Explorer is definitely Not Right.

Anyway, at this point Just Shoot The Thing decided to join in the party and I only really remembered the controls before it crashed as well. Twice. At which point I gave up and restarted. And did some work on the Arathorn/Gilraen thing.

I wrote myself a plan last night and put dates on it. Which was, worryingly, more fun than writing the thing itself. But still, it told me where I had a whole load of scenes all set in the same month, and elsewhere gaps of a year. Which meant that the scenes I'd been thinking about putting in, have been put in (although not written, I should point out).

I also remembered, as I wrote a touching reconciliation scene (or it will be touching with a few rewrites) that actually, the two people in question had an argument about which to reconcile. I remember exactly when it happened, just not why. Hopefully it'll come back to me at some point.

I actually managed to write about 800 words, pasted in Anniversary, which I wrote for an HA list thingy ages ago, which started this whole fic off in the first place, so now it's just under about 12,000 words. So I'm feeling quite impressed with myself (and not thinking about birthday drabbles I haven't even looked at for months or drabble communities I haven't either)

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Lost Computers
Monday 22nd August 2005 10:24 pm

I just saw Lost (well, then Coupling to take my mind off it) and it was actually good. I was surprised. I'm hoping they'll continue to do an early evening repeat, so they'll cut the bits that will disturb me. And as my landlady watches it I need to get her to tell me if we see the plane go down in an episode so I can be ready with the remote. Obviously, I'm not going to watch it live, too many adverts in it.

And because it's been marked as unread for a while, Saz tagged me with the five songs you are currently rocking the hell out of. I don't have five but it's Coldplay X&Y. I especially like Speed of Sound and that one they played last at Glastonbury. So it sort of answers the meme.

Today I set up my old boss's computer for my new boss - so then I can have his current one as mine is currently on it's last elbows (it ran out of legs several years ago). I don't think it's been updated ever. It took me an hour to get to installing SP2, which took forever to do, then there was another hour of updates. But she'd pretty much cleared the rest out (amazingly) so I didn't have much else to do. I'm leaving him to play with his wallpaper and other settings on the basis that he either knows what do or if he doesn't, I don't care.

(It was so much more fun writing this stuff than typing it - I want a tablet PC. Also, I had it portrait so I could see long parts of a website at a time - which is better than wide parts (which is why my Firefox window isn't maxised and is square))

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The work soap opera
Wednesday 25th August 2004 7:45 pm

Work does often seem a lot like a soap opera. It's been weddings recently but it's good old technology doing it again. We have the main site with the main server at Wallingford House. Then we have a little second site above the Bakers Oven, which has it's own little server, which data entry use, and the printers there are connected to.

We came in Monday morning to find we couldn't connect to the main server. Or the little one, which was a bit odd, because there was nothing wrong with that. Half an hour later the IT guy told us it was because the modem that was our link to the main server had died and we had to wait for an engineer to get us a new one.

I then spent the best part of two hours going between the two sites, and setting up everything on someone else's computer on the main site. I have Windows 98 and most people now have XP, which means that as far as XP is concerned there are no programs installed and all the settings are the default really annoying ones.

Then I spent three hours trying to fight off a migraine (with the benefit of pills, that usually work) and I eventually gave up and went home ill, for only the second time in three years (the first time was for a migraine as well). I'm still really tired and a bit dizzy but I'll be better tomorrow. But that didn't really help things.

Tuesday morning I was on someone else's computer again. Since I was there all day I did actually set up more things this time. Which was good because I managed to get the same computer again today, but other people were taking up meeting rooms and the staff room.

We'll be back there again tomorrow though. Apparently, the modem is American and there aren't any in this country. So it has to be shipped over. I think. My short term memory's still not working properly. But everyday we come in and hope it's fixed and it isn't. There are more people off towards the weekend because it's a bank holiday weekend but going between sites is a complete pain. It takes five minutes each way and it keeps raining.

On another topic, I had bangers and mash three times last week (not on purpose, it just happened that way). Of the three, the best was mine, even though the other two were from pubs. No idea why though.

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Friday 20th August 2004 9:55 pm

I've been in a really bad mood today for practically no reason. Luckily, I haven't had to speak to many people at work today. When I'm in a bad mood I tend to get kind of short with them, especially when they're being idiots. I did write a list of everything that's wrong with my work computer, though. It came to one side of A4. And I have small writing. Perhaps I'll finally get a new one in two years time. And that's being optimistic.

In the pub at lunch today the talk was all about houses. There seem to be so many people at work (like, 99% of them) that are into buying houses, living with boyfriends (most of the people at work are girls) and basically being boring grown-ups. Which I really don't get. I could just about cope with it though, because most of my friends from school and uni didn't have girlfriends (most of them are blokes). Except that now it seems that the opposite is true.

Occasionally I think about having a boyfriend would be quite useful (going out, going on holiday, someone else to do the cooking etc - I was going to say look after me when I'm ill but all I want when I'm ill is someone to provide me with pills, water and toast and leave me alone). But a friend would do that just as well.

When I was little and in middle school I always used to hope one of the girls was off sick on PE days because there were 15 girls and 15 boys in my class and I'd have someone to go with. I had friends but they were always in different classes. Things got better after that point but I never quite got out of the habit of wishing for a best friend that was only friends with me. Which is obviously completely ridiculous because that would also imply I couldn't have any friends.

But a boyfriend would require actual effort. I mean they tend to expect to see you occasionally, which is a complete pain because, frankly, I have better things to do with my time than spend it all with one person. I have so many friends round the country that I'd much rather spend my weekends seeing them than a boyfriend. Which I think is perfectly reasonable. It's just hard sometimes to remember that's normal. I don't understand some people, I really don't.

And I really don't want to see Neil Manson's (dodgy DI to my mum) chest ever again. That was not a pleasant experience.

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How cool?
Sunday 20th June 2004 10:00 pm

I put the MTV movie awards on five minutes after it was supposed to start and discovered Ben Affleck and some other bloke making a film pitch to Peter Jackson for Sam & Frodo. Totally slashy! How cool is that?

Apart from that it was all a bit American and OTT. But Johnny Depp made a cool acceptance speech and confirmed there's going to be a Pirates of the Caribbean 2, woohoo! I got excited for Emma when Tobey was on as well. Although they put some woman in the Spiderman suit. Everyone in the audience knew who she was and they didn't feel the need to tell us, so frankly, they could have dragged her off the street for all I know.

I watched Queer Eye for the Straight Guy from Friday. It was so funny. I can see why it wouldn't work in this country though. I can't believe how much money these people must have to get a makeover.

The most exciting thing was the discovery that there is someone at work who watches The OC. There also was someone who watches Stargate (although only because her boyfriend does) and I think there's someone who watches Smallville. So they're not all a complete dead end. I also impressed them by walking up to someone's computer, at which point it started working again 🙂 and being able to fix the printer (it's a really shite printer, I've just lived with it longer than they have).

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Bad Week
Friday 11th June 2004 10:06 pm

I've had a bad week and here's why:

  • It was really hot at work on Monday and Tuesday and to make things worse I was migrainy Monday, but I didn't notice because it was giving me the same symptoms as the heat. So I didn't make it to Tae Kwon Do because I felt too ill. My hayfever also went rampant due to the heat. Having said that, it has improved since then and we are getting air conditioning at work the week after next (bets on how hot the next couple of weeks are going to be and how cold it'll be after we get it?)
  • A friend of mine who is an IT technician at the school came round to look at my external hard drive. He couldn't fix it. It could possibly be the connector, but could also be the actual drive. I have all my videos on this drive (the ones I haven't got round to putting on CD yet). So I'm now trying to re-download them all. I should be mostly okay though, which is something. I've also bought a new external hard drive, which will be 60GB (the old one was 40GB) so I'll have more space on it, at least (since you can never have too much).
  • That, coupled with spending more money on my glasses than I was planning to put away for Australia means I won't be putting any money away for it till August. The plan was to save for it before I went, so I would come back and have money. Don't think that's going to happen now.
  • My computer at work is knackered, frankly. So since my boss is away I thought I'd use hers. But she has XP and I don't, so when I log on as me there are practically no programs loaded. I've been nagging the IT guy about sorting this out for weeks now, and guess, what? He still hasn't done it.

Apart from all that, there's just been a constant list of things to do and people needing me to do stuff. I really need to get some writing done and I haven't done any.

On the plus side I have now seen every episode of The West Wing, including the ones at the end of season 3 I saw before I had a clue what was going on. It was odd, going to that from season 5 - I hadn't realised how much I'd missed Sam until I saw it with him in again.

This weekend I am going up to uni, so I am determined to have a good time. And next week I will make it to Tae Kwon Do, twice; I will eat fewer biscuits; and as I'm only in one night next week I suspect I'll be rushing about, then relaxing at the weekend. Which I enjoy in a masochistic sort of way.

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Thursday 20th May 2004 8:30 pm

I am so tired I think I am rapidly losing coherency. At 9pm when The Bill's finished I might end up watching it lying down. I can't help thinking I had more things on my to do list for tonight but if I've forgotten any they're just not going to get done.

Work was actually quite fun today because we're trialling a terminal server. The idea is that all the programs are run from the server, along with the files so there is less traffic going down the link and it is quicker. It is a lot quicker to run programs but there is a really annoying delay on mouse/keyboard clicks.

My computer is also a bit ****ed up and pauses. To the extent where this afternoon it had lost 15 minutes since I last restarted at lunchtime. I think I didn't notice because I was playing with the terminal server but this morning I managed an hour and a half before it got unbearably annoying I needed to restart.

The terminal server means essentially a whole new computer to customise. Which is fun for a day - after a week of it it tends to get a bit samey 🙂 I'm only now just realising how much I rely on some programs that are only on my computer and make my life easier. Similarly, some of my settings. I can change some things, like how the start menu looks and the desktop but others I can't. I'm having particular issues with my e-mail. Everyone is having issues with everything - the IT guy in the company, and the outside one who knows all about the terminal server were doing nothing but sort people out for two hours between them showing us it and it being lunchtime.

TGIF it's Friday tomorrow, frankly.

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