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[Sarah Jane Adventures] All Tied Up
Monday 17th December 2007

Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Sarah/Harry
Beta: hhertzof
Spoilers: None
Summary: Luke's away and Sarah and Harry have the house to themselves...
Author's Note: For agapi42 and andrealyn just to offset the sadness of the previous one.

As much as she'd been looking forward to having the house to herself, now she was alone, it felt too big and empty. Which was odd, because she hadn't thought that before she adopted Luke. Tonight he was at Maria's at a sleepover for her birthday. Sarah didn't envy Alan a house full of teenagers, even if it was only three of them and they were in her house often enough, if not for a whole night.

It meant, though, that having been over to give Maria her present earlier in the day, she could invite Harry over without any comments from Luke or having to worry about being quiet. However, organising it in advance made it seem so mundane and she rather wished her sex life had more spontaneity in it these days. Sometimes she wondered if she wouldn't have been better off just marrying him and have done with it. Granted they might have killed each other, but at least her sex life wouldn't be planned by email.

By the time Harry arrived, she still wasn't convinced she could be bothered with the whole thing. It wasn't as if he always came round just for sex, not least because it made it all seem a little sordid. But tonight it felt like they should take advantage of the opportunity. They had dinner anyway and afterwards, when he tried to kiss her, she pulled away.

He sighed, but didn't look too upset, at least.

"Sorry." She gave a wry grin. "It's just too simple with Luke not being here. Obviously I like things complicated."

He grinned, not a reaction she'd been expecting, and reached into the inside pocket of his blazer. "Is this complicated enough for you?" He held out a pair of pink, fluffy handcuffs.

She raised her eyebrows. Harry in conjunction with a set of handcuffs was not an image she'd ever previously considered likely, that they were pink and fluffy even less so. "You don't intend to put those on me, do you?" She hadn't been particularly fond of being tied up even before various aliens, and humans, had tried it. It didn't help that Harry had tried to liven things up before, she remembered, and it hadn't gone particularly well.

"No." He blushed. "I thought you might put them on me."

She tried to keep from grinning at his embarrassment but was only partly successful. In the past she'd pointed out that it was pointless being embarrassed around her, given how long they'd known each other, but it never had any discernible effect. She took the handcuffs from him. "Come on then."

He followed her up to her bedroom and it was then that they encountered a problem. The headboard on her bed was designed for comfort rather than attaching people to. Funnily enough, it hadn't been something she'd considered when buying a bed.

"Where were you think I should put these?" she asked him.

"Well, on my wrists."

She rolled her eyes at his tone as well as his words. "And?"

He looked over in the direction she was facing. "Oh. Um, I don't know." He slumped a little at this discovery.

She was determined to give this a try, though, for his sake, if nothing else. "Wait here." A quick trip to the attic later and she had a pin long enough to get through the gap in the chain linking the cuffs and into her headboard. She pinned them there, hoping they weren't too far above the pillows to be uncomfortable. If necessary she could move them later.

"Good thinking." Harry slipped off his shoes and draped his blazer on a chair. When he sat down on the bed she glared at him, hands on her hips. "What?" he frowned.

"Have you seen how many buckles I have on these boots?" She lifted one leg up for his benefit. She'd picked them out specially, having no intention of making things easy for him.

He sighed. "Come here then."

Obediently, yet unable to keep a smug expression off her face, she sat at the bottom of the bed, her feet on his legs. He reached down to undo her boots and Sarah just watched and let him struggle with the buckles.

"You could help, you know."

She put on her best innocent expression. "But you're doing so well on your own."

"Hmph." He carried on, though. Then he got his revenge by taking even longer to get her boots off as he tickled her as he did so.

Squirming and laughing, she eventually managed to get out of his grip and kick her boots onto the floor. Then she turned round so she had one knee either side of his hips and, with her hands on his chest for balance, leaned down to kiss him. He tasted of chocolate ice cream and she moaned into his mouth, wanting to taste more. He entangled one hand in her hair, the other sliding down her back and slipping beneath her trousers.

She turned her head out of his grip. "This won't do." She removed his left hand from the vicinity of her head and held it up, snapping the cuff closed over it. Concentrating on her task, she hadn't thought about where his right hand was until she finished and he slipped it under her shirt to tickle her.

"Stop that," she said, laughing, and slapped his hand away, before taking it and cuffing it too. "Now I'm in charge."

"You are." Was it her imagination or had his voice gone a little husky? "What are you going to with me?"

She grinned: it wasn't a difficult question to answer but she had no intention of vocalising it. Instead, she leant back down again, her lips not far from his but not touching them. When she didn't move any further he lifted his head and she pulled hers back just far enough that he couldn't reach her.

"You're enjoying this." But he was smiling, the same as she was.

"So are you," she pointed out.

After that, he wisely said nothing. Silence prevailed as she concentrated on unbuttoning his shirt and she sighed in disappointment once she'd done because he was wearing a t-shirt underneath.

"Why do you wear so many clothes?" She complained about it often but that never stopped him from doing it. Or perhaps that was why he did it.

"It's winter. It's cold out." As if to prove his words the skin she brushed against while untucking his shirt and t-shirt had goosepimples under her fingers.

"You weren't in the cold. You went from a warm car to a warm house. And you knew I was only going to take them off anyway." She ignored the fact that she hadn't been entirely reconciled to the idea not so long ago.

He grinned at her.

"Oh, you..." She kissed him again, which would probably only encourage him, but then so did telling him off. She pushed his t-shirt up further and got her hands on his skin properly, which was definitely warm. Given that he'd been in the house a while she couldn't use that to prove her point, though. How he'd not been hot wearing so many layers and eating a hot dinner, she didn't know. She was certainly warm enough in what she wore.

Starting at his waist, she kissed her way up, just lightly though, and he arched up, trying to get her to press harder. But she was in control and determined to stay that way, so she just moved with him, refusing to be swayed on her course.

However, she was thwarted by him still wearing the t-shirt. As she sat up she realised she wasn't going to be able to take it off either, since there was no way of getting his arms out of it. She sighed.

"What?" He frowned at her.

"We've done this in the wrong order." They could have continued with him still wearing half his clothes but where was the fun in that? With her hands on her hips, she studied him, trying to decide what to do next, but it was impossible to think given what she could see and she started laughing instead.

He sighed. "That wasn't the mood I was going for."

Given that he'd tickled her she could have disputed him on that, but at least he'd only done that earlier. She shook her head, and when she could talk again she said, "Just look at you. Honestly, Harry, pink, fluffy handcuffs?"

"They were all I could find." He looked slightly hurt, for which she felt a little remorse, until he started to sit up, using his arms to lever himself up.

"Wait," she said, quickly. "You'll dislodge the pin if you're not careful." She leaned over him to take the pin out. She didn't really feel like spending the rest of the evening searching the bed for it.

He brought his arms down and took the handcuffs off, putting them down on the bedside table on his side.

She moved off him to sit on the bed next to him and rest against the headboard, as he now did too. "It's typical. Luke's not here so it's the perfect opportunity and it's just not going to happen." She looked over at him. "I'm sorry."

He shook his head. "It doesn't matter. We don't have to."

She grinned and turned towards him. "I'm sure it's me who should be telling you that."

He feigned a hurt look. "Are you trying to tell me I'm old?"

"Of course not. I don't have any complaints. Yet." She bit her lip to keep from grinning.

"You..." He was obviously in a funny mood tonight because he reached over and got his hands back under her shirt to tickle her.

She laughed and told him off alternately, but was glad of it because he reminded her that they could still have fun whenever they wanted.

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