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[Sarah Jane Adventures] Gagging Order
Wednesday 10th January 2007

Rating: Adult
Beta: hhertzof
Spoilers: Invasion of the Bane
Summary: Sarry/Harry PWP.
Notes: This is inspired by the interview with Lis Sladen a while back when she mentioned she can't scream in SJA but still screams at home, and I thought maybe Sarah's the same. So for some strange reason I thought it would be a good idea to write some smut, which I've never done before...

When Sarah had adopted Luke on the spur of the moment, one of the things she had not considered was what she would do when Harry came round. So when he did, a few weeks later, she had spent most of the evening making sure Luke did not drink the wine, the way he had tasted everything else in her kitchen, and had to tell Harry the whole story of why he was there in the first place. Which she saved for after Luke had gone to bed. Bedtime being the part where it really got interesting.

"Luke has the spare room now," she told him - she had been meaning to make one of the other rooms into a spare room instead but had not got round to it yet. "So, there's either the sofa," she continued, "or you can sleep in my bed..." She leaned forward suggestively, with full knowledge that somehow earlier in the evening the top button on her shirt had come undone. Not that he ever chose the alternative, but she always felt like she ought to offer, just in case anything had changed.

By this time they were both sitting on the sofa, with the wine bottle on the floor between them. Harry shifted closer to her and knocked the bottle over. Since it was now empty, she did not really worry about it too much. "I never could say no to you," he said, which was part of the reason she asked.

"We'll have to be quiet," she said, "I don't want to wake Luke up and have him ask awkward questions."

"You'll have to tell him about the birds and bees sometime." He leaned forwards and kissed her.

She wished she had eaten some of the garlic bread because now she remembered why he had. She kissed him back enthusiastically, though, because he was not going to get her that way. That was why she kept onions in her fridge after all.

"And you are incapable of being quiet," he said when he pulled back.

She grinned at him. "Oh, yes? Is that a challenge?"

He had a hand on the outside of her leg, which he started moving higher up it. "If you like."

She took his hand, said, "Come on, then," and led him upstairs.

When they passed Luke's door she let go. She pushed it open gently and peered in through the crack. It looked like he was sleeping soundly, but she did not yet know how much noise it might take to wake him up in the middle of the night.

She shut the door again and headed down the hall to her room. Once there she found Harry had already taken his shoes off and was sitting on her bed examining the book she had left on her bedside table. He looked up when she came in, though, and replaced the book.

"He asleep?"

"Unless he's pretending." She did not think he was, but she could never be quite sure exactly what he was learning. She straddled Harry's lap and kissed him more thoroughly than they had earlier, on the sofa. He held her where she was with a hand on her back, the other he already got up the front of her shirt and her skin tingled where he touched it.

She shifted her body enough to push him back on the bed and he had her shirt off before she could get her hands where she wanted them. He lifted his head to apply his mouth to her neck and she tried to concentrate on taking his shirt off. It was annoying that he showed no reaction to this, whereas she could not help pressing into the touch of his lips on her skin. The trouble was that he still had a t-shirt on.

"You wear too many layers," she said, untucking his t-shirt and touching her fingers to his stomach lightly enough to make him shiver.

"I know how much you like taking them off," he protested. It was true, she had to admit, Harry knew her far too well. Which was why they kept doing this - there was only so much you could do with a vibrator, after all.

As she applied herself to taking his t-shirt off, she only realised he had undone her bra when she felt his hands on her breasts. She gasped, then bit her lip to keep from making a sound. In retaliation, she bent her head to kiss along his cheek to his ear. He pulled her close, so she could feel how much he was enjoying this, but did not make a sound until she nibbled at his earlobe, and even then it was a very quiet moan.

She grinned and stood up. He started to sit up, but she pushed him back down with a hand on his chest, then moved it lower, so she could undo the zip on his trousers, taking care to be as slow as she could, and ensure her hand touched everything in its path.

This time he did not make a sound but she could see he clutched handfuls of quilt tightly and when her eyes met his, he was looking at her intently. He probably had an interesting view from where he lay, but then hers was not that bad either, especially once she had his trousers and pants off.

She could not resist rubbing her hands along his cock and he whispered, "Sarah!" although whether that meant 'stop' or 'don't stop', she could not tell. She chose to take it as the former and stood back up. He closed his eyes for a minute and took a couple of deep breaths.

She waited until he sat up and looked at her before grinning at him and unbuttoning her jeans. She wriggled out of them slowly before bending over to pull them off, rather than bending down.

"You're going to kill me," Harry said, his voice husky.

"At least you don't have to be far quieter than normal."

"You're loud enough for both of us."

She did not mind that he was usually quite quiet but it was always a good feeling when she managed to make him vocal.

He held out one arm and said, "Come here," although she was only a step away from the bed and his hand was on her hip before she had even moved. She let him take her knickers off and was surprised when he put his hand back again after she stepped out of them. He really was determined to make her scream. She put her hand to her mouth, as he explored her with his fingers, until he offered up an alternative. She tried to concentrate on sucking his fingers but it was not easy. Especially when he stopped and she whimpered, fortunately not very loudly.

She just about managed to stay standing and breathe as he reached into her bedside table for a condom.

"Let me," she said, taking it out of his hand. She certainly was not going to let him have all the fun.

He lay on his back and closed his eyes. Which gave her the opportunity to sneak in a crafty feel as she did it.
Afterwards she just sat back and looked at him, so he opened his eyes again and gave her a look.

"Do you want to sleep on the sofa?" he asked.

She only gave him a grin in reply, but he forced the issue by starting to sit up. She heaved a big sigh for his benefit, as if he did not know how she really felt by this point. She shifted position, managing to get a knee in his stomach so he lay back down, where she much preferred him to be. Once he was inside her she stayed where she was for a minute, resisting his fingers digging in, trying to get her to move, and the fact that she desperately wanted to.

"You're doing this on purpose," he said, his eyes looking glazed.

Sarah did not quite trust herself to speak, so she just grinned at him again and braced a hand on his chest for better leverage. It was killing her not to make a sound once she did move, though. It did not help that not long after he positioned her hips just so, and made her gasp. She put a hand up to her mouth again but there were far better places to put it, so she did not keep it there for long. She gave in and moaned anyway, trying to keep it quiet.

He moved his hands up her back but since he was already hitting the right spot it did not really matter any more. It was getting difficult to think so she was not quite sure what happened, except that the next thing she knew she was flat on her back with Harry on top of her.

"Hey!" She remembered to whisper, at least. She felt sure she had won their position debate long ago.

"I'm doing you a favour," he said, leaning down to kiss her and she realised he was right when his mouth on hers meant any sound she made was muffled.

When they stopped to breathe, he ran one hand down her collarbone and along the top of one breast. "I can't tell how close you are," he complained.

She smiled and rubbed his shoulder. "You like it when I moan, don't you?"

He said nothing because he was too busy kissing along the path his hand had taken. Not that it mattered because she already knew the answer. She arched up as he sucked on a nipple, but he quickly transferred his mouth back to hers and she let out the moan she had been holding in, only partially successfully

She let herself go a bit more after that, and raised her hips to meet his as his thrusts grew faster, trusting him to make sure she did not get too loud. It was not really a surprise when she could feel him tremble as his arms struggled to support him.

Usually, she liked it when he came first, partly because it did not happen very often, and also because she liked the ways he had to make her come. This time, though, she needed his mouth where it was. Making sure his tongue was in a position to cut off most sound, she put her legs around him, pulling him deeper into her and it was only a couple of thrusts before she screamed. Fortunately, it came out more as a grunt but was enough to make him come too.

It was a minute before she could focus again, and he rolled to lie next to her, still panting.

"Next time," she said, "I'll send Luke over to Maria's for a sleepover."

"Good idea." He looked over at her. "Then you can be as loud as you like."

She grinned and propped herself on one arm so she could put one hand on his cheek, and pull his head towards her for a kiss. When she moved it down to his chest she could feel how fast his heart was still beating.

"Although now," he said, "I know how to gag you."

"Hey!" She reached back to get her pillow to hit him with and by the time she had, he had one to defend himself, and for a few minutes they might well have been the same age as Luke.

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