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What I am reading Wednesday
Wednesday 9th September 2020 7:35 pm

What I Just Finished Reading
Theodora and the Chalet School by Elinor M. Brent-Dyer. This was a re-read because I got the GGBP version. And I needed something easy to read. And then right at the start I got so annoyed with Joey for deciding what name Theodora should go by. I wanted Theodora to refuse to go by Ted and insist on Dora or something else that Joey didn't suggest. And then after the beginning being about how she'd been expelled from three schools, nothing really happened with her at the Chalet School and it was really all about Margot with a side-order of too much Mary-Lou. I think me mostly reading it at a chapter a day before bed didn't help because it seemed like the longest Chalet School book ever.

What I'm Currently Reading
Death on the Nile by Robin Stevens. I discovered there was another Murder Most Unladylike book recently. It was reasonably priced on kobo, so I bought it. And I'm not reading it very fast because although I'm liking the characters and the plot, right at the start there was a "horrible thing will happen" and either it will or it'll be a "ha ha fooled you" moment, both of which will annoy me when one of them happens. So I'm not in a rush to get the being annoyed part of reading the book.

What I'm Reading Next
Carry On Jeeves by PG Wodehouse. Because I visited my sister and did an exchange for the last one I read.

Also, Perfect Wives in Ideal Homes by Virginia Nicholson. I stopped reading it during the heatwave because it was just too hot to concentrate on anything. And since then I got distracted b y other easy-reading books, but I must get back to this one.

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