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[Doctor Who] Sarah/Nine
Saturday 14th October 2006

Rating: PG
Pairing: Sarah/Nine
Spoilers: None
Summary: Sarah/Nine

"I like the jacket," Sarah said. "It's very trendy."

"It's good isn't it?" The Doctor grinned. "Got it from a bazaar on Gruhelf 3. Wanted to charge me $6 for it, can you imagine? But I managed to haggle him down to £20."

Sarah had long since learnt not to ask. It was usually best to just nod and agree. "That's great. So, you're doing well then?"

It was as if something had turned off the excited chatter in him. "Oh god, Sarah, they're all dead."

Sarah gave him a hug and listened as he told her what had happened.

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Fandom: Doctor Who
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