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What I am reading Wednesday
Wednesday 3rd June 2020 6:35 pm

I discovered that the crossposter didn't crosspost any entries for May to Dreamwidth. Because DW crossposts to LiveJournal it didn't crosspost to LJ either. It didn't occur to me that when DW said you had to use an API key now, rather than a password, that it would apply to the crossposter too. I've now crossposted all (four) posts from May, and am crossposting directly to DW and LJ so if one fails it won't take the other down with it.

What I Just Finished Reading
The Demon Headmaster by Gillian Cross. I wanted to read this because I watch a 2019 Demon Headmaster series on the iPlayer and thought I really don't remember the book (or the original TV series). It turns out that I do remember the book, there's just not as much in it as is hinted at in the new TV series. But I do have a big problem with it - I assumed it just had a new cover, but it's not just a re-print, they've actually changed things to update them. So at one point Dinah tries to record what happens during assembly using a phone on video mode. When I read this a phone was plugged into a wall in the house and you could only move as far as the cord let you. I don't know what the original had instead - a dictaphone perhaps - but a) if you're going to update the text you should say so (if I'd known I wouldn't have bothered with this version) and b) why? It's no wonder kids today can't conceive of a time before smartphones if all the books written last century contain them!

What I'm Currently Reading
Funny Ha, Ha by Paul Merton after [info]liadtbunny talked about it. I read the introduction where he was talking about not being familiar with some of the authors before he put the anthology together (of 80 short, funny stories) and some authors have three stories in. It could be easily cut down right there! So far I've read the Margaret Atwood one and the three Victoria Wood ones and they are funny. I'm thinking I won't get through all 80 before the library takes it back, but I could always borrow it again some other time, just as long as I can remember what I've read (unhelpfully the chapter listing only includes titles and not authors).

Peace Comes to the Chalet School by Katherine Bruce. Despite what this post looks like, I've been reading a lot of non-fiction recently and I really wanted some fiction that didn't take much effort. Which this is. I am enjoying it, it's typical Chalet School stuff really.

What I'm Reading Next
One of the books I've started and not finishing would be a good idea...

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