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[Doctor Who] House Call
Thursday 29th December 2011

Rating: G
Summary: The Doctor pays a house call to make a few repairs.
Notes: For hhertzof

"Doctor, what are we doing here?" Sarah looked around the warm flat, which was full of books and contained two rabbits in a cage, watching them intently.

"Just making a few repairs." The Doctor came out from under the desk and aimed his sonic screwdriver at a box with a cable running from it. "Pass me that screwdriver would you?" He gestured at one that looked a little like his, but bigger and with a green end.

Wanting to get out of here before the neighbours reported a break-in, she picked it up and handed it to him.

"I just need to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow..." A few hums later and he had finished.

With the computers fixed (why did anyone need more than one?) and the rabbits bored with the strangers who didn't offer them food, they returned to the TARDIS.

"While we're in the area," the Doctor asked, as he opened the door, "how about a trip to the Empire State Building?"

The view would be spectacular but... "If you can get us there."

"Of course I can."

Sarah said nothing at his offended tone, but the London Eye didn't have quite the same skyline.

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