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What I am reading Wednesday
Wednesday 23rd September 2020 5:21 pm

What I Didn't Read
Carry On Jeeves by PG Wodehouse. I've been borrowing the Jeeves and Wooster books from my sister and she told me she had a system where she left a space for the book I had, so when I took one back and borrowed another she'd know what was next. When I got this one she told me she didn't know what was next. I picked this one up, noticed it was a collection of short stories, which therefore must be next because the only collection of short stories I've read was the first book she gave me.

And before I'd finished the first page I realised this was the first one she gave me. I still read the first story, since I'd started it, but not the rest.

What I Just Finished Reading
It's Not Me, It's You! by Jon Richardson. This is all about why he can't get a girlfriend. Which is a bit weird because it was published a while ago and he's got married since! But it was still an interesting book about all his foibles and odd ways of thinking.

What I'm Currently Reading
Perfect Wives in Ideal Homes by Virginia Nicholson. I've returned to this - I handily stopped at the end of a chapter. I'm remembering how interesting this book is. The chapter I'm currently reading is all about marriage and there are a couple of quotes about how to have a happy marriage that show how it's all about the man:

Love him, feed him, sympathise with him, stimulate him, admire him.

Always have his meals ready, nice clean house and home, listen to all his troubles about what a horrid day he's had, even if yours has been dreadful. Above all, look clean and attractive yourself.

The divorce rate was going up at the time because women weren't satisfied with this. I can't think why...

What I'm Reading Next
While reading Perfect Wives I realised Virginia Nicholson has written about women in the 20s and during the war and this one was the 50s. I wondered if she would write one about women in the 60s. I just look and turns out it came out in March! But I will not be reading it next, I'll be saving it for my Chanukah list instead, and reading one of the three books on my bedside table that I've started or one of the two books on my Kobo that I've started or one of the books on a bookshelf that need reading or one of the books on my Kobo that I haven't read yet.

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