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What I am reading Wednesday… on a Thursday
Thursday 29th October 2020 6:14 pm

I was going to post this last night, but my RSS feeds had gone off the idea of updating. As a result I spent the evening installing a new version and then working through every feed's ~25 new feeds to work out which ones I'd actually read. And deleting some feeds I'd forgotten I had because they hadn't been updated in years.

What I Just Finished Reading
Doctor Who: The Day She Saved the Doctor. I read the first three stories in this so long ago that I can't remember anything about it. I'd got to the last one, struggled with the first page and read something else. My Kobo told me I only had about 15 minutes left to read on it, so I thought I might as well read it and then it's read.

And I don't know why I struggled with the first page before because I read the whole story in one go. It was an interesting one about Bill buying a jacket and then crazy things happen.

What I'm Currently Reading
Shopgirls by Pamela Cox and Annabel Hobley. I'm currently still pretty much at the start of women working in shops. They're still doing 10 hours a day, all standing up, for very little pay, and society is scandalized by the idea of people enjoying shopping. I already knew about their terrible working conditions at the start, in the Victorian era, but I don't know about it changing, other than it obviously does. So I'm looking forward to discovering more about that as I go through the book.

What I'm Reading Next
The Bettany Twins and the Chalet School by Helen Barber, which arrived through my letterbox recently. Although every time I see the title I think it's about Madge and Dick and am disappointed to remember it's actually about Peggy & Rix and Meave & Maurice. Which didn't stop me buying it and won't stop me enjoying it either, I expect.

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The washing machine saga
Wednesday 21st October 2020 7:35 pm

A year later, I'm finally writing about my washing machine and why it took three weeks to get it.


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Wednesday 14th October 2020 5:18 pm

I've been neglecting this blog a bit. I realised since I post at [info]tardis-library every week (ish) I could post here every week too. And I've been very remiss on not introducing you to Merry, since I've have him for four weeks.

Merry in travel cage

He loves running on his wheel - it's pretty much the first thing he does when he gets up at night - he only goes and looks for the food that's magically appeared around his cage later.

He's used to be handled, so I can pick him up and stroke him, but he lumps it rather than likes it. He's happy to take treats (and food, but he prefers treats) off my hand. But unless I'm feeding him or sorting out his wee, he's scared of me being around - if he gets up for a drink and I talk to him or move, he freezes. He's a silly boy (as I tell him often).

Merry on the sofa

Hopefully he'll be up for coming out to play a bit more, so then there will be more photos of him. Photos of just his head don't come out well after dark, and in a dark corner of my lounge/

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