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The washing machine saga
Wednesday 21st October 2020 7:35 pm

A year later, I'm finally writing about my washing machine and why it took three weeks to get it.

I never liked the washing machine here. The previous people must have never cleaned it because it made my clothes smell when I moved in. It was a pain to clean the pump, because you had to open it a bit while the water mostly dribbled out beneath the washing machine, close it while you mop up a bit/empty the small container that's collected some water, and repeat. A lot. The kitchen floor being slippery when wet was not a help. Also, I only discovered when they installed the new one, that the old one was sitting on blocks of wood. Which were really improved by getting wet...

Theoretically there was a pipe-like thing that you used to drain the water, but all that happened was a tiny bit of black water came out of it.

It also did a 30 minute cycle after the main cycle that supposedly made your clothes less creased. I tried it once, it didn't. But there was no way to turn the cycle off - I just had to listen to the washing machine and when I heard it was on the de-creasing cycle, go and stop it.

The worst part was that it had taken to not being entirely keen on draining water. It did it, but it didn't always sound great and always sounded on the verge of not actually draining it. Draining it through the pump took forever.

It got to the point where I would have to drain the washing machine before I did the washing and even then I was on tenterhooks listening to it, to see if it would drain the water. It was an old washing machine - the PAT testing sticker on it was from 2003. I suspect it was the washing machine my landlord and landlady put in when they bought the house in 2001.

I'd had enough and decided to buy a new one. Also, I wanted to do it before it died completely. The other thing about this washing machine was that it had a cupboard door on it - so it looked like just a cupboard in the kitchen. Which I have a dislike of (for no particular reason). But I'd just got new kitchen doors earlier in the year and one day I want to sell this house, so I thought the best thing to do was to replace it with an integrated washing machine. Even though there's very little choice and they're expensive.

So I bought one, the installer arrived, took one look at my washing machine and told me it was actually only partially integreted. Which you can't get any more.

He took it away, I went back to the drawing board and bought a normal washing machine. It turned up, the man went under the sink and then complained that the tap he turned leaked, so he couldn't install it. I had to first get a plumber in to fix it.

Fortunately that day, because I was working from home, I'd noticed that the radiators came on when the water came on. So I needed to get a plumber out anyway. The plumber was unimpressed by the John Lewis installation man - the tap was fine, it only leaked a tiny bit when you first turned and they are always having to sort this problem out for them.

Then I had to get the installers back to install it. I did look at some videos to see if I could do it myself, but I fell at the first hurdle because everything was just so close to the sink pipes I couldn't get to anything. It turned out that I couldn't have done it anyway because the old washing machine was so heavy that two men struggled with it.

At least they showed me how to use it. And I have to say that the people I spoke to on the phone about getting the installers back were really helpful.

After they'd gone I then checked the manual and found that one of the things you're supposed to do is to take the plastic wrapping film off. Which was fine at the front, but not so useful at the top, which I couldn't really get to. Nor could I get the washing machine out - all that happened when I pulled is that I moved closer to it. I managed to get it off in the end - all of it that I can see anyway.

And the new washing machine is quieter, quicker and more efficient. Theoretically I can do more washing in one go than I could before (8kg vs 5kg) except that the quickest and most efficient cycle only allows you to half fill it. Which is fine, because I don't have space to drape 8kg worth of washing around the house (it would be fine in summer when I could peg it out though). I'm also going to run out of underwear by the time I've created enough washing to fill it. So it works out.

When I clean the pump I can drain it through the pump and it is just so much quicker and easier. If I'd know that was possible/normal I'd have bought a new washing machine when I bought the house.

The one annoying thing is that it doesn't spin for long enough, so when it's done I have to go back and put it on the spin cycle. And it's all a touch screen, so I often think I've pressed the start button, but it disagrees. But it's still a much better washing machine than the old one. By which I mean it's a normal washing machine.

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