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I’ve Never Seen Star Wars September wrap-up
Monday 30th September 2019 7:37 pm

This month I went to a murder mystery.

I really enjoyed it. It was science-based, so we got to do some forensics (although I was disappointed when I found the microscopes were fake). We saw some statements and there was some digital evidence. Then we had to work out whodunnit. Which was the hard part.

We got whodunnit right, but the people behaved in such odd ways that we thought that maybe the victim had been trying to kill the murderer. I'm still puzzling over some of the odd decisions. Although deciding to kill someone is also pretty odd.

When we left we got goody bag (like going to a child's birthday party, only with no cake). It included whodunnit and details of all the evidence. And it does all makes sense. But still doesn't make sense of some of the odd behaviours.

But I really enjoyed it anyway and would definitely do another one sometime. So 9/10.

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Friday 27th September 2019 7:00 pm

I keep meaning to post but I seem to spend all my time doing life admin and I spent half of August ill. At some point I will post about my washing machine saga. Most people don't take four weeks to go from buying a washing machine to having a washing machine, but I managed to.

I did write two fics.

One I found when sorting out my hard drive. I'd written a whole first draft back in March and was under 1000 words, so it didn't take long to edit. I ended up with Banned Books, an Ian/Barbara fic.

And then there was Remix, which I was determined to do this year as I didn't do it last year. Having recently watched Star Trek 2009 I put it down as one of my offers. And I very handily got someone who has written stuff that's good but isn't really my thing. Which is perfect for remix, because I decide generally what it's about and go off and write something that is my thing. In theory.

The first draft I wrote was 2100 words (or 21 kittens, since Written Kitten helped me with those words). And was a sequel. Which should have been obvious while I was writing it, because I kept stopping to check details.

My first idea had been to go epistolary, but discarded it because I didn't think I could make it interesting. But I decided to try it anyway and discovered that it would make an extremely dull fic.

Part of the problem was that the original was Kirk/Bones and I was trying to find a way not to write it. Once I stopped and asked myself why I couldn't write it I found there was no reason. And I also redefined the plot from "Kirk gets given a baby, he wants to keep it" to "Kirk gets given a baby, it comes between him and Bones" which gave me the opportunity to make one big change from the original and then the fic went a lot easier after that.

I ended up with Baby, Baby (Between You and Me), a remix of Engagement by celli.

The two other good things about the fic (aside from how much I love that title) is that when I was casting about for tags to add I discovered "Accidental Baby Acquisition" which is the best tag ever. And also I have a square on gen prompt bingo called "Georgia" - the name Kirk gives the baby.

sanguinity remixed Alien Estate (aka the one where Alan tries to sell his house despite aliens interfering) into No. 36 Bannerman Road which features more people discovering why you don't want to live over the road from Sarah Jane Smith.

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What I am reading Wednesday
Wednesday 25th September 2019 8:05 pm

What I Just Finished Reading
La Belle Sauvage by Philip Pullman. It's been so long since I read His Dark Materials that I'd forgotten about daemons and how they worked, and had to look them up. Which did help me get into it. But I struggled in the second half of the book when it went really out there with the underground waterfall and fairies and other weird stuff. It was just a bit much of a stretch for me. Especially as the bits I like is that it's set in a world like ours but different.

Although the most freaky bit was finishing it Monday night and waking up Tuesday morning to it chucking it down, when the second half of the book involved a lot of rain and a massive flood.

What I'm Currently Reading
Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell. The ebook version, because the paperback isn't out until next year, the hardback isn't out until next week and is too heavy to read in bed. I'm not very far through but I am enjoying it. I re-read Carry On recently and I'm glad I did because now I remember the important parts.

A Jeeves and Wooster book. It's green. I am struggling a bit with it because they are just all the same. And I looked at my sister's bookshelf the last time I was there and saw how many there are to go.

What I'm Reading Next
I went on a bit of a book-buying spree. Having discovered there was a new Murder Most Unladylike book out, I bought that. And discovered the short books in the series are pretty cheap, so I bought the two I don't have. And I idly looked at my bookshelves and idly wondered if there were any more books in the Hero's Guide series by Christopher Healy and discovered there is another! So I also have that.

Not to mention some more of Mrs Beeton so I can get a bingo in LJ Book Bingo sometime this year.

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I’ve Never Seen Star Wars – September
Wednesday 4th September 2019 7:20 pm

This month I'm going for another experience - this time a murder mystery evening. I've always wanted to do one because it sounds fun. I don't hold out much hope of working out whodunnit (I'm better at coming up with ridiculous theories than the actual murder when I watch murder mysteries) but we will see.

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I’ve Never Seen Star Wars August wrap-up
Tuesday 3rd September 2019 7:12 pm

This month I tried glamping.

It was over the bank holiday weekend and I was really lucky with the weather. It was hot in the day and not too cold at night (for the end of August) so it was the best weather for camping really. And I... survived it.

Some aspects of it were good. I was at a folk festival and it was good to be on the festival site so I didn't have to worry about getting back into town at night. It was good to be close to the rest of the team I was dancing with who were camping. And interesting to see how they did it and all the stuff they brought.

But I hated the change in temperature and how cold it was in the tent (colder than it was outside) and yet how hot I was when I woke up despite it being so cold I put gloves on to read in bed in the mornings while I warmed my clothes up in bed. I really hated the 15 minute round trip to the toilet at 5:30am while knowing I was never going to get back to sleep (dawn was pretty, but I'd rather have had more sleep). I hated listening to people in other tents snore, and the generator I could hear at night when the music stopped. And having to listen to music almost constantly.

I'm glad I've had the experience, so now I know what it's like. But I am happy not to do it again.

I'm giving it 3/10.

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