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What I am reading Wednesday
Wednesday 17th June 2020 5:38 pm

What I Just Finished Reading
Peace Comes to the Chalet School by Katherine Bruce. It's typical Chalet School stuff, so not much to say about it really. Although the author chose not to focus on just one girl/form, which makes sense since it's about the end of the war, but it does feel more like I've read a selection of short stories rather than a whole book. Which is not to say that it's a bad thing, it just makes it different from other Chalet School books.

What I'm Currently Reading
Funny Ha, Ha by Paul Merton. I'm more than two-thirds into my library borrowing period and less than halfway through the stories. I've not been reading them in order - I've mostly been going backwards through the authors. The trouble is that some of them are just a bit dull and it always seems to be the longest ones! But then there are also some gems. Like all of Victoria Wood's ones and one of Oscar Wilde's ones. I'm currently enjoying one by Jincy Willett, who I've never previously heard of.

When I'm reading a good one then I'm keen to read it. But when I'm reading a dull one, more so if it's a run of dull ones, then I struggle to motivate myself to get through it. Overall I think the book would be better off having a few really good stories rather than lots of stories that include some really good. When I have to return it to the library I will probably read something else, then get this out again and read some more.

What I'm Reading Next
Some fanfic. Which counts as a book because they're on my Kobo. I had loads of catching up to do because I was too busy to read any from October to mid-December. Then I got ill and couldn't look at a screen (or read much at all, to start with). I finally managed to get my AO3 to read later down to one page, and had a few long stories left in the SGA Secret Santa collection. So I've put everything that's left onto my Kobo so I can finish them off.

And I keep doing my (virtual) choir recordings in front of my to read shelf and therefore keep thinking about how much I want to read them. So I will probably one of those next - maybe some non-fiction.

And maybe also one of the three books on my bedside table that I'm currently reading...

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