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[Stargate] I Scream for Ice cream
Saturday 7th June 2003

Rating: G
Spoilers: Unnatural Selection
Summary: Where did Teal'c get his ice-cream obsession in Unnatural Selection from?

Anne watched the group sat around the small table. She would have suspected they were military if it wasn't for their reactions to the ice-cream they were eating. She wondered if they weren't just plain crazy instead.

The big black man wearing a hat ate his without stopping - at least after his first tentative bite. Once he'd finished he approached the counter.

"I desire more of this ice-cream," he said, holding up his now empty tub.

"Sure, which flavour would you like?"

"There is more than one flavour?"

"Well, yeah. What are you, from another planet or something?"


Definitely crazy people.

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Fandom: Stargate SG-1
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